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  • This film could only have been made in the 70's during a very brief period in porn and the general population of the US when it was possible to make an erotic film of more than fake moans and money shots because porn actually for a brief few years had a potentially wide outlet both in terms of who would go see them and where they could be shown.

    I'm a woman and I first saw it at the University of Minnesota where they were going to show it in a 1000 seat theatre one time for one night. (Try getting any porn onto a campus now.) They added two more showing to that night and then kept it around for a month or so with 3 shows on Fri and Sat. All the major papers in Mpls and St. Paul accepted ads back then for porn and X rated movies in addition to all the weeklies and student paper. Believe it or not but the reception of Deep Throat (a lousy movie IMHO) being so wide and broad it was made this possible. (Most major papers won't even accept an advert for a NC-17 movie nowadays.)

    It was wonderful, the audience was made of both sexes, young and old and probably 60% couples and the film was loved. Women walked out smiling and hot. What I liked about it was the women actually looked liked they were having fun, and the sex was shot with the men actually satisfying women. (Go see Showgirls for a movie which in the major sex scene the actress looked like she was having a epileptic fit.) Additionally, there was always a tenderness exhibited during all "major" scenes which was unheard of before and after this period. For instance bodies got played with, there was cuddling after a few hour stand?? Revolutionary, toss in the humour and ending and well -- what more could you ask for.

    But what was really wonderful was that so many of us women finally had an erotic movie that we could thoroughly enjoy on all levels just like the men. For the last 30 years I been telling everyone this was the best, the ultimate porn flick for everyone. Such a shame it's not one of a large group.
  • Try crossing My Fair Lady with Deep Throat and you'll end up with "The Opening of Misty Beethoven", a porn film with good production values, surprisingly decent acting, and a young, knockout female lead actress.

    This film could never have been made today where all you see are numerous gynecological closeups with copious amounts of spewing bodily fluids. Instead you are treated to an imaginative film with a lot of laughs wrapped around enough sex to earn it's XXX rating.

    Constance Money, worth seeing in this film by herself, plays the Eliza Doolittle role as the classless gum popping French street hooker (Misty Beethoven) who gives hand jobs in a dingy Paris movie theater. Jamie Gillis plays the Henry Higgins part as Dr Seymour Love, willing to take on Misty and turn her from this cheap trollop into a high class "Goldenrod Girl" with the help of Jacqueline Beaudant (a female Colonel Pickering?).

    There are some very funny sequences on the adult airlines and in the training sequences which brought to mind the "Rocky" films. The sex is not of the grind house variety that you find in most XXX films but it is highly erotic, entertaining and with Ms. Money, surprisingly romantic. This is a jewel of an erotic film.
  • Here it is, the U.S. Gold Standard of porn by which all other Golden Age classics shall be held accountable, the finest adult film ever made both by critical consensus as from a fan's point of view. Director Radley Metzger of course had a solid background in mainstream movie-making with tasteful titillation along the lines of CAMILLE 2000 and THERESE AND ISABELLE to his credit before taking the plunge into explicit territory with a mere five high class productions. SCORE and THE PUNISHMENT OF ANNE, both of which contain a limited amount of hardcore footage might be considered borderline cases, and his collaboration on French fornication filmmaker Gérard Kikoïne's stateside endeavors THE TALE OF TIFFANY LUST and APHRODESIA'S DIARY has gone largely uncredited.

    THE OPENING OF MISTY BEETHOVEN rests proudly in the middle of this fabulous five-some, following THE PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN and NAKED CAME THE STRANGER yet preceding BARBARA BROADCAST and MARASCHINO CHERRY. Its charm, style, wit and grace - qualities not commonly associated with porn - remain unparallelled within even what is generally considered this genre's finest hour. Every single aspect of production has been handled with the utmost care, mostly by Metzger's "real world" collaborators hiding behind aliases if credited at all, from its sumptuous cinematography to its lively library soundtrack. Unlike other well-produced fornication fare though, this one also has all the scorching sex to cement its legendary reputation for generations to come. This is the kind of adult film that should sway even the most ardent of naysayers, unless the very thought of explicit eroticism repels them. It was made by and for intelligent people who can also appreciate a good dirty joke.

