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  • After the brutal murder of his promiscuous wife, Clint (Charles Pitts) is forced to flee a small town… Harry (Charles Napier), a wicked look-alike who committed the killing, had little trouble to put the blame for the murder on Clint…

    Clint falls into a number of adventures, getting caught in the act with the mail-order wife of a farmer, having a brief affair with a chesty black mute girl, and finally coming across a diner/gas station run by a lonely but beautiful woman who turns out to be a copy of his former wife… Clint stays on at the diner to help out the woman, and falls in love… The assassin, however, passes through, discovers Clint, kidnaps his new girlfriend, and tries to kill them both…

    The women in "Supervixens" are buxom, attractive, and very intelligent, whereas the men are generally sex-crazed, vicious, and uncoordinated... Meyer usually bombards his audience with erotic images—big breasts, strong desire women, and simulated lovemaking—but here he gets carried away with several sadistic scenes that are real turn-offs...
  • The movie follows the hilarious odyssey of a nice young fellow, on the run for one man and an army of very very voluptuous bigbreasted women. The production and the visualization is low budget, but very effective and moody, the humor is really incredibly weird (especially the Nazi-jokes are very sick) and the violence is convincingly sadistic. One of the most exciting films ever made and absolutely Meyer's masterpiece. Nice, nice, nice!
  • Russ Meyer, like David Lynch or Alejandro Jodorowsky, creates his own world in his movies and invites you to visit. And while I may not want to LIVE there, I sure do like to visit! You either love Meyer or you don't, it's as simple as that. Most fans seem to regard either Faster Pussycat or Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls as his best movies. I worship them both but my particular favourite is Supervixens. This movie is like no other ever made, with it's surreal mix of buxom babes, humour, violence, car chases and dynamite that has to be seen to be believed! Charles Napier fans note that this is his definitive performance playing psycho cop Harry Sledge, which may or may not be a reprise of his role in Cherry, Harry and Raquel! I dunno. Other Meyer regulars pop up including Haji, Stuart Lancaster and the criminally underseen John Lazar(Z-Man). But the real find here is Shari Eubank in a duel role. She unfortunately only made one other movie after this, Chesty Anderson,USN (with Timothy Carey!). She will always be remembered by lovers of trash cinema everywhere.

    You haven't lived until you've seen Supervixens!
  • Russ Meyer is a God who succeeds in creating his own utopist universe over and over again. This film is just brilliant, even though the entire prudish and easily offended world will never admit it. Yes, it's a sexfilm… So what if it is? And besides, apart from that it also is a truly ingenious comedy and a cruel satire. After his more pretentious (but equally terrific) portrait `Beyond the Valley of the Dolls', Meyer falls back on the themes and ideas that gained him his first successes. This being the adventures and misfortunes of a young protagonist on the run. Falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend, a handsome man hitchhikes across rural America. Everywhere he goes gorgeous, voluptuous nymphs sexually harass the poor, poor guy (???). Isn't life hell? Charles Napier is excellent as the psycho cop, while the `vixens' are too hot to handle! Every single girl who walks through the screen here looks like a fantasy come true. Supervixens constantly features cheerful music and the screenplay is very funny. Although I can imagine not for all tastes, I personally laughed sick when the Austrian chick starts squealing German while making love! Russ Meyer often reuses stuff that also featured in his earlier movies. Like the snakebite or even the entire climax which is a more explosive update of the `Motor Psycho' ending. Not too original but who cares? He's Russ Meyer so he can do anything he wants! A fellow fan stated in his user comment that you haven't lived until you see Supervixens, and I couldn't have said it better. A must!
  • SUPERVIXENS may be the ultimate Russ Meyer film! Overdosing on breasts, sex, and violence, Meyer delivers the goods to his fans and then some. In this movie, all women with huge breasts have Super stated before their name, like they are a totally different race of women. In Meyer's world, they are.

    Shari Eubanks is amazing as SuperAngel, a slutty bitch who tortures her boyfriend Clint to the point of insanity. When Angel has an affair with psycho sheriff Harry Sledge (the ever-sneering Charles Napier) who ends up killing her (a sequence that will make even the most jaded viewer cringe), Clint is blamed. On the run, he encounters more Superwomen (including Haji as SuperHaji and Uschi Digart as SuperSoul) and actors and situations from Meyers' earlier films (including FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! and VIXEN!). Stuart Lancaster plays a farmer who has LOTS of exaggerated, hilarious sex with his German mail-order bride SuperSoul (Uschi Digart). Clint finally meets up with SuperVixen (Eubanks again) and takes a job as her boyfriend and mechanic at her gas station. But Harry shows up in time to provide trouble for Vixen and Clint.

