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  • Intended or not, the "Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones" is a remake of 1963 film "Tom Jones" starring Albert Finney. I've found most remakes - My Man Godfrey, King Kong, Island of Dr. Moreau to name just three - to be vastly inferior to the originals but sometimes a different interpretation can result in a more enjoyable film. For example, the basic plot is the same but I like "Mogambo" (1953 - John Ford) much more than "Red Dust" (1932 - Victor Fleming).

    I saw "the Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones" years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Knowing it was a remake I expected to enjoy the original even more - after all "Tom Jones" won four Oscars. I was surprised when I found "Tom Jones" to be dull, lifeless, and boring compared to the remake; so much so that I changed the channel after about 15 minutes. Maybe I was a little harsh - perhaps "Tom Jones" wasn't supposed to be funny; a serious film looking at how an accident of birth affects opportunities in life rather than a fun movie exploiting the comedic possibilities - but if I had to recommend one version in your library it would be the remake, not the original.
  • This is not a good film to see after several hits of red bud. It will haunt you for years, and not in a good way. In many ways, it is similar to the Star Wars Christmas Special, but not really. Bea Arthur isn't in it, and maybe she should have been. Terry Thomas is a good actor, but doesn't the gap between his front teeth bother you? I know it bothers me.

    There are probably better mid-70s, English t&a films to watch, but I wouldn't know of any off hand. I saw this about fifteen years ago on cable, after having come home from a night of heavy clubbing. I should have gone to bed, but no... I just couldn't look away once the thing started... all those braincells, wasted...