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  • This reworking of the failed 1975 Invisible Man series starred Ben Murphy as government agent Sam Casey. Following exposure to radiation Casey learns that he can become invisible. Unfortunately, he can only remain unseen for fifteen minutes each day or else he'll lapse into permanent invisibility and die! Nevertheless, the disappearing act proves quite handy for Casey as he undertakes assignments for yet another secret government organization. Gemini man avoided the biggest problem David McCallum had in his invisible man series by having the hero simply flip a switch on his watch to become invisible. The trouble with The Invisible Man was that, while it was inventive and attempted to be more realistic, filming scenes with the rubber mask took a lot of effort, and still remained highly unconvincing. Despite the watch gimmick, Gemini Man fared terribly in the ratings, only half of its episodes where aired before the show was canceled. Still the idea of allowing the hero to have the ability to switch between visibility and invisibility was not lost. The concept would reappear nearly 25 years later when The Invisible Man returned to television.
  • He is permanently invisible, due to radiation exposure.

    The watch makes him visible ... some kind of 'DNA stabilizer', according to the show.

    He becomes invisible again by turning the watch off.

    If he remains too long invisible, then he dies.

    Just thought I'd clarify the sci-fi element of the show.

    This was one of many quickly cancelled 70s series, along with the likes of Logan's Run, Man from Atlantis & Fantastic Journey that still manages to cling on in the minds of many ... how long before these shows get a remake, I wonder? Especially given the current climate or remake, re-hash & recycle, in film & television.
  • Despite being on MST3K, Gemini Man has a few good things going for it. Namely, a fairly good acting talents (one has to wonder if it's the writing that's awkward or the actors, I choose the latter) and a quite original idea: invisibility for only a short time before all bets are off and SOMETHING will happen. One gets the feeling that this SOMETHING would have made an interesting cliffhanging season finale if this series had continued.

    But nevertheless, the show was more a fistfight than an academic bout. Despite it's background, don't mistake the show for cerebral ground: the producers chose Ben Murphy for fighting alone. The rest of the cast, through competant, really don't stand out.

    Bottom Line: Watch "Gemini Man" if you want something along the lines of "Knight Rider," but without the bad flashbacks to a certain actor's "Baywatch" career. It's just harmless fun, either if you're getting into it or just laughing and remembering "Riding With Death."

    Not that bad of a series.
  • Gemini Man was a fun Harve Bennett tv series about a guy that could go invisible for 15 seconds after clicking a watch. Half of it's twelve episode was never aired. The best episode was 'Minotaur' that had a huge killer robot patrolling a vast complex. It was the creation of a mad scientist upset about something. Much like a few of the episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man. It was last shown on the Sci-Fi Channel (USA).
  • monastery-8391727 November 2018
    In a sense, this could be seen as a tongue-in-cheek version of the Invisible Man. The previous version of the series was serious because of David McCallum. But then we have Ben Murphy in this new version, his character, a surfer dude. That characterization should be taken into account in addition to the wrist watch. Because in most of the episodes, the charm of the series comes from his lighthearted and even mischievious banter with his boss, Driscoll. Adding to the fun is the lady scientist Abigail who comes off as a character who's much more tolerant of Gemini's behavior.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lots of wire-flown objects, POV shots and reasonably well-executed lap dissolves kept up the illusion of Sam Casey turning himself invisible for fifteen minutes with a just push of a button in his wristwatch/DNA stabilizer to allow him to elude the villains of the week, be they common criminals, enterprising mad scientists or the evil Reds behind the Iron Curtain. Despite the few science-fiction trappings and the really rather contrived, but narratively necessary, 15-minute limitation on Casey's powers, this was still essentially yet another low-budget, no-frills 1970s American action series for the younger audience. The situations are rudimentary, the characters and morals clear-cut and stereotypical, but the logic lapses are not too rife and there is a kind of harmless innocence about the whole exercise, something that the likes of MacGyver could capture better a decade later but which seems quite outdated in the more cynical and morally-ambiguous times of television programming.

    Ben Murphy in the title role was suitably easy-going, but perhaps a bit too much of a pretty boy without a strong enough charisma, though well-supported by the rest of the cast. Tellingly, the most memorable episode was the humorous "Sam Casey, Sam Casey", the prerequisite lookalike-impersonating-as-the-hero thing (well, the show was called "Gemini Man", after all), which gave Murphy some room to stretch out, with an amusing Cockney caricature for his scenes as Casey's gum-chewing, shuriken-throwing evil double.

    In retrospect this was a bit of throwaway fun, but no more than many other running-and-jumping series of the time, including Bennett's previous hit The Six Million Dollar Man. Understandably it died very fast and is largely forgotten today.
  • Dansmith145 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    It was a very boring show; slick, good looking and sharp. The general gist of it was that a man touched his Omega watch and turned invisible. It was put on as retaliation to The Invisible Man which was a much more sophisticated and elegant animal.

    There was an obligatory husky voice over and pin sharp editing but it pushed disbelief just one step too far. The soundtrack was horns and stabbing but the clarion didn't really come off for anything other than switch over and put something else on.