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Kathleen Lloyd: Jane Braxton



  • Jane Braxton : Why don't we just take a walk and we'll just talk about the Wild West and how to get the hell out of it!

  • Jane Braxton : I forgot, you do have your whores, don't you?

    Tom Logan : Sure do. Like 'em, too.

    Jane Braxton : Well, I'll tell you something. If you want them more than you want me...

    Tom Logan : I keep telling you, I want them a lot. I don't want you at all.

    Jane Braxton : Well, why are you being so mean to me?

    Tom Logan : People have been neglecting to tell you what a nasty little bitch you are, and I'm just having to make up for their negligence.

    [Jane starts to cry] 

    Tom Logan : Well, if you're gonna start that, I'm just gonna go home and shovel steer manure on the pansies.

  • Jane Braxton : We had a famous painter out here last year... did last scenes. That man must have painted ten squares miles of canvas... and not one human face! And I wish he could have been here to paint that boy, Sandy, hanging up there so decoratively against the mountains. Because his pink tongue and his white face would have just set off the green of Montana splendidly. I mean, it would have made the damnedest bank calendar you ever saw!

  • Tom Logan : This here tea's gonna get black as ink.

    Jane Braxton : We'll write somebody a letter with it.

    Tom Logan : Let's write your father a letter. Tell him that you're the prisoner of the chinee tea slavers.

  • Jane Braxton : Maybe you can buy that Cannon Ranch, get started in the cattle business. With your attitude toward human life, you may yet get to be one of the barons of this prairie, and have your picture on page one, or page three, of the Chicago papers. And for your birthday you can have a big barrel of fresh oysters on ice, just the way the other hangmen up this way do.

  • Jane Braxton : We're starved for news out here. All I ever hear about is grass.

    Tom Logan : What's the matter with grass?

    Jane Braxton : Samuel Johnson said "A blade of grass is a blade of grass... Tell me about a human being."

    Tom Logan : I don't understand that.

    Jane Braxton : It just means that Samuel Johnson was as bored as I am with nature.

  • Tom Logan : Miss, I'm gonna take this opportunity to be just a little damn bit offended. Cause if there's anybody in this district who's got a right to think of themselves as wholesome companionship, why, it's yours truly.

    Jane Braxton : If you're such a wholesome companion, what were you doing at the whorehouse?

  • Jane Braxton : What do you want?

    Tom Logan : I mean, I know what it is when I want something.

    Jane Braxton : Oh, come on!

    Tom Logan : "Oh, come on" what?

    Jane Braxton : Why don't you just say what you mean?

    Tom Logan : This is what I mean.

    Jane Braxton : Do you want me?

    Tom Logan : What does that mean?

    Jane Braxton : I mean you're' me around on your damn horse. What have you got in mind?

    Tom Logan : Me?

    Jane Braxton : Sexual intercourse?

    Tom Logan : Oh, my...

    Jane Braxton : Well, all right. All right. Come on. Get down off your horse. Now, I'm not gonna have any hesitation from you. Not from a frequenter of whores. Now get down from your horse.

  • Jane Braxton : Hello, Tom. I didn't think I'd find you here.

    Tom Logan : Why'd you think that?

    Jane Braxton : Cause I haven't seen you.

    Tom Logan : You thought I was gonna - come courtin', didn't ya?

    Jane Braxton : Maybe so.

    Tom Logan : You was too harsh to me last time. I never kick a dead horse, lady.

  • Tom Logan : Come in the house. I'll make you a cup of chinee tea.

    Jane Braxton : Chinese tea?

  • Tom Logan : You're a lot nicer than you was before. Why is that?

    Jane Braxton : Well, you didn't come courtin' me like I figured you would, and - I'm...

    Tom Logan : You're what?

    Jane Braxton : I'm tryin' to revive your interest.

  • Jane Braxton : Would you say that this is lewd conduct?

    Tom Logan : Well, I couldn't say for sure.

    Jane Braxton : My father has a library full of law books, cause he believes in the law. And he says that we haven't got any law up here yet.

    Tom Logan : What brings that to your mind?

    Jane Braxton : Because in one of those law books of his, there's a whole section on lewd conduct.

    Tom Logan : What about it?

    Jane Braxton : It's against the law. Are you an outlaw?

  • Jane Braxton : Why do you have so many guns?

    Tom Logan : Because I'm a sportsman.

    Jane Braxton : Why do you have a sawed-off shotgun?

    Tom Logan : Well, because I'm a sawed-off sportsman.

  • Jane Braxton : Something has sure started in my thinking and I don't know why we should go on if you're just gonna end up dead.

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