    Borrowing its plot from Shaw's PYGMALION, MISTY finds noted sexologist Dr Seymour Love (porn's bad boy Jamie Gillis cast against type and delivering a career performance) cruising the streets of Paris and running into a coarse streetwalker by name of Misty - formerly Dolores - Beethoven, played to perfection by the all too rarely seen Constance Money who made only a handful of flicks. Never one to resist a challenge and fired up because of a wager with fellow jet-setter Geraldine (radiant one shot Jaqueline Beudant), Seymour invites the girl to come along to his mansion in the States where he will groom her to become the next Goldenrod Girl of naughty magazine publishing tycoon Lawrence Layman (shockingly handsome Ras Kean, star of Armand Weston's extraordinary neo noir EXPOSE ME, LOVELY), a title only bestowed on women who are revered the world over for their exceptional beauty, sensuality and lovemaking skills. On a crash course, Misty's put through her sexual paces, gaining insight and technique as she's presented with a number of "difficult" cases for seduction. All the while, she is falling in love with her mentor who doesn't or merely pretends not to notice

    It is absolutely impossible to overpraise this magnificent movie. While other adult flicks made since might conceivably eclipse it in certain areas, there has yet to be one made that surpasses it all across the board. The sheer brilliance of the leads (who share a pleasingly palpable chemistry) is ably supported by a cast filled to the brim with fan favorites, most of whom deliver equally fine performances vertically as well as horizontally. Terri Hall, reuniting with Gillis following their perfect pairing in Gerard Damiano's scorching STORY OF JOANNA, shines as ballerina Tanya who does a sweltering Sapphic number on beautiful Beudant. Gay porn icon Casey Donovan of BOYS IN THE SAND infamy plays the effeminate gallery owner who finds himself at Misty's mercy and also supplies the buttocks for the Ras Kean pegging portion of the legendary three-way involving Misty and Gloria Leonard, the latter then at the start of what was to become a most distinguished career in the adult field.

  • When the filmmaker in Paul Thomas Anderson's BOOGIE NIGHTS waxes elegiac about what porn could have been--a porn movie that's a real movie--THE OPENING OF MISTY BEETHOVEN is what he's talking about. Directed by Radley Metzger under the nom de guerre Henry Paris, this remake of "Pygmalion" has some wit, stylish production design, a story, rhythm, characters, and, if you can believe it, some not at all bad acting. Nothing else--not even Metzger/Paris' big-selling BARBARA BROADCAST--ever equaled it. See it, laugh, and mourn for what could have been.
  • Jack Horner, Burt Reynolds' character in Boogie Nights, was determined to make "a real movie." This is probably what it would have looked like, right down to the mid '70s production quality and costumes. No one should be ashamed to admit they've watched it. It is a witty, intelligent comedy that just happens to be a porn film. Watch the exchange between Jamie Gillis and the flight attendant for proof of this. It's just as funny as anything in an early Woody Allen film. And the "swindle singing" that was featured prominently in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid and Allen's Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Sex gets a real workout here. And dare I say that this is a really good "date flick," of course after you've been dating for a while. I remember this movie playing in Northern Virginia for 12 years, from 1976 or so to 1988. Had video stores not flourished in the late '80s, I would be willing to bet that it would still be playing. It definitely has staying power, and the dated quality of the film just adds to the appeal.
  • pregeau25 February 2007
    I am cleaning my porn collection, throwing away so many films that have pleased me for years. And then, I come to "The opening of Misty Beethoven ". I take the time to re-watch it for the umpteenth time. and the magic still works. Kuzos for the scenario ( for instance,how brilliant to start it all in gay Paris ); for the acting of this unique porn male actor, Jamie Gillis, superb here as he may never be; for the presence of lovely Jacqueline Beaudant, so credible in her ecstasies; and, last but not least, the magnificent Constance Money, the unique Misty, the gorgeous, still frail-looking goddess of this unique production. And what about the music: this haunting beat-rising, savage and tender rhythm accompanying the love scenes (for that is what they are: real lovemaking action, no smut here, no way! ) This movie has to be in a class by itself, suffering no comparison to any other sex-explicit "pellicula". No doubt about it, Henry Pachard has surpassed himself. And " Misty Beethoven will stay here, in my Vidovic among all the others, all types merged, a jewel of its own.
  • For a brief moment in the mid '70's, before herpes, AIDS; at the beginning of the disco revolution and the absolute beginnings of the VCR, American society had grown up enough to allow genuine adult entertainment on the mainstream big screen as entertainment and not disguised as a morality play like "Reefer Madness." Unlike its predecessors, "Deep Throat" and "The Devil in Miss Jones," "The Opening of Misty Beethoven" features rich production values and exotic locations. The production values of this film are on par with most Hollywood productions at the time and huge cut above "B" movies of the era.

