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  • I have to admit this movie delivers exactly what it promises--any number of attractive women (and at least one VERY unattractive man) stripping nude for their killer. The featured actress here is Edwige Fenech, and just as in every one her other movies, you pretty much know she is going to strip nude for somebody. She is actually outdone here, however, by the voluptuous Femi Benussi who has only about ten minutes of screen time but spends at least seven minutes of it completely nude and another two and a half squeezed into an ill-fitting bikini.

    As other reviewers have noted this movie is pretty politically incorrect which, depending on your temperament, you will either find offensive or ironically amusing. The woman pretty much fall into three categories: dumb, slutty, and dumb AND slutty. Edwige Fenech's character is strangely unperturbed after her lover grabs her by the throat when she implies he might be connected to one of the murder victims. Femi Benussi's character hilariously hops into bed with both men and women literally minutes after meeting them. Another woman stops a guy from raping her by willingly agreeing to have sex with him, then when he gets a little too, um, excited she turns down money he offers for services he was unable to render. The movie has the same tawdry revenge-for-an-abortion-gone-wrong theme of "What Have You Done to Solange?" but the murder victims are adults rather than schoolgirls and the murders themselves are slightly less tasteless. Still this movie sure seems a lot more sleazy than the earlier film because it is not nearly as well acted or directed. Bottom-of-the-barrel gialli like this and the similar "So Sweet, So Dead" manage to be sleazy, moralistic, and of course hypocritical all at the same time. Maybe that's why I enjoy them so much.
  • Strip nude for Your killer must be, for me, the most outrageously sexist giallo ever made. Fair enough, you've got to expect a fair amount of it in these movies(or else you'd be let down) but Andrea Bianchi runs with misogyny ball so far that he leaves the park, gets in a taxi with it, goes to the airport, and throws the ball on a plane to some uncharted island in the pacific.

    Which, by the way, makes this film quite entertaining.

    After someone kills a doctor who's botched abortion killed his patient, the film shifts focus to a modelling agency and all the suspects/victims therein. Specifically, we get to focus on Magda (Edwige Fenech), a photographer...and Carlo, who is also a photographer. Carlo takes the biscuit as the most sexist Italian movie hero I've laid eyes on. We first see him sexually harassing a young girl (and succeeding!), then he hooks up with Edwige, seemingly immediately moving in to her apartment, moaning about his coffee, and reading the paper while ignoring her. Edwige, for her part, doesn't seem to mind being called stupid, being shouted at, or even throttled. Ah, the innocence of young love.

    Oh, and there's some murders too. Our motorcycle-helmeted killer starts working his way through the cast, and I won't really go into much detail about it as it's a giallo, but if you want to see an extremely fat man trying it on with a model, then this is the film for you. Our chicks are there for eye candy, except for the boss of the agency, so of course that makes her a lesbian.

    Weirdly, I expected LESS from the director of The Zombie Dead, but here, at least on a technical level, he seems to do a bit better. There's some nice Argento/Bava style cinematography, and the music is what you'd expect. Violence wise it's touch and go, with some nice gore effects but not much carnage. However, clothes fly off without much prompting so you've not got much to worry about there.

    Fun stuff...not a top giallo, but I can't help but be impressed.

    And, as usual, the ending is jaw-droppingly stupid, and morally questionable.
  • Very watchable giallo, which as the English title suggests, wallows in nudity and sex (much of it with a seeming wink to the audience). Stylistically and plot-wise, it's pretty much giallo-by-numbers, with the expected camera and editing flourishes and some fairly good suspense. There are plenty of point-of-view shots of the heavy-breathing masked killer, shock cuts, lots of red herrings and obscure motivations, etc. However, it's the outrageous political incorrectness of it all that separates this one from the mainstream -- the male characters are all cranky and abusive and the females are eager to shed their duds in response. Certainly a must-see for Edwige Fenech fans, and the fade-out is unbelievably tacky, right out of one of those low-humour Italian comedies. There's also fine score, a mixture of funky Bitches-Brew jazz and woo-woo lounge stylings, which helps bridge the suspense scenes.
  • While "Nude per l'assassino" aka. "Strip Nude For Your Killer" of 1975 is quite far away from being a Giallo-highlight it is definitely a film that any lover of Italian Horror should enjoy, and that is especially recommended to all the friends of the sleazier kind of Giallo. Director Andrea Bianchi, who is probably best known for his gory Zombie flick "Le Notti Del Terrore" (aka. "Burial Ground") of 1981, sure knows how to create some wonderful sleaze, and "Strip Nude For Your Killer" is as wonderfully sleazy as it gets.