    SUPERVIXENS has possibly the widest array of sexy women in Meyer's films. From the film's opening vixen SuperLorna (who disappears too quickly) to the mute black SuperEula (Richard Pryor's future wife) to the spicy barmaid SuperHaji (Haji returns! Hallelujah!), all the women here will provide eye candy for ten more Meyer movies! One thing is noted about Russ Meyer's women and that is they can all at least act a bit. Shari Eubanks is one example of this and she stands along with Erica Gavin and the three women from FASTER PUSSYCAT! as Meyer's best actresses. Regular Meyer fans may be turned off by the multiple violent scenes that seem more gruesome and tasteless than his other films.

    SUPERVIXENS may be hard to find because of Meyer's strict rental video policy, but is well worth tracking down! SUPERVIXENS probably stands as Meyer's best 70s film. Highly recommended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Meyer's out of control. It's in his method. Machine gun cutting. Marathon coverage of every scene. More angles than a mathematician's convention. Sweet, sharp pacing. Terrific, over-the-top performances. Sweeping desert vistas. Gorgeous ladies. Hung heroes. What's not to love?

    I accept that some folks don't take kindly to Charles Napier's stomping to death of Shari Eubank. They cry "Misogynist!" and keep watching. Frankly, who cares what these folks think. It's Russ's movie. Let Russ do Russ's movie. If you don't like it, turn it off, or make your own goddamned movie.

    There's love in every frame of SUPERVIXENS as Charles Pitts skips town to avoid the cuffs of lawman Napier. Along the way Pitts encounters an s***-load of female trouble, an unhappy husband and an overprotective daddy who wants to nail his balls to a floor. It's all good, dirty fun and Meyer wheels out a bevy of large-breasted beauties who are sure to make Uncle Foamy stand up and tapdance.

    Meyer is a great filmmaker. He has a skewed, fascinating world view that permeates every inch of his celluloid.

    His flicks, like SUPERVIXEN, document an era and an attitude.

    God bless him.

    And all hail SUPERVIXENS.
  • Part of the fun of watching a Russ Meyer movie is sitting in mind-boggling disbelief at just how sexist & deranged it is, then going with the flow as you escape into his voluptuous pre-silicone dreamworld. Misogyny isn't really the word, as you can imagine the old sleazeball worshipping these women & doing anything for them while he's filming them bouncing around.

    Supervixens, however, is just plain nasty, due to the one scene in which Super-Angel (the running joke is that all the women have the Super- prefix to their names) is kicked to death & electrocuted in a bathtub by Charles Napier's impotent cop. Not funny. Doesn't help that Super-Angel's character is set up as being somehow deserving of it.

    No, not funny at all, even if you're used to the Russ Meyer school of sensitivity. It belongs in a 1980's splatter film, & leaves a nasty taste in the mouth for the rest of the film, which is pretty ordinary until Charles Napier turns up again & torments Super-Angel's later re-incarnation, Supervixen, in a way that would be amusing if you could only forget his earlier scene.

    See Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls instead.
  • Russ Meyer is a truly original American filmmaker of the highest caliber. His films are filled with lightning-speed edits, larger-than-life characters, delicious women, and over-the-top acting. His movies are shining examples of wonderful exploitation. They are by no means 'high-art' and should not be judged as such. Myer masterfully puts his unique vision on the screen in all of his films, and 'SuperVixens' is a shinning example of this...

    This film starts off wonderfully, for it is incredibly entertaining and highly humorous (filled with VERY sexy women, large breasts, and lots of violence of course). It maintains a pretty rudimentary story-line, but that was never something that Meyer really pursued. He is more concerned with amusing characters, gorgeous women, and sweet violence, and this movie has plenty of that. Charles Napier gives one of his best performances ever here, as a psychotic, impotent, woman-killing cop. Shari Eubanks is dynamite and a vision to behold...

