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  • One of the reasons why this show is still big and popular after all these years, can be attributed to the Angels themselves. I can't think of any other stars in the history of television who can actually enticed the viewing public more than the Angels, especially the MAGIC FOUR namely, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Jaclyn Smith, and Cheryl Ladd (Of course, the other two angels, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts created a sensation too, but the "Magic Four" are the ones who started it all).

    I didn't had a chance to see the first season when it was first broadcast, as I was very "young" then, but lucky me, it was a huge success and was re-played again and again, every year. Funny, because a lot of people thought the series lasted until 1983 or 1985 because it was like being re-played forever!

    I must say, that the first season is the best of the rest and the chemistry of the original three are just wonderful. The second series with Cheryl Ladd was excellent too, but everyone knows that Jackson and Ladd were not in good terms, so, I guess, it affects the way the people look at them.

    I started as a fan of Kate Jackson, I reckon, for she's the only known star before the series started. But the two other lovely angels are hard to ignore. Fawcett is so bubbly and appealing while Smith is the most beautiful angel you can think of. But,I am still surprised up to now, why Fawcett became the more popular angel during her time on the show.

    She was even dubbed the sexiest of all the angels, where in fact, I believe, it is Jaclyn Smith, who's got the most curvaeous body of the three and looks great in that famous "white bikini" on the show. Even, in the hair department, I believe that Smith's hair is actually more flouncy and sexier than Fawcett. But then, I guess, Fawcett's popularity came right up with the released of her poster which was very timely for the show.But all in all, the original three are just wonderful.

    Then came, Cheryl Ladd. She's a welcome addition to the show. She's sexy, beautiful and very charming. Her introduction to the show with ANGELS IN PARADISE is one of my fave episodes and one the best of the series. Who can forget the scene when they're about to rescue Charlie in the yacht? Ladd came out from the water in a bikini with Jaclyn Smith (in her tiniest in a "green" bikini). No wonder the second season became more popular than the first one. I called this, the BIKINI FEVER!

    Then, Jackson, left the show. I believe, that Shelley Hack, did a wonderful job as the next angel, actually. Her characer speaks for her action in the show. Remember, the scene with Bosley in "LoveBoat Angels," when she told him that she's a bit scared to be part of the group because of what they have started already? Well, maybe her portrayal of her character was just too classy for the show but she's actually a stand out in the show. I also think that she's one of the two best-dressed angels on the show --the other one is Jaclyn Smith.

    Smith and Hack are in they're best when they're together. I like their chemistry on the show. It's a pity, she only lasted one season.

    The last of the Angels, Tanya Roberts is a fave, too. She's got this fabulous body and sexy eyes. Roberts, actually became more popular overseas and the bikini fever is back again. She was, obviously, given all the bikini scenes on the show. With Smith wanting to leave and Ladd, just happy to go along with the show, Roberts was given the responsibility to carry the show. Alas, the chemistry, didn't work out.

    The show opened a lot of things to women on television. Sad, to say, none has the charisma of the angels. I think, that's one of the reasons, why television is not as exciting as before in the '70s!
  • Charlie's Angels is one of my all-time favorite shows ever. I fell in love with the adventures of the beautiful lady detectives and Bosley. Tiffany, Julie, Jill, Kelly, Kris, and Sabrina are the wonderful Angels. However, my favorite Angel team is Kris, Kelly, Sabrina,and Bosley. This is the Angel team that got me hooked on the show. The combination of sassy Kris, tough Kelly, brave Sabrina, and loyal Bosley was truly magical. Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and David Doyle had AMAZING chemistry together!

    Back in the 70s, I remember my friends and I (as children) loved playing Charlie's Angels. I would take turns being Kris or Kelly. I also had a Kris doll and a Kelly doll, as well as the Charlie's Angels lunch box. I was really fascinated with this show!