    Explicit sex fills this film, even when the main characters are not engaging in it, the background extras on screen are. It's an interesting mix, leading to explicit sex being both glorified and trivialized. More than any other single film, this movie celebrates the promises of the 1960's Sexual Revolution with candid portrayals of sexual behavior from solo sex to heterosexual to both forms of homosexual-ism, namely gay and lesbian (though the references to gay sex are not presented as direct man on man contact).

    While the sex is explicit and at times shown in the kind of close-ups that makes one feel as if they are a gynecologist, few of the sex scenes follow the pattern of modern pornography where the partners are filmed in close-up and changing positions every three to five minutes. On one hand, little of the sex between the main characters is gratuitous, yet, since this IS a sex film, it can be argued it is ALL gratuitous. The story is clearly a twist on the classic "My Fair Lady" theme. Can a lowly, "civil servant" class sex worker be elevated to the pinnacles of being a sexual legend? The dialog can be very witty at times and the movie doesn't mind stopping the "action" for a few good lines. The acting is above average for the period. The hip, very vogue fashions of the day are a wonderful flashback to another time and may be worth witnessing for their own value.

    By 1978's "Debbie Does Dallas," the moment was over. Production values had fallen along with the caliber of the story lines and quality of the actors ability to act. Theater owners were under political pressure about showing such explicit movies. Mainstream Hollywood never took the bait to make their own adult productions, marginalizing the industry. And most importantly, there was a new technology entering the homes of Americans that would allow people to view such explicit content in the privacy of their homes, the VCR (first introduced to consumers as the Sony Betamax in 1975).
  • I must admit that I gave this movie a 10 partly because I was relatively young and was seeing my first 'porno flick'. In the many years since then, I have seen many of both good and bad quality.

    But this particular one has always held a special place in my soul. The dialogue was actually decent, the visual effects were absolutely stunning and there was a good humor that came through from everyone involved.

    I'd love to see it again!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm a big fan of Jamie Gillis' acting work in porn - the man is a true pimp and cock-smith, and also has the rare talent (amongst porn actors) of actually being a "good" actor who can carry a feature-length porn film on his acting skills. I'm still partial to WATER POWER (my all-time-favorite porn film), and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS - but THE OPENING OF MISTY BEETHOVEN is another great plot-driven porn film that is equal parts fun, entertaining, and erotic.

    Gillis plays Seymour Love, an author of sex books who meets trashy hooker Misty Beethoven at a Paris porn theater. Love decides to "make-over" Beethoven in order to transform her from lowly street-hooker to a "classy" hooker. His goal is to make Misty the next "Golden Rod" girl, which is basically the next "it" girl amongst the sexually discriminating. The film is basically Misty's "training" to become the best cock-sucker in town, and Love's spirited guidance of her...

    THE OPENING OF MISTY BEETHOVEN is sort of a cross between ROCKY and PRETTY WOMAN, but with 70s puss-fros and pop-shots. Constance Money as Misty is a joy to behold as she has the cute "girl-next-door" quality that makes her all the more sexy. Gillis as usual is very natural and "charming" in his role, and it is a pleasure to watch a porn star actually turn in a strong acting job. There are also several genuinely funny scenes that make OPENING a truly fun and "light" 70s porn entry. The sex scenes are nothing stellar, which keeps this one from getting a "great" rating from me - but still definitely recommended for Gillis and/or classic porn fans...8/10
  • Radley Metzger has created an unbelievable amalgamation of great script, fantastic actors, and the best production value I've ever seen. Other films may have spent more on cheesy helicopter shots or period costumes, but you will never find a porn movie as good as this. The opening of Misty Beethoven holds up not only under the porn standard, but under any film standards. Simply a great film.
  • Having enjoyed Metzger's superb work 'The Image' and read all the enthusiastic reviews on this site, I was looking forward to this flick. However, I'm sorry to say that it didn't really live up to my expectations. Maybe you'd have to be a native speaker to enjoy the humor more or should have grown up in the 70's already (I'm in my mid 30's and the memories I have of 1970's cinema rather deal with Disney than Deep Throat :-) ) to appreciate it more. The DVD transfer and design was fairly lousy, too, which didn't help the reception, but I doubt that was the reason for spoiling the film for me.