    Sexy young models, all with exhibitionist tendencies, as well as the other employees of a fashion agency, are targeted by an insane killer. Nothing quite new in the Giallo-genre, of course, but director Bianchi truly delivers with tons of female nudity, delightful perversions and genuine nastiness in this one. The female cast-members, all of which have a tendency to get naked at every occasion, include genre-queen Edwige Fenech, this time with short hair, and ravishing and great as always. Apart from the wonderful Mrs. Fenech, easily the Nr. 1 siren of 70s Eurosleaze, the cast also includes the stunningly beautiful Femi Benussi, who moved her curves through all kinds of Italian cult flicks, such as Mario Bava's "Hatchet for the Honeymoon", Fernando Di Leo's "Manhunt", Luigi Cozzi's "The Killer Must Kill Again" or the strangely amusing Kung-Fu-Western "The Stranger And The Gunfighter" starring Lee Van Cleef. Apart from loads of sleaze the film includes several violent killings, several comical moments, as well as a typically great Giallo atmosphere with a stylish photography and cool score. Overall, "Strip Nude For Your Killer" is probably no must-see, but it is doubtlessly a treat for my fellow Giallo-fans, especially to those who like their Gialli sleazy. Highly recommended!
  • A young model dies of a heart attack during a back-alley abortion.After her death a mysterious series of bloody murders take place.Each of the victims are connected to the same studio that Evelyn worked at and each are viciously murdered by the knife wielding killer."Strip Nude for Your Killer" is a sleazy and violent Italian giallo that will surely please fans of Italian cinema.There is lots of nudity provided by Edwige Fenech,Femi Benussi and Erna Schurer.The jazz score by Berto Pisano is pretty good and the plot is actually very gripping.The killings are quite gory and sadistic and the cinematography by Franco Delli Colli is excellent.Check it out,if you like Italian giallos.8 out of 10.
  • sangue26 August 2000
    wow! i was quite pleasantly surprised by this film. Andrea Bianchi, known by most for his enjoyable, but goofy BURIAL GROUND/LE NOTTI DEL TERRORE directed this exellent gory and sexy thriller.

    a woman dies during an abortion, so the doctor takes her back to her house and sticks her in the bathtub. soon after, the doctor as well as her fellow employees at the albatross fashion studio are murdered by a motorcycle helmet wearing killer. the lovely Edwidge Fenench, a veteran of the giallo, tries to solve the puzzle before she herself is murdered.

    this film is quite stylish, and compared to most gialli, it moves along at a brisk pace. gory murders and full frontal nudity keep the viewer interested, and the story is fairly easy to follow, and almost plausible. the comic relief, which in my opinion Dario Argento is terrible at, but insist on putting in damn near all his films, is actually funny here. a fat guy who can only get it up with a blow up doll, and the ending where Edwidge says that she doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant because she takes the pill, then her boyfriend says they shouldn't risk it .....

    i would highly recommend this film to trashy film fans.
  • One thing I know about this film is that Burial Ground director Andrea Bianchi must have had a great time making it, as filming naked women and bloody murders looks like a lot of fun! As the lurid title suggests, Strip Nude for Your Killer is one of the more trashy examples of the Giallo tradition, and that has lead many to lambaste it as a sub-par effort; I, however, could not disagree more! The film is definitely over the top and silly, but that's the reason I watch Giallo, so criticising it for that is ridiculous. The film takes in pretty much every trash element of the style of film-making, from naked babes to a masked killer and the film is like a catalogue of less than tasteful actions and images. Strip Nude for Your Killer opens with a shot that leaves nothing to the imagination, and shows a woman having an abortion in a backstreet 'medical centre'. After she dies, her gynaecologist arranges for the corpse to be put in a bath full of water. He is killed soon after, and it doesn't take long for more dead bodies to begin piling up at the modelling agency where the unfortunate young girl worked...