    I always remember the show being fun with lots of action and great characters. I love all 5 seasons, but Seasons 2, 3, and 4 are my absolute favorites.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    By far, 3 of the baddest women of the seventies. They were endlessly amazing, from their ability to perform whatever undercover occupation they were given, to staying beautiful throughout all the fights. There was amazing things about all of them, how Kelly always managed to have that tiny camera that took pictures of everything, how Jill's hair never lost it's curls, how Sabrina's voice managed to crack in a funny, cool way. Sabrina was the intellectual , charismatic angel, there was no way you could hate Sabrina Duncan, they were all smart but she was the brightest one, her brains got them out of many troubles. Like in Angels in Chains, it was her idea to pour the gasoline to confuse the dogs. Kelly was the sweet, streetwise angel, she grew up in an orphanage and knew every trick in the book, including how to get to an informant. Like in Dirty Business, she had the guy making the Little Bo Peep porn eating out of her hands. Jill was the beautiful, athletic angel, like in Angels on Wheels, and numerous other episodes like Ladykiller, and The Mexican Connection, she was pure athleticism and breathtakingly beautiful. They were smart, resourceful women who weren't just beautiful, they were smart and efficient, and they always got their man(or woman). I think my favorite part of the show was when that "de de de deeee" music would play, that would signal that you have been had by an angel. I have most of the episodes on DVD. The movie was okay, but Barrymore, Diaz, and Liu don't do these women justice.
  • I have seen complaints about the original Charlie's Angels series and how having beautiful stars in it negated any feminist notions about the series. I would like to disagree.

    In the late 1970s and early 1980s, there were few enough female 'action' stars on television to be role models for young girls. The various women in 'Charlie's Angels' were (according to the OP) police officers before Charlie hired them -- and as female police officers, they were given stupid 'girl' jobs like handing out parking tickets, and handling switchboards, and so on. Charlie gave them jobs in which they could actually fight crime -- and they did fight crime, together. If one of them needed rescue, it wasn't a man that came to rescue her, but one of the other two 'angels'. They were independent, intelligent, single, employed women who worked well together and supported one another.

    The show is dated now, given how strong feminism has become since then. Back then, however, it was more than enough for at least one little girl to see that she didn't have to grow up and get married and have babies to be happy in life. Charlie's Angels -- the original show, not the fluffy movies (which are fun in their own way) -- remains to this day in my opinion an excellent example of how women should look at life: it's a challenge; meet it head on, and on your own terms.

