Filming Locations (8)

  • London, England, UK (Stock shots of the Big Ben, the engraved slab and the main gate grid of the Society of Apothecaries Botanical Garden, the Scotland Yard road sign...)

  • Sonnenbergstrasse 124, Zürich, Germany (studio) (Dr. Orloff's consultation office. The place also served as studio for the interior scenes.)

  • Fraumünster Abbey, Münsterhof, Germany (The cloister by night in the scene between Sally Brown and John Bridger.)

  • Bilgeriturm-Neumarkt, Zürich, Germany (18th century houses, the district in where the Pike's Hole was located.)

  • Theater am Neumarkt, Zürich, Germany (Restaurant and cabaret pretending to be the Pike's Hole.)

  • Rindermarkt, Zürich, Germany (Narrow streets with gas street lamps, for the night scenes in town.)

  • Schenzengraben, Zürich, Switzerland (A moat and a section of the Seeuferanlage built in the 1880's, pass for the Thames river and its embankments. Also the location of the botanical garden.)

  • Zürich, Switzerland (Mainly the Old Botanical Garden passing for the 1873 Society of Apothecaries garden in London; Frieda in the arboretum)