    I didn't enjoy 'The Image' for its S&M elements essentially, but for being a well shot, aesthetic no-nonsense film that is incredibly erotic, and has tension. I was amazed that mid-70's film doesn't look dated. 'Misty Beethoven', in particular seen from today's point of view of what we call sexy, looked absolutely dated to me, and it's not only because I wish they had invented the lady-shaver a bit earlier...It may be cult for many, but to me it just looked a bit like sleaze. Seeing blow- and handjobs every couple of minutes, usually with half-erect members, frequent semen dropping (I doubt this will turn that many people on, men or women) isn't my idea of erotica. Had it been more subtle (not that I mind graphic elements, see 'The Image'!), featured more actresses and actors that would look attractive to today's standards still (if this can be judged at all, I know I'm biased; Can't complain about the lead actress though), it'd be a better watch for me. On the positive side, the second half is a lot better, some of the sex is well shot (even though it features the classic genitalia close-ups that make porn so dull) and creates some erotic tension. The concept of some humor in a flick like that is great, but I just found it hilarious, even though the idea of a flight with the stewardess giving a blow_job is fairly tempting!

    So, if you see it for nostalgia or are into that period, it should be a good watch, others, potentially younger (but hopefully still adult :-) ) viewers don't get your hopes up too high. Nonetheless, it's original and it's hard anyway to find better films in that genre. For Misty's dialog line "Do you know why most people have sexual problems? They talk to goddamn much!" I'd give 5 stars alone!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The epitome of porno-chic, Radley Metzger's The Opening of Misty Beethoven offers today's viewers a number of intriguing glimpses: it's a social document recording the values and fantasies of a bygone age, an idea of what erotic cinema could have become had it not abandoned narrative and concentrated entirely on sexual congress, and an object lesson as to why pornographic films didn't continue down the narrative route.

    Probably the only hardcore feature based on a play by an Irish Fabian socialist wit, The Opening of Misty Beethoven is a version of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. It follows Shaw's plot pretty closely – an arrogant expert happens upon a common girl and takes a wager with his friend that he can turn her from peasant to social beauty in a matter of weeks; in this case, he's a bestselling "sexpert", she's a poor excuse for a whore (she won't even offer her clients blow jobs) and the Colonel Pickering figure is a Joan Collins in Stud-mode high society slut. The wager is that the Professor Higgins figure, here called Dr. Seymour Love, can turn his Eliza Misty Beethoven into the next Golden Rod Girl as chosen by the Hugh Hefner-like Lawrence Lehman. Of course he wins his bet, but offends poor Misty in the process; Metzger's film follows My Fair Lady rather than Pygmalion by having the girl return to her Svengali at the end, but instead of having her tie him up as her slave rather than slavishly fetch his slippers.

    The film is beautifully made, with high-class direction, real production values and gorgeous cinematography with some sophisticated camera-work (much of which is diminished by the pan-and-scanning which goes on in the available DVD). Yet there's no getting away from the idea that a meat-shot is a meat-shot, and the constant close-ups of grinding genetalia act in a dialectic with the glossy sets and snazzy costumes rather than complementing them. There's something basic and base about a split beaver or cumming dick which no amount of packaging can dress up, but the dressing up and relative sophistication of the plot does the effect the erotic potential of the hardcore – it seems amazing to me that people could get off on this, but the grinding and ever-present human organs make it impossible to simply passively consume the characters and plot. The film works best as a kind of critique of Hollywood storytelling, in which the reality of human social relations – the f**king basics – are brought to the surface to make a mockery of pretensions to art, civilisation and classiness. The dandy wit of Shaw and the ornate veneer of Lerner and Loewe are undermined totally by the writhing bodies penetrating each other in orgiastic frenzy.

    There's something intensely subversive about seeing a row of neatly dressed serving men with their trousers down and their dicks being jerked and sucked by a kneeling woman – it's like the entire veneer of class society is being torn apart. Yet the film's narrative never questions social relations, and the film like an airport bestseller or TV's Dynasty is obsessed by the sex lives of the rich and feckless – they are posited as our fantasy selves, and enact what are supposed to be our desires. Post-AIDS and with an awareness of Bust & Boon, the whole thing looks more than a little hollow.