    The fact that the women were all beautiful is irrelevant to the show except that it attracted a male audience.
  • BumpyRide7 July 2006
    For those of you not around for it's original run, Charlie's Angels was not just a hit TV show, it was a phenomenon. Every magazine and rag magazine had a picture of "The Angels" on their covers. Incredibly popular, it all came down to Farrah and her 70's fly away hair, her dazzling toothy smile, her skateboarding pose wearing Addia's, her shampoo, her toothpaste, THE bathing suit poster of the century, and then she was gone. Exiting after only one season Charlie's Angels never was the same again. Bolstered by Jill's kid sister, Kris (Cheryl Ladd) and then others, Charlie's Angels never again climbed to the heights of sheer madness of its first season. Owing its popularity to episodes such as "Angels in Chains" and "Angels on Wheels," it fulfilled many a preadolescence male's fantasy and "Jiggle TV" was born. It may be a period piece today but it was a product of the fun, wacky 1970's that gave it birth.
  • OMG, I grew up watching this show! Well, at least the first 30 minutes each week as I was in elementary school and my bed time would not allow me to watch the whole episode unless it was the holidays or summer. However, this was my favorite show growing up, I loved it! There were Charlie's Angels dolls, bubble gum cards and stickers and on and on and on. We used to play Charlie's Angels in the neighborhood and at recess as I was like any other little girl in America during this period. I loved Charlie's Angels, played Charlie's Angels and wanted to be just like Jaclyn Smith when I grew up. I think it would be neat if they did a reunion at some point. Now my generation is bringing it to the big screen! Great stuff!
  • It was my brother who got me launched on Charlie's Angels when I was at ground school, in 1976 or 1977. I was 9 or 10 years old. We both got equally hooked on it but after a few years my brother's interest fainted while I remain addicted to this day. Now whoever did the casting for the show, he (she?) proved to have good taste, for sure. Kate, Jaclyn, Farrah, Cheryl, Shelley and Tanya as they looked back then were not exactly the kind of girls you would have kicked out of your bed. The angel who got my attention from the start when I watched the show for the first time was Kate Jackson with her crushing personality and her exotic eyes but mainly because She was unique - so unlike the 2 other girls, She was the one who "wore the pants" in the team - and never pulled them down. Oh and she could be really funny and entertaining at moments. Jaclyn Smith in turn went completely stealthy to my eyes in first place but as the years went by with me watching the reruns again and again she more and more grew on me. Today easily hers is the face that I am identifying the entire show with. She is by far the coolest angel- and the prettiest of them all, with her warmth and her exotic beauty she comfortably eclipses Farrah Fawcett in my opinion. I never really got Farrah by the way - what's all that fuss about her hair etc.?( just look at actresses like Heather Menzies or Stephanie Powers and you'll get an idea of a classy feathered back hairdo). Now that said I have nothing against her, and - to give credit where it is due - she was looking nice, acting well and from her side came a substantial contribution to the tremendous success of the TV-show but she never really grew on me. She played a bunch of remarkable roles though in her post-angels period. (Extremities, Barbara Hutton....etc). The "newbie" angels aka Ceryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts all were OK in my eyes, overwhelmingly charming (and remarkably nice-bodied ) Cheryl Ladd turned out to be a fit replacement for Farrah Fawcett, Shelley Hack as Tiffany Welles somewhat struggled to get her way out of Kate Jackson's shadow but I happened to like Tiffany and her classy silhouette from the first time I saw her on the screen and it has never changed ever since. Season 4 came out with 2 of my all-time favorite's episodes besides (Angels go trucking and Angel Hunt). Together with Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith Shelley Hack is one of my favorite angels. As for Tanya Roberts I didn't get to see the episodes with her until recently but my mind is made up - she is gorgeous !!
  • I loved Charlies Angels very much. Okay, I could ignore the cheezy plots because in front of me each week were three beautiful young ladies working as private detectives.

    The original girls were Farrah Fawcett-Majors as Jill Monroe, Kate Jackson as Sabrina Duncan and Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett. They were my favourite line up in the show. Their bosses were John Bosley (played by the late David Doyle) and the faceless Charlie Townsend (voiced by John Forsythe).

    Each week the girls happened to go undercover on a case which required them to strip down in places such as health-spas and holiday camps. They used their seductive (and detective) skills to bring down the bad guys.

    It was fun throughout even when the line-up changed and there were some really weird and surreal episodes at times. But who cares-when you've got three lovely women on the screen, great plots matter little.
  • sergiodutra22 December 2018
    In its original run back in 1977 ( in Brazil... it was 1976 in the USA ) I was 13 years old and got instantly hooked to it .... mainly due to one of the leading ladies; the blonde, gorgeous and ultra unique Jill Munroe, played by Farrah Fawcett ( Majors, as she was known then ), she was magnetic and achieved phenomenal popularity thanks to those eyes, the megawatt smile, the body and The Hair... what a beautiful lady she was.. at that point I considered the other two Angels as ... well ... the other two! But obviously they where also gorgeous girls, each one so different from one another: Kate Jackson aka Sabrina Duncan, the 'leader' and Jaclyn Smith, the 'perfect one', together they where dynamite! After only one season Farrah decided to leave to pursue more serious roles, and in the beginning I hated all the subsequent Angels .. but then ... after the initial shock I got used to them all and actually learned to love them 'almost' equally! How can you hate a lady like Cheryl Ladd? Impossible!! She had a monstrous task ahead of her and managed to replace Farrah with grace and originality! The same applies to the classy Shelley Hack and the beautiful Tanya Roberts. Love them all. Now, the plot! Well .... not to worry! The girls are the main reason this show is legendary! Nostalgia, fun and the most beautiful women in the history of American television.
  • When this show first came on, it was dismissed as nothing more than a jiggle show. However, this was one of the first shows that showed that women could go out and get the bad guys just like the boys could. Of course, I was a fan of the Kate Jackson era. The three years she was on the show were its greatest era. She definitely was the star of that show and when she left I stopped watching. But, it was her chemistry with Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and of course Farrah Fawcett that made it one of the top shows of the 1970's.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Charlie's Angels is a crime drama television series about three women who work for a private investigation agency, and is one of the first shows to showcase women in roles traditionally reserved for men. The series stars Kate Jackson; Farrah Fawcett-Majors; Jaclyn Smith; Cheryl Ladd; Shelley Hack; Tanya Roberts; David Doyle; and John Forsythe as the voice of Charles Townsend, also known as "Charlie". The series was broadcast in the USA on the ABC Television Network from 1976 to 1981 and was one of the most successful series of the 1970s.

