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  • In 1976,the movie was a good commercial success but the critics were sometimes unfair ;in "La Saison Cinématographique 1976",the (leftist) journalist wrote that Lautner did not take any chances,that he praised faithfulness and preserved the scale of social values.He added that he got bored after 30 minutes .

    Hindsight displays its charms.After May 68,pornographic movies industry mushroomed and it was par excellence the kind of movie one might long ago have predicted Lautner would make .

    A man working in a pasta factory writes a "serious" screenplay called "Le Miroir De L'Ame " (=Mirror of soul) in which terrorists breaks into a bourgeois house :their leader falls for the wealthy daughter ,but their love remains chaste;finally the revolutionaries win them over) A director (Pierre Richard,overtaken by events) agrees to make it but they need money ,hence a Producer;enter Morlock ,an unscrupulous porno tycoon (Jean Pierre Marielle ,at the top of his form).He asks for some changes in the screenplay and "Le Miroir De L'Ame " becomes "La Vaginale" (=the vaginal one).

    There's never a dull moment ;there are furtive nudities,but no coarseness.The movie lacks finesse in its last third and its last scene is overlong and disappointing.But there are good scenes :my favorite is the screen test in which the actress is asked to read lines from Molière 's "L'Ecole Des Femmes" twice, the first time fully dressed ,and the second one stark naked :Miou-Miou shines in this sequence ,with tears in her eyes.

    "On Aura Tout Vu" (= that beats everything)is no masterpiece,but the actors make it worthwhile.

    Like this.....Try this.....

    "Attention Les Yeux" (Gérard Pirès,1976)
  • Pierre Richard make a lot of very good comic films between 1970 and 1990 and I think he's among the greatest comic stars of the history of French cinema, among with Christian Clavier, Louis DeFunes, Fernandel and Bourvil. Under the direction of Edouard Molinaro, Yves Robert, Gérard Oury, the great great Francis Veber or Pierre Richard himself, the comedian shows us a ordinary guy character, clumsy, sometimes shy, full of good intentions, but not where he should be. He looks a bit like the characters Harold Lloyd plays in the silent movies era. Most of these films are short (1 hour 30) and full of very funny jokes. A lot of them were badly remake by Hollywood: Le grand blond, La chèvre, Le jouet, Les compères, les Fugitifs) This one was not his most popular film of the 1970's, but it's one of my favorite. Pierre Richard plays a photograph who madly wants to be a movie director, and he accepts to adapt a melodrama, written by one of his friends, into a porn movie. Lots of very funny dialogues, are hilarious situations. And for a +, see charming young Miou-Miou playing the girlfriend of Pierre Richard
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Coming home late at night after catching up with friends,I began looking for a French film to watch for the ICM viewing challenge. Finding his Film Noir's Le septième juré and Let's Not Get Angry (plus,non-Noir Man in the Trunk ) to be excellent, stylish works, dbdumonteil review of Georges Lautner's Adult film industry Comedy (!) Made it sound like the perfect night cap.

    View on the film:

    Not featuring any showing of flesh until 50 mins,nor a single sex scene, director Georges Lautner & cinematographer Maurice Fellous go behind the green door with a cheeky,but not raunchy humour, with Lautner hilariously riffing on the auteur ambitions of François (a reference to someone?) with a cringing awkwardness on holding auditions for naked ladies, and joyful slap-stick set-pieces over François's attempts to stop his girlfriend from turning up in a skin flick. Working with Lautner a number of times, the screenplay by Francis Veber has a wickedly sly black comedy streak aimed towards the film industry,where producers sand down François's original plans for a Thriller, to the point where it has changed to a hardcore sex flick. Displaying a mischievous chemistry with Pierre Richard's great, grasping at straws François, Miou-Miou hits Christine's swift punch-lines over her Adult star auditions,as Christine and François see it all.