    Yet The Opening of Misty Beethoven is a classic of sorts. The sheer force of will by which it realises its polymorphously perverse world of wealthy decadence into visual and dramatic existence is impressive; it tells us where the obsessions of the culture that made it lay – it imagines an alternative reality, a pornotopia where everything especially sex is always available and, for good or ill, this was a product of the values of its time; it lays them bare for all to see; what does that for us now? Some of the performers - notably Jamie Gillis as Seymour Love - have real talent and magnetism. It would be fascinating to see it on a big screen in some kind of restored print – it deserves it no less than many a silent film classic.

    What Shaw would have made of it all is pretty unimaginable – but he might have been intrigued by the film's ideal of a woman made strong, who can sexually service men who think they're Napoleon or Caesar (both of which historical figures we see characters dressed as in the film, and both of whom are Shavian heroes) but in the end can be bound by a woman's hand. The film suggests that men do shape women into their fantasies, but this is an opening rather than an imprisonment for women who take this as opportunity rather than abuse. Which is a more or less precise account of the ambiguities of Shavian feminism
  • Opening of Misty Beethoven, The (1976)

    *** (out of 4)

    George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion is the inspiration for this porn film, which has been called the greatest ever by many critics and I'd have to agree. In the film a sexologist (Jamie Gills) picks up Misty Beethoven (Constance Money), a second rate slut who refuses to do anything but straight vaginal sex. With the help of a friend (Jacqueline Beaudant) Misty is taken back to a secret location where she's formed into someone who can perform at a lavish party. Yes, it's MY FAIR LADY porno style and it works. Having gone through many of the "classics" from this golden era of porn I had been led to believe that many of them were well acted, directed and featured good screenplays that would rival the normal movie playing in theaters at the time. This turned out to be wrong as most were better than your typical bump 'n grind flick but nothing else. This film, however, is actually good enough to where it could compete with a mainstream film. Not only do we get some good acting and directing but the screenplay is extremely smart as well. We get some very funny dialogue and the film is smart enough to even take a few pot shots at the people who would sit in a theater just to watch porn. There's a very funny sequence early on with Misty having to serve Napoleon in a theater and the people inside this place make for a few good laughs as well. We even get one guy who keeps losing his passion but Misty finally gets him to the bathroom where an elderly woman eventually walks in on them. There are countless scenes here that just work and most of it is due to the wonderful direction by Metzger who would not only helm this porn movie but countless mainstream flicks including the 1978 remake of THE CAT AND THE CANARY. Metzger has a masterful editing style that makes this film look so professional and it adds so much to the jokes. There's a terrific sequence where Misty is trying to learn to pleasure three people at the same time and he edits this against some other stuff going on and it just makes the joke so obvious and clear that you can't help but laugh. We even get some wonderful jokes aimed at stewardess and various types of things you can do or order on a plane. The acting in any porn film or softcore flick has never been better with Money giving a wonderful performance. You can believe her as this snotty, light hooker but we can also believe everything she's going through in terms of changing. Gills is also extremely fun as the know-it-all who must teach Misty what to do and when. The two have some wonderful chemistry together and how often do you say that in a porn flick? Even the supporting players handle their parts extremely well. Even though this film has a lot of plot it also features the most sex from any of these films from the period. I was surprised to see how much sex there was here but that wasn't a bad thing because it either worked as comedy or was very erotic in how it was shot. Typically I don't buy into reputations as I often find myself disagreeing to a certain extent but I think the reputation of this film is right on the mark. It's smart, sexy, witty and just downright fun to watch so it being called the best porn flick is probably true but it's certainly recommend.
  • The first few minutes of The Opening of Misty Beethoven really show what kind of film it is - an adult film with a hardened style, a strong sense of eroticism, and quick-witted dialog at every turn. Within the first five minutes of the film, director Radley Metzger gives us a deliciously cinematic shooting style, largely thanks to the cinematographical work by Robert Rochester, deviating from the low-budget, scuzziness of most of the pornography during this period, several rapid fire quips between actors Jamie Gillis and Constance Money involving the going rate for a handjob, and, finally, a looming sense of eroticism throughout every turn. Despite the very professional presentation, there is never a sex act or genitalia, male or female, far out of frame.