    It is customary for the Giallo murderer to don black gloves for his crimes, but Bianchi goes all the way again with this idea and has his killer completely dressed in motorcycle leathers! The film benefits from a thick layer of sleaze that runs throughout and fans of lurid cinema are likely to be in heaven with Strip Nude for Your Killer. The fast paced plot is bolstered by some very graphic and nasty murders, as well as a plentiful helping of sex scenes; some of which involve Italy's finest Giallo actress, Edwige Fenech! Fenech has had her hair cut down for her role here, but she's still the sexy little minx that Giallo fans love her for being, and seeing her strip nude is always a treat! It's obvious that the plot itself wasn't important to the director as the film doesn't feature a lot of plot points and the unmasking of the murderer completely lacks any mystery. This film won't do anything for people that like their movies to be politically correct, as the women use their bodies more than their brains and the twisted sense of humour is liable to offend. None of that deterred me, however, as while I admit that this isn't the greatest Giallo...I really, really enjoyed watching it. Recommended!
  • The sleazy giallo picture here known as "Strip Nude for Your Killer" (1975) is misleadingly titled (no victim of the crazed killer is ever forced to strip; they're usually 3/4 naked to begin with!) but still manages to convey the film's two main selling points--sex and violence, dished out in fairly equal measure. The movie might more accurately have been called "Who's Been Killing the Entire Staff at Milan's Albatross Modeling Agency?" All we know for sure is that it's a leather-clad figure with a biker's helmet, a Darth Vader-like respiration problem, and a fondness for knife slaying. For the ladies in the audience, the picture features Nino Castelnuovo, so fondly remembered from 1964's "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg," still looking hunky here and sporting a perfectly round butt; and for the men, another exquisite appearance from the Queen of Giallo, Edwige Fenech, short-haired here but still quite dee-lish. "Strip Nude" has been directed in a nonstylish, nonflashy manner by Andrea Bianchi. Its plot does hang together, despite the seemingly unavoidable red herrings, though the killer's motivation ultimately proves to be unconvincing (don't even try guessing who the killer is!). There are any number of genuinely suspenseful scenes, though, and the soundtrack, by one Berto Pisano, effectively mixes Euro lounge jazz with a funky theme that suggests the Temps' "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." Of the half dozen or so Edwige Fenech giallos that I've seen recently, this one is by far the bloodiest and sleaziest (just wait till you see the 300+-lb. guy with his blow-up doll!), but still nothing compared to what filmmakers get away with today. The folks at Blue Underground should be thanked for a fine-looking DVD of a true Italian rarity; still, I'd be thanking them more had they supplied some subtitles rather than the lousy dubbing. And oh...was it just my imagination, or was that indeed an anal sex joke that Nino pulls on Edwige at the film's tail end?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You can pretty much guess my feelings of this movie when I say that the two best things about it are the movie's title and the presence of Edwige Fenech. Other than that, I can't find much to recommend. The killer isn't very interesting. The mystery elements of the film aren't engrossing. And the kill scenes are poorly done. There's just no tension that is necessary for a good Giallo. And the final reveal of the killer is anything but suspenseful. In the end there are only three people left alive. If two of the characters are being chased by the killer, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out who is under the motorcycle helmet? Sure, there's plenty of sleaze, but it's not done in what I found to be a fun or entertaining way. Unfortunately, I found Strip Nude for Your Killer to be a boring watch. I found myself looking at the clock about half way through just wishing it would end.

    As a group, Gialli are often criticized for their misogyny. Consider Strip Nude for Your Killer as the poster child of misogyny in this type of film. Not one woman is presented or treated as anything but a mindless object. Take our heroine Edwige – her boyfriend acts as if he is going to strangle her in one scene. Does she send him packing or show any sign that she objected to being treated in that manner? No!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Andrea Bianchi's "Strip Nude for your Killer" certainly isn't the best Italian giallo ever made, but I really enjoyed all the sleaziness and obscene violence it had to offer. The plot, the acting performances and all the sexually depraved elements are all fairly standard but the film is unusually fast-paced and the gore is really delightful. Fashion models once again are the targets of an insane killer, who breathes heavily and constantly wears a motorcycle helmet, and the victims are all vaguely connected with the poor girl who sadly died during an amateurish abortion-attempt. The sexy photographer's duo Magda and Carlo start their own investigation with a lot of pointless (but nonetheless exciting) lovemaking sessions on the side. Five years before his infamous sicko-film "Burial Ground", director Bianchi already damn well knew how to appeal to horror-loving audiences: the murders are extremely nasty and there's an overload of nudity wherever you look. Still the camera-work is quite stylish and the red herrings are slick enough to keep you interested in the actual revelation of the killer's identity. I even counted 2 or 3 genuinely suspenseful moments, notably the extended scene in the dark room where Edwige Fenech is observed by the killer whilst looking for clues. It's not yet a patch on Dario Argento, Sergio Martino or Mario Bava but we're definitely going into the right direction. The actual climax (as well as the murderer's fate) is regretfully weak, though. Andrea Bianchi's twisted sense of humor is illustrated in the very last dialogue.
  • STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER (Andrea Bianchi - Italy 1975).