    Three women, the Angels graduated from the Los Angeles police academy only to be assigned such duties as handling switchboards and directing traffic. They quit and were hired to work for the Charles Townsend Agency as private investigators. Their boss, Charlie is never seen full face. He assigns cases to the Angels and his liaison, Bosley via a speaker phone. Fawcett-Majors and Jackson eventually left the series during its run. Fawcett-Majors was replaced by Cheryl Ladd in the second season.While Jackson was replaced by Shelley Hack. In the final season, Tanya Roberts replaced Hack in the fourth season.

    Like other American TV crime shows of the 1970s, Charlie's Angels was generally formatted in the way of a procedural drama. Most episodes followed a regular structure whereby a crime is committed, the Angels are given the case details by Charlie and Bosley at the Townsend office and the trio go undercover. Towards the end of the episode one of them is uncovered and it is a race against time for the others to rescue their friend before they meet some horrible fate. Inevitably, the final scene would be back at the Townsend office with Charlie offering his congratulations for a job well done.

    This was one of the most popular shows in the 70's as it was the first show to feature women in police work.Also,it was a delight to the male viewers as they have the sexy stars in skimpy clothes and bathing suit.Some have considered it sexist in a way that it was its primary feature to gain viewers but it was part of the so-called Jiggle TV era of the 70's.Also,it presented good stories despite being dated at present times.Overall,it was one best shows ever created.
  • Once upon a time, three little girls went to the police academy. and they were each assigned very hazardous duties, but I took them all away from all that and now they work for me. My name is Charlie. Those famous words started the all time greatest TV show in history Charlie's Angels. When the pilot aired in March of 1976, it starred Farrah Fawcett Majors as Jill who was the athletic angel, Jaclyn Smith as Kelly who was the streetwise angel, Kate Jackson as Sabrina who was the cool smart, multilingual leader, David Doyle as John Bosley, David Ogden Stiers as Scott Woodville and John Forsythe as the voice of Charlie. Kate Jackson was aboard from the beginning of the project, and was set to play the lead angel. Farrah Fawcett was the next to join; filling the blonde role, but then the producers dropped the hair color concept and brought in Jaclyn Smith to complete the trio. Many of the scenes used in the opening credits of the show are from this pilot episode. Then in the fall of September of 1976 ABC introduce the three stunning, sexy and young former police officers, private detectives working for the Charles Townsend Detective Agency with the entire crew back except David Ogden Stiers. In the opening sequence of the first season no one knew where the Angels went to the police academy. The wealthy Charlie Townsend, their never-seen boss, relayed assignments via a speaker telephone. The Angels worked with their trusty male counter-part, John Bosley. After only 23 episodes, Farrah left the show at the end of the first season. When Farrah Fawcett left the series, her absence was explained by having her character Jill become a professional racing driver on the NASCAR circuit. Along with a new Angel, the show received a new time slot. The Angels remained on Wednesday nights, but moved from 10pm to 9pm. This change in time opened up a whole world of new viewers who wanted to know what the big fuss was all about and kept the "Angels" right where they belong - on top of the ratings! The 1977-1978 season ended with high ratings, proved that Kris, Cheryl Ladd, was every bit as popular with the viewers as Farrah. In the 1979-1980 season, the answer came with Shelley Hack, a model who had been prominent in Revlon's "Charlie" Perfume ads and commercials. Shelley entered The Townsend Office as Tiffany Welles, an Ivy League scholar who also was a graduate from the Boston Police Academy. Spelling and Goldberg had the idea that with this new Angel/model at the helm, she could bring an elegant and classy touch to Charlie's trio! Kate Jackson's absence was explained by having Sabrina getting married and starting a family. The writers treaded lightly as they tried to figure out how to make Tiffany Welles the new "Sabrina Duncan". The 1979-1980 seasons' problem was the sudden decline in ratings. The series found itself in the top 20's instead of the top 10 were it had been for the last three years. The ratings drop was directed at the new Angel and at the end of the season, Shelley was let go of her detective duties. Thus, beginning, for another hunt for a new Angel! By 1980, Charlie's Angels was beginning to feel its age and was declining fast. Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg wanted to go with a fresh new image. After careful consideration, they decided to hire virtually unknown actress, Tanya Roberts. This time around, the character would be a model-turned-detective, street-smart Julie Rogers. The new Angel showed her face in the three-hour 1980-1981 season premiere on November 30, 1980. High hopes were placed on Charlie's newest Angel to pull the series out its failing ratings. To help give it an added boost, the Angels were sent to Hawaii for the first six episodes. Hawaii wasn't only chosen to intrigue the audience but to keep the Angels scantily clad in swimsuits! Charlie's opening monologue has now undergone a complete overhaul. It begins, "Once upon a time, there were three beautiful girls. Two of them graduated from the police academy. The other graduated from a top school for models. And they each reaped the rewards of their exciting careers Bosley looks over brochures of Hawaii in anticipation of the Angels' possible assignment there. Charlie arranges for Julie to receive a probationary investigator's license and begin working with Kris and Kelly. Unfortunately, at this point, the audience was no longer keeping up with the Angels antics. In February 1981, the show went on hiatus and wasn't shown again until June of 1981. Charlie's Angels was not winning any viewers in the summer of '81 with its remaining episodes. The show that had made women crime fighters popular during the 1970's was taken off the air. Charlie's Angels was a huge success the moment it hit the airwaves in 1976. The Angels were on gum cards, doll boxes, T-shirts, board games, puzzles and posters. If you wanted to hire the Angels you had to call the office phone number was 555-0267. Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith) was the only Angel to last the entire series. Kelly was an orphan. John Forsythe' was never on the set - his voice was recorded, and dubbed in later. The Angels all drove Ford automobiles. Jill (and later Kris) drove a Cobra, Kelly drove a Mustang, and Sabrina drove a Pinto. For the record, Bosley drove a Ford L.T.D. Although Charlie was never heard, he did actually appear in a couple of episodes, but his face was never shown. Kelly is the only Angel to have been shot throughout the run of the show. Sabrina was the only Angel that was previously married. She was married to a fellow officer when she was still a cop but the marriage ended in divorce.
  • Farrah Fawcett was a huge part of the shows initial success. Some people may not remember that and want to re-write history or not give credit where it is due. No matter what your preference that is a fact. It was Farrah that sold 12 million copies of her poster. She is an American Icon. She brought a certain sexiness and charisma to the character of Jill Munroe. I was disappointed when she did not return to the series but ecstatic when she did the guest spots. Cheryl Ladd was absolutely the best choice to play Kris and saved the show. Jaclyn is a goddess and Kate is striking in her own right. Shelley Hack was a model before the show and added a scholarly feel to her character. And Tanya was just gorgeous. A great show, that I enjoy today. Farrah is my favorite actress so I am partial to Jill but I like them all. I am so thrilled to hear that Farrah has won her fight against cancer. I can't wait to see her beautiful face on TV again. Farrah Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
  • They weren't wearing bras and you could see, least that was the justification one of the Angels gave for their popularity in the documentary series on the 70s.

    But, going beyond that, it is totally 70s fun. The plot is out there, at least enough to make it pretty fun in the not at all realistic sort of way.

