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  • With unforgettable performances by some of the deceased brilliant actors like Jørgen Ryg, and Preben Kaas.

    It is an absolute must see for peoples needing to understand the rave and the drinking at the yearly office party extravagance.
  • endymionng23 November 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wildly uneven, but still infinitely quotable comedy about a a traditional danish Xmas party in a small (12 people) jewelry manufacturing plant.

    Acting is all over the place but that is what one would expect, when 80 % of the cast is supposed to be drunk after the first 10 minutes has passed (acting drunk is a skill not everyone possesses). The 2 real life drunk comedians in the cast (Jørgen Ryg and Preben Kaas) are the best and gets the best lines when the shenanigans and inappropriate behavior ensues.

    Obviously this is highly exaggerated, but remnants of this is still, here 40 years later, a fixture in most danish companies/offices...