    Evelyn, a young fashion model, dies during a backstreet abortion in Milan. To avoid an investigation, the gynecologist arranges for her body to be taken home and places in a bath of running water. Within hours, the doctor is brutally murdered by a mysterious figure wearing a crash helmet and motorcycle leathers and soon more grisly murders follow among the employees of the Albatross modeling agency, where Evelyn worked.

    This is a very amusing piece of trash by Andrea Bianchi, probably best known for his ultra-gory zombie flick BURIAL GROUND(1981) and the casting of Orson Welles in his second film TREASURE ISLAND(1972), but he also made this entertaining little Giallo, the only one he made, to my knowledge. From 1974-75 onwards, most ways of murdering had been done, so in order to shock and entertain audiences, many Italian filmmakers increasingly added ever larger amounts of gore, sadism and erotic comedy to their films. This one mainly goes for the latter. Starring three Euro-babes, Edwige Fenech, Femi Benussi and Erna Schürer, "Strip Nude" is well supplied in that department and abounds in '70s style sexism and politically incorrect humor.

    When voluptuous Femi Benussi parades along the swimming pool in tight-fitting bikini, she is spotted by some mustached hairy Italians wearing ridiculous swimming gear. One of them, Nino Castelnuovo, is a fashion photographer who immediately follows her, woes her, and within minutes - naturally - she sheds her clothes without further hesitation, after which Castelnuovo can go for some 'in-depth interviewing.' Soon, the clothes are back on again, but most of her screen time, she just walks around naked. When she is judged fitting for Albatross modeling agency by Castelnuovo, he introduces her to her future colleagues as 'first class merchandise', after which a not amused Edwige Fenech sniffs, 'how we're gonna photograph all that. We're gonna need a cinerama screen.'

    The film benefits from stylish cinematography and a pleasant funky score, but when the killer appears, we hear the strange sound of a knife thrown into a piece of wood. I don't know of any other way to describe it. It's rather silly, you can make up your own associations. Clearly, there's plenty of nasty bloodshed, but it's all a bit subdued by the casual comedic tone set early on in the film. In the last half hour, the plot elements are being pieced together and the fun wears out a little, but the pace is brisk, the cinematography great and there's enough humor and nudity in between to make this some very agreeable entertainment. Irresistible fun for Giallo lovers.

    Camera Obscura --- 7/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A backstreet abortion goes terribly wrong when the fashion model having it suffers heart failure while having the illegal operation…..Fast forward and the workers in the same Fashion House are being killed off one by one by a masked killer with a grudge perhaps for the abortion that went wrong. There is plenty of nudity as the title might suggest and some light relief with a hideous impotent fat man and his blow-up doll. Edwige Fenech looks great again which is something, because the plot is very thin as the killer repeats his/her killings one after the other, all very similar and not too inspired…even the killings are quite blood free and over as quick as they began.The scene where the fat man tries to rape a model but the model stops him by consenting to sex is implausible in the extreme and not very PC….sure this film is tacky but its fun too….even the ending is supremely tacky when Carlo tries to proffer anal sex so as not to make Magda pregnant.Recommended for giallo completists only. 6/10
  • This is a very underrated Giallo and really deserves more respect than it gets. If you are into the genre don't pass up Strip Nude For Your Killer.
  • If you like giallo movies, then you can't afford to miss Andrea Bianchi's "Nude per l'assassino" ("Strip Nude for Your Killer" in English). Gory, politically incorrect, and basically not afraid to do anything that it wants, the movie is just plain fun. It depicts a series of murders following a botched illegal abortion. And all of the murders target people connected to the woman who died in the abortion.