    But, one you move beyond that, it's one of those wonderful late-70s-mid 80s detective shows, albeit it this one has a male fantasy premise and cast.
  • this classic tv show debuted on abc in 1976 was instaint hit w/ viewers starred kate jackson, jaclyn smith and farrah fawcett for season1 at end of season 1 farrah left c/a and was re-placed by cheryl ladd by season 3 kate jackson turned in her wings to be replaced by season 4 by charlie purfume girl shelley hack when viewers lost interest and rating started to slide hack was replaced by tanya roberts by 5 final season
  • I never quite figured out what made me jump out of joy every time the show started when I was a kid. The 3 gorgeous girls or their personalities. Maybe it was also that their characters were somewhat.. extraordinary. C'mon do u know a lot of people's sisters or daughters who are detectives and they kick a**? Didnt think so. The show was brilliant. The plots were clever, excellent guest stars, (Remember Patrick Duffy?) But i was really unhappy when Farah left. It was only after sometime I got to love Cheryl Ladd, and be glad she stayed on till the end of the series....Still what a joy it was every time Farah returned for an episode or two..! Kate Jackson. The studios should have made whatever it took to keep her. The show was never the same after she was gone Shelley Hack, Tanya Roberts. Totally and utterly inappropriate choice. No further comments.

    The new Angels..? Oh come on! Lets get serious. I was so dissapointed with the first movie but I am happy to see that Jaclyn Smith is going to be in the new release in the summer. That! I wanna see!

    If u didnt have the chance to watch the original series, dont wait a sec. Go to get it NOW. 10/10
  • AppleAsylum22 November 2002
    Charlies Angels was one of those shows that was ALWAYS on in my house while growing up. I wasn't really old enough to understand it until daily repeats started airing. This is a classic! Spelling did his best work here! Three beautiful ladies who are crimefighters... doesn't sound like much but it is... After a five season run, the show came to an end. Some say it was due to Kate Jackson leaving, some say it was Farrah's fault, & then of course there are those who blame new cast member Shelley Hack (who happened 'along with Smith' to be my favorite.) I think five years was a blessing for a cop show (not to meantion it was mostly a female cast which was rare at that time.) The show itself is based in LA. The Angels work at Townsend Investigations (owned by Charlie played by Forsyth.) It normanlly kicks off with the crime being performed & then moving to the girls speaking with Charlie on the phone about it. They come up with covers & off to work they went... good writing & good acting led to the big finale each time.(10)
  • I used to watch the reruns all the time when I was a little girl. They are still fun to watch, and see if you don't smile at the feathered hair and the bell-bottoms! One of my favorite epsiodes, "Angels at the Altar" (circa 1979-80) features a guest starring turn by Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City). My own favorite Angels trio was Sabrina, Kelly and Kris, but I enjoyed Farrah, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts, too. A fun detective show that proves that girls RAGE!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The '70's was a golden age for U.S. television with groundbreaking shows such as 'Roots', 'Holocaust', 'M.A.S.H.' and 'All In The Family'. Created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, 'Charlie's Angels' was a huge step backwards. Even as a testosterone-fuelled teenager, I found it both mindless and demeaning to women. Very much a male creation.

    The 'Angels' were three ex-policewomen recruited by a mysterious individual named 'Charlie' ( John Forsythe ) for covert missions. You can see how this idea happened. "Hey, guys!", some hot-shot executive probably yelled one day over an expensive lunch: "Why don't we do 'Mission: Impossible' with an all-girl cast?".

    If the 'Angels' had been strong characters, fine. But they were bimbos. Nobody could act, the violence was cartoon-like, the marshmallow theme tune made my teeth itch, and the Identikit plots rarely rose above the tenth-rate.

    Each week, the animated 'Barbie' dolls which composed three-quarters of the regular cast went undercover to trap some one-dimensional villain, which of course was nothing more than a pathetic excuse to get them into make-up and sexy clothes.

    Farrah Fawcett was the first to jump ship. She later matured into a fine actress. Cheryl Ladd was her replacement. Her debut episode featured one of the most ridiculous scenes ever broadcast on television - Ms.Ladd stripping naked in the middle of a street so as to gain entry to an exclusive nudist camp, while an elderly security guard chortled with glee.

