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  • Maks Bajs is great in the role of Korv Brunovich. The Precision with which he performs his character is truly impressive.

    Maks Bajs rules!

    And Korv Brunovich too btw....
  • ugga-126 June 2005
    There is no other movie like this one. It's truly a masterpiece of it's time. You really see through Korv Brunovich's eyes. Maks Bajs does an outstanding job with this performance. Once again proving to the world what a great actor he is. The Idealist is right up there with Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago and Parenthood. It makes you think and wonder.. what if? With an amazing cast like this, The Idealist will surely come to be a movie that people will remember for a long time. This movie had me glued to the seat the whole time. It's breathtaking! I even wept at the end.

    I can't wait to buy the DVD!
  • I watched Idealist a couple of years back.And it is truly a masterpiece.Possibly one of the best..if not THE best Slovenian film ever. I would like to correct a couple of viewers from Sweden who made comments on this film.The fact is,that the story tells about a teacher Martin Kacur,played by Radko Polic.Actor Maks Bajc and his character have just minor role in this movie.the film was made by a novel from the biggest Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar.(Martin Kacur) Anyway i am surprised and pleased that others from erode know this magnificent movie too.I would also be glad if this movie would be on DVD some day.There is way too many people that know it.Here in this movie you can find the greatest names of Slovenian cinema and theater.the last song in the scene where saddened Kacur freezes in middle of the field in a snowstorm is sung by the legendary Dusa Pockaj-the legend of Slovenian cinema
  • This truly was an amazing film. I'm astonished by the magnificent work of director Igor Pretnar, who clearly met all the hype that was brought on from the classic novel and far beyond. Indeed there are spectacular performances by the actors, however the one thing though that struck me the most was the way the film was shot. Considering the epoch, it had to be regarded in a futuristic kind of way back then which, when you ponder on it, actually makes Pretnar a pioneer in an avantgardic kind of way because of this sort of indie approach considering the shooting of the film.

    During the entire film it feels like Pretnar takes the conventional and somehow refines it into greatness, and how you are carried by this notion along till the very last scene can only be described as true perfection.

    Despite the fact that critics had their ways with Pretnar concerning his earlier controversial socio-critic allegories, which by many apprehended as too bold and recalcitrant, he really nails this one and in my opinion, I think the film had a more significant role regarding hope and liberation for the people of former Yugoslavia than audience might actually think.

    As a last addition to this review I have to correct a few people who contributed with the reviews above. The actor in the film, Maks Bajc, plays a convincing part as a janitor named Daym Krytj and NOT Korv Brunovich as it's mentioned above.