    My only complaint about this film is that it loses a bit of momentum after its blazing beginning. If you are into Russ Meyer you have undoubtedly seen this film- if you haven't, you must! The transfer to DVD is of a very high quality- the sound and picture and crystal clear. If you have never seen any of Meyer's films, this as good a place to start as any...
  • Without a doubt, the first 10 minutes of Supervixens is one of the best pieces of comic film editing I've ever seen. If there's anyone who's interested in figuring out how to quick cut images with dialogue in order to create a comic effect, watch this. Most of Meyer's movies are pretty bad, but there are three that are great and this is one of them. Meyer creates a surreal American landscape, where people are all endowed with unreal sex parts, all the woman bare the title "super", and ex-nazi's are gas station owners. The movie is filled with in-your-face phallic symbols and the scene with Super Angel and the cop is absolutely hysterical. Can't wait until this is on DVD.
  • Women from heaven, a police man from hell, and a hero from God knows where in this orgy of violence, action, comedy, drama and true love and passion, re-born in a Roadrunner movie from the brain of Russ Meyer. No wonder all the girls are "Super-" in this film, and Charles Napier have never ever been better than the super evil impotent Harry Sledge.-Credits to Uschi Dighart as well. This is one of the films that makes life worth living. See it NOW !!!

    (PS: Could be offensive to some forms of non-humorous life forms.)
  • pacmann12 August 1999
    Charles Napier gives perhaps his best performance as a rugged (but impotent) cop. Russ Meyer does an incredible job of casting and editing that is up to par with his movies, the plot is a lot more elaborate and serious that some of earlier work ("Faster pussycat, kill, kill" comes to mind). The women are amazing; the sexy Haji playing ball-buster barkeep, Shari Eubanks, impressive as the neglected wife, and sexy seductress, and who can't help to fall in love with the wondrous Swedish beauty Uschi Digart who plays a mail order bride. A movie that is brash and funny, and although deserving of an X rating for the recurrent show of backsides and bosoms, definetely tongue in cheek in at its other aspects.
  • "Supervixens" rocks...classic Meyer, and less silly than a lot of his stuff. Charles Napier actually delivers a credible performance, and the film itself has much more of a plot than most other Meyer movies...worth seeing as soon as possible.
  • Words like "vile" and "reprehensible" don't even begin to express my contempt for this movie. Russ Meyer is just a filmmaker with a quirky sense of humor and a fetish for big breasts, right? Well he's also got a mean misogynistic or maybe just plain misanthropic streak in him from what I can tell. Despite all the busty women this film is not the least bit sexy. It is, however, definitely obscene.

    In interviews Meyer has put down hardcore pornography but I've seen scores of porn flicks and not a ONE of them has anything in them as disgusting (and disturbing) as the brutal stomping and electrocution a young woman receives in this movie. Anyone who argues this is fantasy violence has some pretty sick fantasies. This was made during an "anything goes" era, the 1970's, but I have to wonder what the participants really thought of this twisted vision. It should be avoided at all costs by anyone with a sense of humanity.
  • sunglow-130 December 2006
    Referring back to the previous comment - I sure have a sense of humor, and a quirky one at that, (love monty python, super troopers, shaun of the dead, etc) but this has to be the worst movie ever! No wonder its on pay TV at 2am. It is even hard to tell what genre this is, and the murder scenes are just so wrong. Not to mention the bad effects, acting, fashion and hair dos. Also, since I am German, I didn't really appreciate the use of a nazi propaganda song from world war II. I would add something positive but I just cannot find anything to say. Sorry, but unfortunately I have to say this one is definitely not worth watching.
  • pasemito26 October 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Awful! Just saw it and could not understand the concept of the movie. Reading the comments posted almost makes me feel as if I do not understand cinema.

    The storyline is implausible, the humor crass, satire entirely lost; I wonder what was Meyer thinking when he made the movie! And what was the ending all about!?? I fail to see any symbolism or any metaphor. It is plain lunacy in a movie on display. The hero keeps on running and running and running .......

    If the movie was only meant to show the assets of the female characters, a la porn flick, it would have passed muster.