    The girls came and went, but the show's entertainment value remained zero. It is amazingly now regarded in some quarters as a proto-feminist tract. 'Cagney & Lacey' it was definitely not!
  • i think people are very hard on Shelley , i mean by 1979 Charlie's angels slipped in ratings to #12 and Kate quit or was fired so the new angel hunt began and a lot actress were considered but Arron spelling choose Shelley as tiffany Welles but unlike Cheryl ladd "kris " they decided to slow introduce tiff into the mix and barley gave her any thing to do and by the time she was integrated into group 5th episode of season and wasn't featured until 10th episode "angels on campus" and Shelley was great but the ratting dropped and the press had a filed day and producers blamed Shelley for witch even Cheryl and Jackie said wasn't fair and it wasn't all Shelley fault . Shelley did the best she could but how could she replace bri ? and she wasn't given a chance by public and producers
  • Charlie's Angels has always been and will continue to be my favorite TV show. A show with females in the lead as detectives? Flipping their hair, wearing fabulous clothes and being desired by men every week? I got it. Okay, now let's get down to the nitty gritty. By far and large most mild or avid "Angels" fans will fight tooth and nail defending seasons 1 - 3. These seasons starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors ( as she was known then ), Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd. Get over yourselves. These seasons felt so typical to me. Almost cookie cutter. Farrah ( my least favorite Angel ) was bubbly but in an annoying, nails on a chalk board way. Kate was far too masculine-esqe for the show. I am all for not wanting to be a bikini clad bimbo but c'mon. Cheryl Ladd never really gelled until season 4. With Kate out of there she had more of a chance to shine. Jaclyn Smith grew as an actress and was so gracious, lovely, composed, elegant and focused. Season 4 & 5 introduced my favorite Angels. The cultured, intelligent, tough, classy and gorgeous Shelley Hack ( Tiffany Welles ) and the even tougher, sexy, street raised and and flame-haired Tanya Roberts ( Julie Roberts ). These two are always put down, overly criticized or just plain forgotten. Neither were to blame for the downfall of the series. The show by the end of the 3rd season was down to the Top 30 and slipping. This was before Tiff & Julie joined rank. The shotty, poor, cringe enducing scripts and poor management of the show are to blame. Even Jaclyn and Cheryl have gone on record numerous time defending Shelley. As she seems the most beaten up. Some say she took the show to serious. When in reality it was the opposite. She didn't look at the show with such grandiose ideas like everyone else. Personally, I preferred the class and sass of Shelley & Tanya. They beat the stereo-type of the initial Angels. And also with Tanya the producers finally got the brunette, blonde & red-head they had wanted since the conception of the show. I ask you to take an unbiased look back at seasons 4 - 5. There are many wonderful qualities you may have missed.
  • I miss Charlie's Angels because I am a Man who Likes beautiful Women and Charlie's Angels sure had some Attractive Women on the Show.

    I miss Bosley (Character Name) who was the liaison between the employer Charlie and the Angels, has died.

    I seen in recently on a Banacek Show as he was a Field Agent for National Fidelity Insurance Company.

    The title of the episode was $10,000 a Page aso starring the Man who used to Play Lurch in the Addams Family Sitcom, which I miss also, that famous cliche those were the "Good old Days."

    When I could Walk I am now Totally Disabled and watching Banacek as I have all his episodes, commercially free on VHS High Grade Tapes recorded in Standard Play 1 of the 7,011 that I have in My Huge Collection.

    Started in 1984 one year before the accident. I am lucky to have two personalized Autographed Pictures of Ms. Smith.

    John,Love, Jaclyn Smith and John, take care, Jaclyn Smith, speaking of Autographed Pictures, I have an early Autographed photo of My Favorite Mousecateer Annette Funicello she was a Vibrant Looking young Girl to this 7 year old smitten boy. For a man that likes Pretty Women Charlie's Angels was the Best.