    Metzger's renowned contribution to The Golden Age of Porn concerns the titular character (played by Constance Money), a low-rate prostitute, who attracts the attention of the sexologist Dr. Seymour Love (Jamie Gillis). Dr. Love's goal is to turn Misty into an incredible prostitute, training her in giving the best fellatios and sexual experiences so she can tear up the town in a bold new fashion. Dr. Love gives her a series of endurance tests to work with, such as practicing fellatios, equating them to "eating a ripe mango." her ultimate challenge, however, is to seduce a homosexual, which she winds up doing to a fault, as she begins to fall in love with the soul and desperately wants to make a relationship work despite the obvious divide.

    The Opening of Misty Beethoven is a deceptively thoughtful pornographic film and one that really shows what the period of porno chic was really about. The production is uniformly attractive, never succumbing to a seediness that's as ostensibly low as its subject matter and consistently affirming the talent on display and the aesthetic values throughout. This is a very attractively shot film, with loads of attractive locations that add to the visual zest Metzger and Rochester deliver. This film is less a straight-forward pornographic film and more of a film that just so happens to include a great deal of sex.

    The film, in addition, features a plethora of sex scenes; as stated, it's almost as if somebody's genitals or a couple engaged in intercourse are always lurking around the corner. Few frames of The Opening of Misty Beethoven lack some sort of nudity or sex, so Metzger never gets too wrapped up in the aesthetics of his production that he ultimately forgets to deliver what we came for. Money's Misty is an instantly likable character, basking in her own instance while she continues to desecrate it with nearly every move and decision she makes. Paired with Gillis, a likable screen presence, she shines through and her abilities to inspire arousal and recognition of talent are simultaneously in effect.

    While the quick-wittedness of screenwriter Jake Barns' dialog is discernible, The Opening of Misty Beethoven does lack the kind of contagious humor of Deep Throat and Debbie Does Dallas, in addition to not being as consistently erotic as Taboo. Yet, there is also a discernible amount of subversiveness on display here with the way the film presents itself, affirming its classiness while including numerous sexual acts. This film proves, if nothing else, that a film from The Golden Age of Porn can be just as presentable and respectable as any film made by Hollywood during that same era. Behind the Green Door might have been more subversive, but the overall effect in terms of its content, at least on me, was lukewarm. The Opening of Misty Beethoven, however, is the real deal.

