Quotes (4)

Augusta Chauvet: Must you persist in being a vulgarian, Mr. Maxwell?

Hammond Maxwell: Miss Augusta, you just gotta get used to the idea that nigger fornicatin' is what Falconhurst is all about! If my niggers stop fornicatin', we stop eatin'!

Augusta Chauvet: Since the conversation has descended to this level, I feel I can voice my feelins' concernin' your beddin' with Regine every night.

Hammond Maxwell: Well, I don't do it every night. It's bad for my liver.

Augusta Chauvet: I don't think you should do it at all!

Hammond Maxwell: Now, Miss Augusta, you ain't gonna start meddlin' around in my poontang now, is you?

Regine: And titties! You likes big titties, don't ya?

Hammond Maxwell: Oh, you know I loves big titties.

Hammond Maxwell: What we been makin' ain't love!

Drum: Blaise, you been foolin' with Miss Sophie?

Blaise: Is that what she say? 'Cause I don't know what you mean.

Drum: You know what I mean. Letting her unbutton your pants and play with your snake.