The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976)

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Pornography meets Pygmalion. Misty, the hooker, meets the sexologist who thinks he can transform her from "the nadir of passion" into someone who inspires passion. While Misty is trained ... See full summary »


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Radley Metzger


Radley Metzger (screenplay)


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11 March 2006 | eurocult
| dated and nowhere near as good as 'The Image', sorry!
Having enjoyed Metzger's superb work 'The Image' and read all the enthusiastic reviews on this site, I was looking forward to this flick. However, I'm sorry to say that it didn't really live up to my expectations. Maybe you'd have to be a native speaker to enjoy the humor more or should have grown up in the 70's already (I'm in my mid 30's and the memories I have of 1970's cinema rather deal with Disney than Deep Throat :-) ) to appreciate it more. The DVD transfer and design was fairly lousy, too, which didn't help the reception, but I doubt that was the reason for spoiling the film for me.

I didn't enjoy 'The Image' for its S&M elements essentially, but for being a well shot, aesthetic no-nonsense film that is incredibly erotic, and has tension. I was amazed that mid-70's film doesn't look dated. 'Misty Beethoven', in particular seen from today's point of view of what we call sexy, looked absolutely dated to me, and it's not only because I wish they had invented the lady-shaver a bit earlier...It may be cult for many, but to me it just looked a bit like sleaze. Seeing blow- and handjobs every couple of minutes, usually with half-erect members, frequent semen dropping (I doubt this will turn that many people on, men or women) isn't my idea of erotica. Had it been more subtle (not that I mind graphic elements, see 'The Image'!), featured more actresses and actors that would look attractive to today's standards still (if this can be judged at all, I know I'm biased; Can't complain about the lead actress though), it'd be a better watch for me. On the positive side, the second half is a lot better, some of the sex is well shot (even though it features the classic genitalia close-ups that make porn so dull) and creates some erotic tension. The concept of some humor in a flick like that is great, but I just found it hilarious, even though the idea of a flight with the stewardess giving a blow_job is fairly tempting!

So, if you see it for nostalgia or are into that period, it should be a good watch, others, potentially younger (but hopefully still adult :-) ) viewers don't get your hopes up too high. Nonetheless, it's original and it's hard anyway to find better films in that genre. For Misty's dialog line "Do you know why most people have sexual problems? They talk to goddamn much!" I'd give 5 stars alone!

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