    Of course, the movie is basically an excuse for a lot of blood and a plethora of naked women (as implied by the title). The main star is Edwige Fenech*, who frequently appeared in giallo movies. It simply looks like the sort of movie that they wanted to make. Yes, one can make the argument that it's a trashy litany of sexism, but the movie makes no pretense about what it is; quite the opposite, it wears its trashiness on its sleeve. Very fun to watch. Of course, it would've probably been more fun to get to be on the set with Edwige Fenech. You just gotta love this sort of flick.

    *More recently, Fenech produced "The Merchant of Venice" starring Al Pacino, and Quentin Tarantino paid homage to her in "Inglourious Basterds": Mike Myers's character was named Ed Fenech.
  • One of Andrea Bianchi's first attempts to make a giallo and he succeeded in many ways. Maybe this isn't his most famous flick, I guess Burial Ground (1981) will ring a bell but this one is nowadays re-released on DVD and Blu Ray. An ideal time to pick it up again. It is in fact a giallo but it do offers a bit of sleaze too. The opening scene is already one not to forget and you know immediately what you will get from Andrea, nudity. All of the girls in this flick do go full frontal and in the most gratuitous way you could think. Due that it extracted the viewer a bit away from the story because sometimes it even goes a bit over the top like the scene were a fat bloke is trying to seduce a girl but fails by cumming to early. Guess what, ones she leaves he's going for a plastic doll to make love. Also in the beginning one girl is being taken to a sauna were she's being undressed by a photographer. She doesn't mind even as he's a stranger to her. Once she sees that his camera doesn't work they are making love, could it get more sleazy?

    For a giallo it's a bit low on gore and even red stuff and that's were this one failed a bit for me. Don't think to see a Dario Argento giallo. Still, if you have seen Hostel 2 (2007) then this is one to see because Edwige Fenech, the main role here, plays an art class professor in Hostel 2. She's still busy in Italy in series and in flicks, but she did perform in a few Italian giallo's. She was hot back then together with Barbara Bouchet and performed together a lot. La Moglie In Vacanza (1980) the biggest one.

    Don't be fooled by the title because there is no stripping going on but admit, it's a cheap teaser. Still, famous and loved by giallo geeks, for me a bit low on gore and sometimes a bit boring.

    Gore 1/5 Nudity 3/5 Effects 2/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Milan fashion world is rocked by a serial killer, wearing leather gear and motorcycle helmet, stab-killing those involved with Albatross coincides with the unfortunate accidental death of a model receiving an illegal abortion. Carlo Bianchi(Nino Castelnuovo)is a very successful photographer enjoying the sexual kicks you receive from being a big-shot in the industry. He literally beds one gal he suckers into a sauna not but shortly after meeting her, promising of a healthy career as a model(..naked nearly the entire film, Femi Benussi shows she's unafraid to bare it all for the audience for almost her total screen time), but she'll, like others, gets stabbed multiple times after discovering the water faucets running in her employer-to-be Gisella Montani's(Amanda)abode. The constant with all these killings revolve around Gisella..her heavy impotent husband(Franco Diogene), her homo-sexual photographer Mario(Claudio Pellegrini), and eventually herself are targets for the mysterious homicidal maniac. Gisella is also being black-mailed by someone in her inner circle(..of the remaining still alive). Others will follow as Magda Cortis(Edwige Fenech, whose character is an apprentice to Carlo)and Carlo become civilian detectives with their own lives endangered in the process.

