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  • Made on a shoe-string budget and now dated at nearly 25 years old, it is notable not only for Helen Mirren's performances in the doubled roles of Gertrude and Ophelia, but for its attempt to divide the part of Hamlet among cast members.
  • With a visual style that anticipates Guy Madden and some insightful performances, this version is one I'll watch again, despite the fact that the homoerotic overtones held no interest for me. Prospective viewers should be warned that the Ghost is played with full frontal nudity, though it is not a large part -- in any sense of the term. Helen Mirren is amazing as Gertrude and Ophelia. Barry Stanton's Claudius is marvelously slimy. Quentin Crisp's Polonius is charmingly surreal. And the twins do it up quite nicely as Hamlet & Son. But was it necessary to stage the play-within-a-play as an orgy? In all, though, this is definitely worthwhile for HAMLET fans or overs of bizarre cinema.