    Full of Smart Females employed by Charlie Townsend who they never saw only heard, that was intriguing.
  • So many things to like about this TV! First off Amazon Prime has it streaming in beautiful high def, awesome 70's fashion, beautiful women detectives that can act, great storylines and who done it mysteries. Only negative at all would be the slime ball in his 50's Charlie who we are supposed to root for screwing everything 18-25 year old girl on his boat or mansion. Good thing he is only in and out at the beginning and ends of the shows. Outside of creeper perv, the show clicks on every cylinder!!! 8 stars easy!!!!!
  • "Charlie's Angels" is a classic TV show that deals with three female private investigators that works for the Charlie Townsend Agency. It stars Kate Jackson,Jacyln Smith,the late Farrah Fawcett, Shelley Hack, and Tanya Roberts together with David Doyle,who performs John Bosley.

    It tells the story of mostly women who graduated from the police academy from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston as well as a graduate of a modeling school who became a police investigator that worked for a face-less investigation agency owner simply known as Charlie. These women are Sabrina Duncan, Kelly Garrett, and Jill Munroe during the first season. In the second and third season, the line-up of investigators are Sabrina Duncan,Kelly Garrett, and Kris Munroe. In the fourth season, the line-up was Kelly Garrett,Kris Munroe, and Tiffany Wells. In the fifth and last season, the line-up of Angels was Kelly Garrett,Kris Munroe, and Julie Rogers.On each episode,they get a single case for Charlie and the group of Angels try to solve the case.

    The TV show remains popular today on syndication and re-runs after its run from 1976 to 1981 as it was radical when it was on air due to having a female-driven show.Added to that,we also get to witness three beautiful women on skimpy and sexy clothes for most episodes as it was part of the Jiggle TV era of the 1970's.

    The show was at its most popular during its first three season during the presence of the best actress of the cast,Kate Jackson.After the producers did not allow her to make the 1979 film "Kramer vs Kramer",she quit the show during the third season. Unfortunately,the replacements such as Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts were unable to fill the big shoes she left which led to its decline of ratings. Added to that,Farrah Fawcett decided to quit after the first season despite her on-going contract after she became the most popular among the cast. This led to lawsuits which resulted to guest appearances in the third and fourth seasons. The show hit bottom during the fifth season after its tremendous decline in ratings as it tried to stay with the Jiggle TV era despite the on-going evolution of TV shows as the 80's was starting. Nevertheless,the show remains popular decades after it went off on air.
  • Charlie's Angels has became one of my all time favourite TV programmes since May of this year(2003). My family and friends think I'm really mad cos I'm always taping the episodes and watch them over and over again. Even as I'm typing I'm watching Charlie's Angels: "Counterfiet Angels"

    The show concentrates on three women fighting crime, under dangerous circumstances and going in deep to catch the culprit. what makes the show good is that it can have you gripped to whats going to happen and also have you laughing.

    Furthermore what makes it a great drama is the strong cast and the characters that they play. Each character brings something to Charlie's Angels, allowing for different aspects of their profiles to help in the capturing. Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcet)is the sporty athletic angel, who makes the other worry sometimes with her actions. Sabrina Duncun (Kate Jackson) is the smart angel, who brings ideas to the team and can handle her own. Kelly Garret (Jaclyn Smith) is street - wise and tough angel, however she is also really sensitive. Kris Muntoe (Cheryl Ladd) is the rookie angel, given many different strange covers and whose emotions heightens when the person hurt involves friends and sibling. In addition the closeness between the characters allows for strong emotion and adds to the storyline.

    Not only the girls add to the storyline, Bosley and Charlie also add unique points. Charlie's assistant John Bosley always bothered about where the money is coning from, being given the sometime not so glamorous covers and being confused adds humour to series. Charlie's character adds some wit, with the fact that he goes to lengths never seen by the angels, no matter how much they try. Although i find character somewhat less appealing with his fascination with woman, to be exact beautiful women, a different one each week. I was glad when it came to the later seasons that they played down this aspect of his character.

    In my opinion the best seasons are two and three, maybe its partly because when i started watching it it was these seasons that i saw, but i do prefer Kris Munroe to Jill Munroe .

    I would also like to add, that if you base watching the films on the programmes then you might be disappointed.Although the general idea is still there, the modernised version has certainly made it more male orientated with a lot of the scenes, especially the "Bay Watch" scene in film two.
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