    Only redeeming feature - Shari Eubanks has some memorable moments and she is beautiful! Please do not waste your time and money. Will never venture for another weird world of Russ Meyers!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Once Rem Koolhaas (know rather known as star architect who built the Public Library in Seattle or the Dutch Embassy in Berlin) wrote a screenplay for Meyer. It included some allusions to the German director Fassbinder. Although the project was never realized, one may find a kind of Fassbinder's style also in Supervixens. Some may consider this claim more or less blasphemous. Nevertheless, Meyer features a movie that is not entirely cheesy trash and cheap 70s soft-porn. It is much more: A satirical reflection of gender roles, for instance. While the women (with big breasts) are clearly depicted as agents of their sexual likings, the male characters do not seem to recognize these clear-cut own will and agency. It is this odd difference that contributes to the hilarious atmosphere in the first part of the movie and promotes its plot similar to a comedy of mistaken identity. However, to the end it is exactly the lack of this bizarre "spice" that makes the last half of Supervixens less colorful and even lengthy.
  • jlomax282 April 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Supervixens is a trip. There are scenes that I love like Christy Hartburg at the beginning! It's interesting that her image from the film's poster is synonymous not only with the film but RM's entire career, but she is only in the film for less that 10 minutes. A lot of people hate the bathtub scene or think it goes too far but I actually liked it. Alfred Hitchcock liked the scene so much ( and it's nod to the master's Psycho) that he gave Charles Napier a contact at Universal Studios. The film does take a frightening turn and Angel's demise is one right out of a real horror film. I have shown other horror fans this film and they claim that the bathtub scene was the most brutal scene they had ever witnessed. I love Ushci Digard returning to the screen as SuperSoul. There is something so joyous about Uschi, even when she is raping Clint midway through the film. Uschi never seems naked she is always nude, a free spirit. This is not my favorite film by RM simply because it goes on forever and ever. I always get bored at the end. I like the queer overtones of his films but oddly there is no lesbianism in this one... However, Supervixens sometimes feels like a homosexual nightmare. The film centers around a man named Clint who is stalked by the impotent psycho cop Harry, throughout the film Clint is constantly fighting on advances from busty females. When he is raped by Supersoul, he screams, "Let go of my cock!" In the end Harry plans to blow up Clint's girlfriend Supervixen...? Am I the only one who reads into Harry and Clint's screwed up relationship? It may be open to interpretation... Not the worst... but not the best from RM.
  • Russ Meyer loves breasts, and he's a filmmaker, but it's mostly the breast thing. That doesn't mean that he's not good at what he does, which is making raucous comedies where there's a dumb, well-hung klutz (Charles Pitts, in thankfully his only significant point in his career as Clint Ramsey), the dual role of the schizo-girlfriend (SuperAngel) and later her re-incarnation as a gas station attendant (SuperVixen), and the enemy of the film, the diabolical, totally evil Harry Sledge (Charles Napier, a classic part in a long character actor career). Much of this is just silly, very silly, and strange, deranged, illogical, and probably would be seen on the surface as sexist. But looking past the fact that there are a lot of naked women who continually throw themselves at Clint, there is something more to Meyer's psychology here. It would probably be something of a big point had the film been used in Zizek's The Pervert's Guide to Cinema: it's like a classic farce- yet still a somewhat truthful farce- about male desire.

    Take the fact that while Clint is on his 'journey'- running from the scene of a crime he didn't commit, which was the murder and burning down of the dig that SuperAngel was living in- he continually gets into situations where the women present want to desperately ride him till Tuesday...but then there's always another man. There's a fascinating push-and-pull (no pun intended...maybe a little) to how the men treat the women in the picture. Until Clint agrees to stay with SuperVixen and take care of the gas station does he finally seem to relax, as before with the guy in the car, the farmer, the motel owner, all had women as their next of kin or significant others that were persona non grata. Behind the hilarity that ensues as Clint gets practically raped in a hayloft by a German girl, or when a mute/deaf black chick tries to get Clint to have his way with her in a desert, there is subtext- desire is defined by property. By the time Clint gets to SuperVixen, and finds out her man ran out on her weeks ago, it's like they're suddenly whisked away to the Garden of Eden (rather, in Arizona, as is one of the funniest sections of the flick), as they run around naked in ecstasy. Freud would have a field-day.