    As mentioned in practically every user comment, "Strip Nude for Your Killer" lives up to it's lurid title. Ample nudity from uninhibited actresses, the lives of those associated with the fashion world(..particularly those who will do anything to gain success and fame)are skewered and every character in the film embellishes in sex and hedonism. Fenech delivers the usual tasty nudity and looks fantastic even with a short hair cut. Her lover Carlo is the complete anti-hero, he treats Magda like a sex toy, even choking her not once but twice. He was one of those who left the dead model's body left in a tub with running water(..the image of this dead model is displayed quickly before every murder scene takes place with the director letting the viewer know that this is the motivation behind the stabbings). The stabbings themselves are often gushing wounds, but the final attacks show the aftermath of a castration and breast removal, pretty potent, shocking stuff. There's even some sad humor portraying Gisele's portly husband(..who is quite a danger driving on the roads of Milan with director Bianchi's camera following with a POV shot of the car passing through endless traffic, red lights, and even threatening civilians walking on the streets)as a clown in heat who can not deliver in the clutch. Nice job by Blue Underground bringing giallo fans a print of true quality and the film looks great..with good use of color and sound photography, Bianchi really provides the film with style. Yet, this isn't particularly any different than the endless chain of gialli circling the market, so to combat this Bianchi put naked flesh across the screen almost through the film's entirety. This giallo does have your typical wacky twist revealing why this killer is so viciously killing his/her victims, but this time, the revelation might be underwhelming considering it's a person who isn't as significantly drawn as other characters in the plot. This is indeed a true treat for those with an appreciation for smut. Film suffers for not having a likable character to root for, but Fenech once again portrays the endangered character in pursuit(..and being pursued)of the killer.
  • This was a film that I never heard about until I got into podcasts. It came up on a few of them under a subgenre that I'm still pretty new to in giallo films. I actually watched this one as it was the first review that I did for my podcast to celebrate November as Italian horror month, shout out to the 22 Shots of Moodz and Horror for starting this. The synopsis here is when a fashion model dies during an abortion, a series of murders follow this tragedy.

    I actually cut a lot out of the synopsis that is listed on the Internet Movie Database as I thought the opening line for was sufficient. As the synopsis states, we see a doctor that is performing an operation of sorts and he notices that his patient isn't breathing. He makes a call to someone and the plan is to take her body home as she has died. After the opening credits, this doctor is killed outside of his home by a person wearing leather and a biker helmet.

    We then shift to a pool where the beautiful Lucia (Femi Benussi). She catches the eye of a photographer, Carlo (Nino Castelnuovo). He follows her, taking pictures and convinces her to come to the sauna with him. It is there he makes her promises and they make love.

    From there they go to the agency he works for, Albatross. Carlo introduces her to his boss, Gisella (Amanda) who runs the company and she takes interest in Lucia. They can't get her into the shoot though, as Doris (Erna Schurer) is already there. Magda (Edwige Fenech) is Carlo's assistant and protégé. We see later that night though, she wants to be a model and the two of them make love.

    Another murder occurs and it is Mario (Claudio Pellegrini). He made a copy of a picture and the person in the biker get up comes over. Mario knows them and he is murdered. He is found the next morning by Doris, when he was promising to do a photo shoot with her. This brings the police to Albatross to look into who might have done this. The problem then becomes that Gisella and Carlo lie to the police. More murders also occur with people with this agency. The question though, who is doing this and why?

    The first thing I normally like to lead off when talking about gialli are if they keep my attention and if they're too predictable. If they have good enough visuals, then you can get around it. With that out of the way, I thought this one had an interesting little story. I almost forgot about the opening scene, but for me it clicked why the murders were happening once Mario made a copy of the picture. From there it was trying to see if I could guess the killer or not.

    I have to admit that I didn't guess it correctly. The film does a really good job at presenting red herrings throughout. I'm seasoned enough not to fall for them, so I was trying to think of characters that were introduced that it could be. It does feel like a slight cheat who the killer ends up being, but I will say I thought the back-story to it was interesting. There is a callback though that the killer couldn't know about that they use in the ritual to their killing. Doesn't ruin it, but just something I thought about.

    This film is also quite sleazy and I'm not going to lie, I kind of dug it. We see pretty much every woman in this film nude in some way. It really is a kind of a thank you movie type thing for sure. The men are also extremely misogynistic as well, where they're slapping around women or they're just degrading them. I'm assuming this is partially a cultural thing, but it didn't necessarily sit well with me to be honest.

    As for the pacing, I thought that it was fine. The film runs just over 90 minutes and I think that the deaths are spread out pretty well. We get a couple to start off us before learning about our characters. Something I find interesting though is that the film portrays Carlo as our hero, but I also felt like Magda was and we really don't get to know her until a good 20 minutes in or so. I do feel like there wasn't enough investigation for my liking, but I never got bored. The ending fits for the mystery they build and I thought the reveal was logical.

    That will take me to the acting here. I've already expressed my issue with the misogyny and the other issue I have with it is that the women take it without really putting up a fight. Fenech I thought was fine and as I said, I thought she was actually the lead here, but the film doesn't necessarily present it that way. She is gorgeous as well. Castelnuovo is a jerk and I really didn't like him. His performance though did get a reaction out of me so that works. Fenussi, Solvi Stubing and Schurer are all attractive. Amanda has an interesting role as the bi-sexual owner of this agency. Franco Digoene appears as her husband Maurizio and he's quite the odd character. There was a moment where two characters were supposed to be dead and I noticed we could see them breathing. Aside from this I feel like the acting was fine and fit what they needed.

