Star Jack Lemmon attended a disastrous preview with his friend Walter Matthau. When the screening finished, a distraught Lemmon asked his friend for advice about the picture, and Matthau advised him that Lemmon should "Get out of it!".

The film was made and released about three years after its source novella "The Bailbondsman" by Stanley Elkin had been first published in 1973.

One of the picture's opening title cards which features the movie's name spells it all in lower case lettering i.e. "alex & the gypsy".

During the 1980s, actors Jack Lemmon and James Woods, who star in this movie, both starred in movies involving South American / Central American conflict. The pictures were Missing (1982) and Salvador (1986) respectively. Woods and Lemmon were both Oscar nominated for the Best Actor in a Leading Role Academy Award for these two films but neither won for their parts.

The film's "Alex & the Gypsy" title refers to the lead characters of Alexander Main (Jack Lemmon) and Maritza (Geneviève Bujold) respectively.

The amount of money that Alex Main (Jack Lemmon) provided for gypsy girl Maritza (Geneviève Bujold)'s bond was US $30,000.

The collection of novellas by writer Stanley Elkin which this film's source novella "The Bailbondsman" is included in is called "Searches and Seizures" (1973) but when the anthology was published in the UK the following year it was retitled as "Eligible Men" (1974).

The nickname of Alexander Main (Jack Lemmon) was "Alex".

The character played by actor Gino Ardito is not known by a personal name and is referred to as "The Golfer".

Some movie posters for the film featured a long text preamble that read: "In The "Days of Wine and Roses (1962)", he so effectively portrayed a man caught between love and despair that the role has become a classic. He brilliantly displayed his genius for comedy in such hits as "Some Like It Hot (1959)" and "The Odd Couple (1968)". His versatile career culminated in his outstanding performance in "Save the Tiger (1973)", which earned him a long-deserved Academy Award. Now Jack Lemmon teams with one of today's most arrestingly beautiful stars, Geneviève Bujold, in a story as warm and touching as it is unique".