Misty Beethoven: What's the biggest difference between New York and Rome?

Seymour Love: There aren't as many Italians in Rome.

Seymour Love: Misty, never forget the cock. As Hyman Mandel once said, "never let the fact that they are doing it wrong stop you from doing it right."

Misty Beethoven: Who's Hyman Mandel?

Seymour Love: I don't know. I read that on the men's room wall at the New York Athletic Club.

Seymour Love: What's your name?

Misty Beethoven: Misty Beethoven.

Seymour Love: Is that your real name?

Misty Beethoven: No, it's not. I took to sound more important.

Seymour Love: What was it before?

Misty Beethoven: Dolores Beethoven.

Seymour Love: I should have guessed.

Seymour Love: Hey! Hey, where are you going? You can't leave now. Stay, you can have Caesar!

Misty Beethoven: Why would I want Caesar? I already have Napoleon.

Misty Beethoven: I'm gonna suck your cock like the inside of a ripe mango.

Misty Beethoven: Ripe mango, take two...