    But one must not forget the Harry Sledge character who, like Hopper in Blue Velvet or Bobby Peru in Wild at Heart, is as Zizek described a larger-than-life, absurdist figure of man's libido. Maybe it was subconscious or not, but there's a lot to do in Supervixens with the idea of potency, or impotency. Harry can't get it up, the truth of it, and it becomes a sudden turn to see Harry suddenly stomp SuperAngel (albeit, in one of the most illogical scenes I've ever seen in any movie, taunts him for five minutes while locked in a bathroom following a bad sexual experience) and burn the place down as a means of compensation, an inherent lack of drive leading to the demise of anyone around him. While this seems to go overboard in the last twenty minutes of the film, when he returns in and becomes an ultimate terror upon Clint and SuperVixen, there's probably more one could read into in terms of symbolism than your average Bunuel movie: the dynamite shooting out of a chute, the one stick next to SuperVixen's most private of private spots, and all raised to the level of delirium.

    The more I thought about it after the movie ended, the more it seemed to make sense, the idea of the ID blown-up in, of all things, a Russ Meyer movie. But this will be moot to most viewers who are just looking for what it there in a Meyer movie- sex and craziness, usually at the same time. As the first of his films I've seen, it's already apparent how equally proficient and tacky he can be: he's a master at editing, and casts his actors like it's a slight step above Z-grade porn. Which, of course, adds to its hysterical attitude, as we see one of the worst male actors of the 20th century play off of girls who rarely have a dirty smile off of their faces (save for when they're taunting Sledge, or getting caught by their daddies or husbands). And because Meyer, in the Mel Brooks sense, rises below vulgarity, his picture works so well even as it shouldn't. It deserves to be shown in grindhouse theaters and be found in the dirty sections of video stores. That it's an unlikely classic to be found in either of those places is hard to deny.
  • Trashy chesty women, an evil cop and a sad idiot.... there you have it!!! shari eubank is absolutely fabulous and ultra sexy!!!! especially as the sweet cheeky supervixen.... Porn for the soul. There are a lot of mixed feelings about super angel's murder... if you can look beyond the gore and cruelty you do kind of see a funny side to it... this was way before Trantino's kill bill gore fest and quite shocking for its time. though loads of comedy sex and silly story lines keep the film rather funny and exciting. the highlight being supervixen and her gas station oasis and dream haven in the middle of nowhere.... but watch out the bad cop's back!!!! the ending is rather silly and totally comic!!! . a load of laughs with one the sexist woman on screen ever!!!!!!! a must for fans of cult trash!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    my least favorite of all the Meyer films, and although I do like Napier, Supervixens and also Cherry, Harry, And Raquel are the 2 Meyer films I've seen that I really don't like much. And granted, a bad Meyer film still has a lot going for it. First off, the great cinematography and the boobs,.....however, too often there's a little too much of a cartoon-like vibe that doesn't mix well with the nasty violence. The bath-tub kill scene was a bit out of touch with the rest of the film. Some of the dialog/acting is just awful, too and the main male lead didn't work for me. I'd a rather Napier played him since Napier's role was mainly at the beginning and then the end as the crazed cop. The reason why Faster Pussycat remains Meyer's best-known film is because the females are the main characters. In Supervixens, they're almost an afterthought.

    A lot of the music is goofy, too, a common thing in Meyer films that often give it a cheap dated feel in 2007. But to contradict myself, in a lot of his films, the music is dated in a way that totally works.

    Rent Faster Pussycat, Vixen, Up!, Mudhoney, or BVD instead!!!!!
  • Russ Meyer sure did know how to deliver an amazingly good time, and Supervixens is without doubt one of his very finest hours! Like all Russ Meyer films, this one is completely over the top and every bit an epic, as Meyer crams in a ton of sex, violence and ample chested girls into the sprawling and often hilarious plot line. The film is completely wayward and since the base of the plot is solely focused on one guy travelling without aim, it means that Russ Meyer can pretty much do whatever he likes - and that's clearly what he did do! The lead character is Clint, a gas station worker married to 'Super Angel'. Clint has a problem - women can't keep their hands off him, and this is not pleasing his wife who believes he is playing away and kicks him out after a fight. She then hooks up with the local policeman, whom she ends up winding up and later finds herself dead. Naturally, Clint is the number one suspect for the murder; so he decides to skip town. He then sets out on an aimless odyssey, and meets numerous characters along the way, many of which happen to be big breasted ladies...