    That will shift me to the effects of this one. I thought they were pretty basic as the deaths occur for the most part off screen. I did think that the blood looked good though as that's a perk. The wounds also look fine, but I just would have liked a bit more. The cinematography was solid and I had no issues there.

    The final thing to cover would be the soundtrack. I get a bit excited when it comes to Italian films like this. I will say that it isn't my favorite, but I still dug it. The funk music seems to fit the sleazy feel that we have here and I thought there was this odd sound they'd use to build tension. I would say that it was pretty effective. I also like the use of hearing ambient noise from other rooms, which also helped here in my opinion.

    Now with that said, I'm finally glad that I checked this film out. I do believe this is my first movie from Andrea Bianchi I've seen and it makes me want to check out more. This is definitely a sleazy giallo film that I had fun with. We get to see pretty much all of our ladies nude. The killer has good look to them. I think that we get a solid mystery here that hooked me and definitely came to an interesting conclusion for sure. I do think there are some slight issues with the story though if I'm honest. The acting is fine I would say and the effects were as well. I did really dig the soundtrack, even though it's not one of my favorites. Not the best giallo that I've seen, but definitely worth a viewing if you are into foreign films or this subgenre. I did watch this dubbed, but that does seem to be par for the era for films from Italy.

  • Strip nude for your killer isn't elevated cinema by any stretch of the imagination, it's not trying to be either. What we have here is some good ole 70s grindhouse cinema. Beautiful naked girls? Check, a faceless blade wielding killer, check, a plot twist that is impressing no one? Check.

    Strip nude for your killer has got to be one of the better paced Giallo's out there. Lots of eye candy, with beautiful cinematography, this is a good one for Friday night movies with your pals. Highly recommended!
  • This is. Basically a excuse for soft porn via the odd murder. Or red paint over a naked woman. It's actually quite funny in parts and has all that 1970's classic funky music and quite fair cinematography, isn't at all bad, but don't expect a classic horror film here, but good looking girls getting into trouble with a photographer and funny dubbed U.K. voices from Italian.
  • A back street abortion kills a woman. This leads to a series of murders, with all the victims being connected to a fashion house.

    Well, I suppose you can't say that the title doesn't give you a few clues. Strip Nude for your Killer operates pretty squarely in the sleazier side of the giallo genre. It would be quite difficult arguing against accusations of sexism levelled against this flick. The women all…well…strip nude for their killer, although it does have to be admitted that the male victims do as well; the reason being is this is part of the modus operandi of the killer in this flick, who also requires running water as well as nudity before the killing can commence. Ah, you have to love these wilfully ridiculous giallo plot elements! This one is also quite notable for featuring an especially appalling assortment of male characters. The lead guy in particular is a spectacularly unsympathetic sleaze-bag. He is a fashion photographer who begins the movie by stalking a woman and ends it with an anal sex 'joke' aimed at the lovely Edwige Fenech! Yuck. Are we honestly meant to sympathize with this guy?!

    I suppose you could say that director Andrea Bianchi did for the giallo genre with this picture what he later did for the zombie film with his movie The Zombie Dead (1981). He gave both of them a trash makeover. The mystery side of the story is marginalised here to make way for lashings of sex and violence. Strip Nude for your Killer still works pretty efficiently as a giallo, however. There are some decent suspense set-pieces and it features a favourite recurring feature of the genre – the motorcycle murderer. The violence is at times nasty and messy, while the nudity is regular and prolonged. A little bit of class is provided by a great theme tune by Berto Pisano, its combination of female sighs with a funky groove makes for something of a pleasing concoction. On the whole, this one is sure to please fans of the giallo genre, it delivers on all the more salacious joys of the genre. Its certainly one of the more unashamedly exploitative efforts out there and I suppose that adds to its entertainment factor ultimately.
  • I have just watched Strip Nude For Your Killer this evening and i found it to be a very good film it features several good looking young women who are working for this model agency who agree to strip for this photographer. But at the same time there is a murder on the loose who is out to kill as many of the models as possible. there are some very gory moments in the film, and it also features a lot of nudity in many sences as the title says. I found the dubbing of the actors not to bad which is good compared to other films i have seen. I think that Andrea Bianchi is a good director from what i have seen in this film. Good Movie!(Recommended).
  • When a model unexpectedly dies during an abortion procedure, the doctor carrying the operation out phones for help and sets it up to look like the girl died of natural causes. Shortly after this, the doctor is brutally murdered outside of his home. And so begins a string of brutal killings, all connected by a modelling agency named Albatross. One of the main suspects is Carlo (Nino Castelnuovo - who had previously starred in The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg and Rocco And His Brothers), and slightly sleezy and ambitious young photographer who we first meet hiring a model and then trying to sleep with her in a steam room. He begins to date photographer Magda (Edwige Fenech), but can he protect her from the vicious killer who seems to be bringing down Albatross single handedly?

