Only Jamie Gillis was flown to Europe for the scenes shot in both Paris, France and Rome, Italy. Body doubles for Constance Money were used for all the shots of Money's character in both Paris and Rome.

Ras Kean's character "Lawrence Layman" is a thinly veiled parody of real-life publisher Hugh Hefner.

The role of Dr. Seymour Love was originally to be played by Tyler Reynolds, but Reynolds was fired after conflicts with director Radley Metzger and the role was recast with Jamie Gillis.

Film debut of character actor Mark Margolis.

Shot over the course of six weeks.

Ras Kean did his own stunt when he jumps off the catwalk onto the mattress.

Casey Donovan doubled for Ras Kean in the explicit penetration shots in the notorious "pegging" scene.

Ras Kean came up with the hairstyle he sports in this film.

Post-production for this movie lasted a grueling 12 weeks. Radley Metzger had a difficult time seamlessly splicing together footage that had been shot on both Super 16mm and 35mm formats.

The sex scene shown in the hardcore movie playing at the adult theater at the start of the film was shot in the assistant editor's New York City apartment.

The airplane scenes were shot in a mock-up that was used to train in-flight airline employees.

During the film, some dialogue between Misty and Seymour is spoken but not clearly heard, drowned out by a flight attendant talking to a passenger. The sequence's beginning and end are heard, but the middle is virtually inaudible. Surprisingly, the film's script has the missing words, the back and forth as follows: heard is: Misty: "It'll be strange to be back in the States." Seymour: "First trip?;" then not heard is: Misty: "No, I tripped with my brother when I was 16. I was at a dance. I learned a lot from that trip;" then heard is: Seymour: "Well... you're gonna learn a lot from this trip."

Actor Jamie Gillis enters La Scarlett, the Parisian adult movie theater, at the beginning of Misty Beethoven. The theater's marquee indicates that the film showing is Le sexe qui parle (aka Pussy Talk). However, when inside, Gillis is watching something entirely different. The scene on the theater's screen was filmed just for Misty. The actress in the scene is not credited in Misty's on-screen credits. She can also be found (uncredited once again) in the film My Erotic Fantasies from the same year as Misty.

Film's plot is based on the Pygmalion legend.

Jamie Gillis kept the suits that he wore in this film.

Among the earlier titles for this film were "The Tales of Misty Beethoven" and "The Coming of Misty Beethoven."

Shot and edited under the title "Society."

Most of the songs featured on the soundtrack were culled from various KPM 1000 Series library music compilation albums.

The Mercedes-Benz seen in this film belonged to director Radley Metzger.

Actor Ras Kean's character name is spelled "Lawrence Layman" according to the film's pressbook. Actress Terri Hall's name is spelled "Tania" in the film's pressbook but is "Tanya" in the film's original script. Therefore, it should be "Tanya" in the IMDb cast list.

The extras in the Distribpix DVD of Misty Beethoven misidentify actor David Williams. These extras claim that Williams is the bearded airplane passenger "smuggling" the cigar when, in fact, he's the clean-shaven passenger getting oral sex from flight attendant Jenny Baxter in an earlier plane sequence.

The role of "Barbara" was originally to be played by Jamie Gillis' then-girlfriend Juliet Graham who dropped out shortly before production began. The role was given to Gloria Leonard who had been recommended by Gillis.