    Supervixens really is a dream film for anyone who loves over the top gratuity. The film is pure comic genius from start to finish and Meyer provides the audience with a constant stream of ridiculous goings on, and it's always great fun to watch. The lead ample chested vixen is Shari Eubank; she only made two films in her career, and that's a shame as she has real charisma and, like the rest of the girls in this film, looks great too! Charles Pitts is good enough as the leading man, but Charles Napier is the one that really stands out as the psychotic copper! Napier is really at home in this role and clearly enjoys it too. Supervixens is great entertainment throughout and doesn't get boring for a second. There's a constant source of amusement and I'm sure that this film will please most viewers. Some of the scenes in this film (particularly around the start of the film) are absolutely stunning and it has to be said that Meyer has really done something special with this film. Overall, it's probably quite clear what I think of this film - it's seriously good stuff! And everyone should give it a go!
  • This is my second Russ Meyer movie (the first being 'Up!') and I am beginning to see a pattern -- tell a non-nonsensical story full of the naked women. The naked-est and most beautiful of them all is Shari Eubank. She is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen, and we get to bask in her fullest glory. Aside from the T&A, Charles Napier is memorable as the main antagonist. He was born to play the douche-bag you'd love to see get run over by a truck. In the right state of mind, this is an enjoyable flick, but it helps to be inebriated.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The ultimate trash classic from cult director Russ Meyer, the man known for his obsession with large-breasted woman and an eye for absurdist humour and bizarre situations. SUPERVIXENS mixes in some rough thrills and spills with its serious storyline of an innocent man and the deranged cop he encounters in his life, and of course the many beautiful women also involved with the pair come foremost. But along with the conventional format of the thriller picture, there also comes plenty of sexploitation in the bountiful forms of Meyer's favourite stars (Shari Eubank, Uschi Digard, Christy Hartburg, Sharon Kelly, Deborah McGuire, Haji) and a weird helping of offbeat humour which you just can't see anywhere else these days. In fact the film has plenty of diverse elements, with something for every male viewer watching.

    Utilising the scorched desert as a backdrop for his strictly adult tale, Meyer fills the screen at every opportunity with barely-clothed and unclothed women, who give various over-the-top performances as typically sex-mad nymphos hungry for our young hero's loins. The most notable performer in the film is Shari Eubank, who excels in two different roles as firstly the abusive, bitchy wife, and secondly the altogether sweeter Supervixen who runs a café out in the middle of nowhere. Her beauty and her acting combine to make her an unforgettable force to be reckoned with. Charles Pitts proves to be a handsome if unmemorable leading figure, whilst the rest of the cast offer up some distinctive - if not brilliant - portrayals of weird characters, my favourite being the sex-mad farmer and his young Austrian wife, who are literally addicted to having sex.

    A nasty edge of violence comes in the form of the burly Charles Napier, giving here what is perhaps his definitive performance as a sick, psychopathic and murderous policeman, whose scene with Shari Eubank in the bathroom is sadistic and cruel viewing, guaranteed to make any viewer wince with the on-screen brutality. Otherwise the combination of sex, nudity, fighting, car chases, scorching heat, and crazy situations is magic stuff, a winning formula that makes this highly entertaining viewing and much, much more than just another soft core porn film. Funny, scary and always shocking, this is vintage Meyer at his prime.
  • john2290011 March 2007
    Along with the later UP!, Supervixens has almost as much sex as it does violence. The screen time given to both is about equal this time whereas in the past, Meyer seemed to tilt more toward violence than sex with a couple of notable exceptions like Vixen. That said, Supervixens can be described as sort of a road trip movie. Our hero works as a gas pump jockey for Martin Borman's Super Service with a wife who alternates between super horn dog and bitch extraordinaire and unfortunately does the transformation with the greatest of ease until a psycho cop, played by Charles Napier, ends her bitchery for good by stomping her to death in her overflowing bathtub and then dropping a plugged in toaster into it, electrocuting her to death and causing a full out blaze that completely destroys the house. Our hero is blamed for it and is hunted by the policeman responsible for doing the deed so our hero must take it on the lam and in doing so runs into a whole array of huge breasted females on the make for him including in the funniest scenes of the picture, Uschi Digard as a mail order Austrian bride of Stuart Lancaster's farmer. Ann Marie who must be seen to be believed also makes an appearance as well as one of Richard Pryor's wives - Deborah McGuire - as a deaf mute. Everything comes to a happy ending for our hero and his new girlfriend, who is a reincarnation of his first wife, the super-bitch but this time without the bitch part.
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