    For all the perverts out there, this is possibly the greatest film ever made. For an apparently up-market modelling agency, the models seem to get their private parts out a hell of a lot. Well I suppose they had to get the audiences in somehow, as the film has very little else going for it. Even for a giallo, the dubbing is atrociously bad. The best they could come with for the killer is to dress him/her up in a motorcycle costume and helmet. And for all the usual style of the giallo genre, the scenes of violence and gore are disappointingly tame and bloodless (and when there is blood, it's clearly just paint!). No suspense is built by the quite boring set-pieces, and the director seems to think the longer the set-piece, the more tense it will be. Another case of great title, crap film.
  • cmoitze19 January 2011
    This can't even be called a movie, as there was really no plot to speak of. Just a killer in a motorcycle helmet dispatching naked women, interspersed with people having sex at every opportunity.

    I don't have a problem with nudity or sex, far from it, but it should take place within the context of the movie and make sense. In one scene an obese man threatens a woman with a glass vase and demands sex, only for her to comply as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, and they begin to chat away happily!

    I can't find a single positive thing to say about this movie. The characterization is non existent, the dialog is appalling, there is zero plot development, inappropriate incidental music and no suspense whatsoever. This is far and away the worst Giallo I have seen, and I have viewed at least 40, being a fan of the genre. Avoid this movie, even if you are a fan of this genre. 1 star for the fact Edwige Fenech was in it. Appalling.
  • I give credit to Andrea Bianchi (at first I thought it was a female director, the one lone one among the pack of the Giallo, but digging deeper Andrea is apparently a male name), for trying to put a couple of crazy twists: the killer looks like a cross between a dominatrix and a hardcore biker out of Mad Max, covered in total black leather with a big black helmet, there is a moment or two that do startle with the killer's presence. Indeed, the killer is for the most part much smarter than almost all of the cast, which can be fun to watch once or twice...

    But the problem with Bianchi's direction is that past the excess nudity, which isn't a bad thing for a sleazy Italian horror flick, there's no suspense to his craft. While the cinematography is accomplished the actual direction as far as suspense goes is pretty weak. Suffice to say, Bianchi is no Argento. It's not a total loss, but it's also weakened by the really bad dubbing (Godzilla sometimes fares better), and some really ridiculous characters, like the fat guy that tries to have his way with the older blonde owner of the fashion studio, that aren't very funny.

    It's got some hip 70s music, and a few memorable bits (mostly early on, with stuff that doesn't have to do even with the killer), but really this movie doesn't live up to the awesome potential of its title. The trailer on the Blue Underground DVD, on the other hand, is really amazing.
  • Normally I don't comment on films, until now. In short, I've been a huge fan of Genre, Euro-Horror, Art House, Grind House, Underground, Independent, Low Budget, High Budget, basically all aspects of films. We all know that Euro-horror films tends to be misunderstood or not even taken seriously. This particular film is the essence to why Great Italian or Spainish thrillers are never taken Seriously. I Despise this film beyond belief!! Andrea Bianchi lost points in my book along with the cast, crew and producers and distributors of the Giallo genre. The lead character is PURE SLIME!! I wanted so badly to see him CASTRATED and Bled to DEATH! SLOWLY!!!!!! In short, this film is an INSULT to the better films by Argento, Fulci, et all. AAAHHHH, (SIGH) I feel better now. Please, some one, for the sake of quality Euro- Thrillers that deserve an audience. BURN EVERY COPY OF THIS CRAP!!!
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