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  • I must admit that this film has a special place in my heart... not quite as big as the one my fiancée holds, but it's still in there. It's the first Olsen Gang film I ever saw, and owned, and thusly, the one I've seen the most. Years before I saw their other efforts, I had watched this more times than I suppose I should admit. This is a unique entry, in many ways. It starts(though at Mallorca, like the last one) and ends very differently than any of the others. An interesting thing is that with the last film, the two had written these characters into a corner... the former movie ended the series perfectly, with the gang reaching their dream: Mallorca, as millionaires. But the audience requires more of the great series. How to solve this conundrum? Where Bahs and Balling could have written a cop-out explanation, as lesser writers surely would have, they simply properly explain the return by showing how these people are affected by their new way of life. After an incident(that I refuse to describe, as its simplicity and pure genius would not translate properly through my words. It *needs* to be seen), they find themselves back in this country. While that isn't a choice they themselves made, we still find that they are much happier here... in spite of still needing money, of being mediocre citizens, of suffering under the same shortcomings as they did before. Yes. East West, home is best. Be careful what you wish for. Clichés. But aren't clichés (often) just truths that we find we've heard one too many times(and one does tire more easily of hearing something that is an annoying truth to have to admit to)? So, with that, we're back... Egon's got a plan, he's released from jail and he seeks out Benny and Kjeld, trying to get their backup for his latest genius and well-devised scheme. That leads to what might just be the most excellent scene featuring Yvonne in the entire series... and that's all I'll say of the plot. The plot is brilliant. The way it develops is magnificent. Pacing is as good as it comes. Despite having seen this countless times before and knowing basically everything that would happen, I wasn't bored for a second. The acting is top-notch, as always. Bøffen returns, still messing up the gang's plans. This time, Ove Verner Hansen truly gets to show off his great facial acting. Pouel Kern jumps on, as well, in a very small but incredibly funny role. Furthermore, Paul Hagen and Helge Kjærluff-Schmidt(his only role in any of the Olsen Gang films, and it's tailor-made to suit him) join in, as two preposterously old-fashioned high-ranking train workers(doing a nice job of making fun of the Danish railways, which are featured quite prominently in this film(hence the title); that(the Danish train system), by the way, is also such a definite Danish thing that it's no wonder they basically built this film up around it), and managing to reference a well-known song by Benny Andersen several times in their dialog. The humor is always brilliant, mostly sophisticated and at times downright sublime. The police are thoroughly made fun of yet again(as is the general "Danish-ness"). The human touch remains, still spreading smiles and laughs. This may just be the most hilarious of all the films in the series, and the one that features the most laugh-out-loud moments. You'll laugh upon hearing Kjeld announce what he'd rather be doing than live in Spain. The laughter will become hysterical upon seeing his idea for making money. If you're not already crying with laughter by the time he misquotes the Three Musketeers, you'll start. This may also contain the most of Benny's silly laughter, in any one of the films. One of the best in a great series. Humorous, well-written and highly memorable. I recommend it to any fan of the franchise as well as any fan of comedy and Danish humor in general. I would say, though, that having watched the previous entries is a must. 8/10