    Starring: Constance Money and Jamie Gillis. Directed by: Radley MEtzger.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cocky noted sexologist Dr. Seymour Love (a superbly sharp and suave performance by Jamie Gillis) takes coarse lowly street walker Misty Beethoven (a terrifically tart portrayal by the sensuous and sumptuous Constance Money) under his wing. Love and his worldly cohort Geraldine (an excellent turn by the beautiful Jacqueline Beudant in her lone foray into film acting) train Misty to become an exceptional lover and seductress so Misty can be named the Goldenrod Girl at a wild gala party held by self-absorbed famous publisher Lawrence Layman (well played to vain perfection by the handsome Ras Kean). Zipping along at a constant brisk pace and across two continents, sparkling with witty dialogue and a winningly racy sense of clever naughty humor, further enhanced by explicit and genuinely erotic sex scenes that never become too graphic or vulgar, and populated by colorful characters that are drawn with refreshing depth, writer/director Radley Metzger brings a wonderfully breezy'n'classy sophisticated quality and sensibility that elevates this picture to the lofty heights of true greatness. The ace acting by a top-rate cast of familiar and popular 70's porn regulars helps a whole lot: Gloria Leonard as Layman's snarky, yet poised assistant Barbara, Terri Hall as the cheery Tanya, Calvin Culver as an impotent art dealer, and Mary Stewart and Jenny Baxter as a pair of sexy flight attendants. Popping up in nifty bits are such folks as Michael Gaunt, Marlene Willoughby, Nancy Dare, and even successful mainstream character actor Mark Margolis of "Breaking Bad" fame in his uncredited debut role as the grumpy airplane passenger asking for a glass of brandy. The neatly varied and energetic score keeps things bouncing along. Paul Glickman's glossy cinematography provides an impressive polished look. Essential viewing for 70's adult cinema aficionados.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What should I say about adult film classic that has not been said before? I'm sure George Bernard Shaw might find this complimentary to his family play ," Pygmalion ," if he was a fan of black market stag films of that time. If he was a prude, forget it. I had the old DVD before, unlike the VHS version that VCA cut the dildo sequence out. In the DVD version they put it back on. I got the restored upgrade and what really facinates me is the technical side. Now ," Video X Pics has reverted back to it's name ," Distripix and they the classic and they had it fixed up,too. I had known the classic for years and now I see there are some problem with the sex scenes. Not that they are not entertaining, but, it is the cliqueshe's on the sex scene. Radely Metsger was trying to show real sex with humor,but, looking at it again it forces the sex and makes it less erotic and more stupid. It could not be helped. Never less it's still a good movie to watch, collect or theatrical issue to theater. Another problem was when Distripix got the original three track sound ,they didn't remix it with very strong stereo signals. I am a audio file. I know a good stereo and bad signals. The voices were Three D in close up shots going right to the left and other way. Some distance back ground noises came from the left, but, they kept many aspects of the back ground music less Three D. The stereo was only fair. The movie itself was part Porno Chic, which still thrives as home video , Blu- Ray and internet stream today. As drive in theaters, only a few adult theaters exist. I got the movie to upgraded to my DVD so I'm not bothered by the stereo sound not being great. You have Jamie Gillis's last interview. He is a sex positive . He was angry at sex negative Indie film maker Paul Thomas Anderson . Like Hollywood ,he either pays lip service or believes the political ,moral, religious conservative to moderate moral code by 2019 standards. Jamie complained how Anderson distorted the truth about the business. This includes Jamie's cable adult show. He blasted Burt Reynolds sex negative attitude . In another aspect you have a fan, name Ben ,who acts a little negative ,who met Jamie Gillis before Jamie died. Ben was not positive about New York's original time square sexiness . VHS and the internet and apathy gave power to the old New Yorkers to destroy New York cities public sexual freedom with the aid of in justice Ruth Ginsberg is to blame . There is a part in which their is an attempt to find Constance Money and interview her. She was trying to use adult as a stepping stone to family. She wanted to play Frances Farmer in film autobiography ,but, your family film producers discriminated and she was not known enough. You also have in the Blu- Ray reviews and advertisement for the films .I forgot to mention that Constance is writing her autobiography. The Blu-ray disc includes the soft version .Still one of the best adult films ever made and shot in six weeks. That is big for adult features . The. business does not do that anymore. 09/08/19
  • This really is almost a main stream film despite some obvious contradictions. Production values are above par and there even is a plot to speak of. When compared to, say, Deep Throat, The Opening of Misty Beethoven is an ambitious and professionally made curiosity of motion picture history. Too bad IMDB so far hasn't included the film poster.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Radley Metzger's The Opening of Misty Beethoven is probably the film all fans of the porn genre will want to see. A spin on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, the film charts the rise of Misty Beethoven from down-beat prostitute to become, under the tutelage of Dr. Seymour Love, the most expert of all prostitutes. This film boasts a superb script, humour, a fine musical score and some impressive production values. No expense seems to have been spared in getting location shots in Paris, Rome - including a grand villa - and an apartment in one of those converted warehouses where the old lift opens onto the apartment.

    The film is a treat for the senses as misty goes about her education in the sexual arts; the maids and valets in various locations around the villa engaged in sexual acts; the look of boredom - yes really - on the servants as Misty begins her education; the theatre scene in which a couple are unsure of their actions. The music, too, is well chosen; just by listening to it, one immediately knows that this is the 1970s - apart from the William Tell Overture, of course. Who would not want to fly on an airline which offers sexual relief as part of the service - and stewardesses who have a nifty way to smuggle Cuban cigars past customs.

    Ultimately, this is a porn film and it is in this respect that it loses points. The extreme close-ups just got too boring. Obviously, this film is about Misty learning the ways of using her mouth but again there is just too much of it. In fact, it was a welcome change when ordinary sex appeared on screen. Also, I was not keen at all on the male gay sex clip.

    Sorry people! It is understandable why this film has achieved classic status but for me there was just too much of the same thing - and in extreme close-up. As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life so a bit of variety would have been most welcome.
  • This well known movie could produce a p*nese overdose.

    The main concept is fair but somehow distorted with bad taste.

    Anyway some scenes will fit perfectly in any film anthology.

    The plot is simplistic, the porn is too raw, and the parody is weak.

    The ridiculous subreal ambient created is the most hilarious thing in the movie.

    The movie is creative in some ways, indeed, and has an artisctical and conceptual value, but the average is mediocre for me.

    If yo are looking for something sexy, do not look this movie

    (I wonder if sexiness could be found in any porn movie).