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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I didnt know that Domenico Modugno was also an actor as well as a singer. The most familiar song that i know of his is Nel Pinto di Blu, or commonly known as Volare. I happened to watch this, mainly because I love foreign films. Piange il Telefono is Italian for the telephone cries, and yes it made me cry, so ladies, please have some tissues handy. Piange il Telefono is also a song that Domenico sang and it features a very young Francesca Guadagno, as Chiara, the daughter of his former love, Collette, a French model, whom he falls in love with. First of all, Domenico doesn't sing in this film. At all. The story starts out with Andrea, (Modugno), and his rocky relationship with Collette. Andrea is a pilot for Alitalia, but ends up losing his job, when it turns out he failed his physical, because of a heart condition. He proposes to Collette, who is relucatant at first, because her modeling career's more important to her than having kids, which is what Andrea desired to have with her. Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong, when he decides to take a job as a pilot flying a plane full of ammonition. The plane is shot down by African soldiers, and Andrea and the 2 men aboard are captured and held in a prison. Meanwhile, Collette's doing a fashion show, when she faints on the catwalk. She's then cared for by Dr. Alberto, played by a young Louis Jordan. Seven years pass and when Andrea's finally released, his former co-pilot tells him that Collette has a family. Andrea's crushed and tries to contact Collette, but she won't talk to him. One day he calls and Chiara answers the phone. Andrea tries to convince the little girl that he still loves her mom. Later that night, he calls again and this time Alberto answers and agrees to let Andrea come and visit Chiara. The only drawback about this film is that I felt Domenico was a bit too old to play the part of Andrea, since he was around 47 back in 1975. But overall, the acting is very well done.