Robin Hood: [realizing Marian has prepared poison for them] Jesus, Marian! Why?

Maid Marian: I love you. More than all you know. I love you more than children. More than fields I've planted with my hands. I love you more than morning prayers or peace or food to eat. I love you more than sunlight, more than flesh or joy or one more day. I love you more than God.

Robin Hood: [seeing Marian in a nun's habit] Marian, what are you doing in that costume?

Maid Marian: Living in it.

[Robin Hood comes back from the Crusades]

Maid Marian: You never wrote.

Robin Hood: I don't know how.

Maid Marian: Let's take a look at you.

Robin Hood: [opens his shirt] Just a few bumps and bruises.

Maid Marian: [Reacting to his scars] Oh!

[She touches them gently]

Maid Marian: So many... You had the sweetest body when you left. Hard, and not a mark. And you were mine. When you left I thought I'd die. I even tried. I walked into the woods and laid down by a stream and cut myself. Some damn fool forrester came by, took me to the abbey. So they say. No more scars, Robin. It's too much to lose you twice.

Robin Hood: I've never kissed a member of the clergy before. Would it be a sin?

Sir Ranulf: I hold my office from the King himself!

Robin Hood: I never liked your King much.

Sir Ranulf: You're his subject... and his servant.

Robin Hood: He's not King here. Not in Sherwood.

Sir Ranulf: [mocking] *You're* the ruler? Should I bow?

Robin Hood: I wouldn't have you in my service, nobleman. I've known your kind all my life. You're everything I'm meant to fight. *You're* the enemy. You gobble good red meat, and we get bread and cheese. The laws can't touch you and there's no crime you can be punished for, and we can shoot a deer and have our eyes put out. This is *my* forest. I'll live here as I like. You come in again, I'll kill you.

Robin Hood: [to Marian] It's so beautiful, this place... the woods just now... full of noises... everything so alive. I kept thinking of all the death I've seen. I've hardly lost a battle, and I don't know what I've won. 'The day is ours, Robin,' you used to say, and then it was tomorrow. But where did the day go?

Sir Ranulf: He's become a legend. Have you ever tried to fight a legend?

King John: Only my brother.

Maid Marian: I don't know how I look to you, but I'm not your Marian. I can't imagine living in the world again, or even for a minute wanting to. Come morning, I'm going to the Sheriff.

Robin Hood: What's the sense? Who would it serve?

Maid Marian: There's always God. You went crusading, didn't you?

Robin Hood: There are some things worth dying for.

Maid Marian: They had souls, too, the heathen that you killed. If I should die in prison-and I'd rather not, but if it comes-it's for a reason. I'll have stood for something, and I won't have taken another life to do it. What will you do now? Fight the Sheriff? More corpses? Aren't you sick of it?

Robin Hood: On the twelfth of July, 1191, the mighty fortress that was Acre fell to Richard, his one great victory in the Holy Land. He was sick in bed and never struck a blow. On the eighth of August, John and I stood outside watching while every Muslim left alive was marched out in chains. King Richard spared the rich for ransoms, took the strong for slaves, then he took the children-*all* the children-and had them chopped apart. Then he had their mothers killed. When they were all dead, three thousand bodies on the plain, he had them all opened up so their guts could be explored for gold and precious stones. Our churchmen on the scene-and there were many-took it for a triumph! One bishop put on his mitre and led us all in prayer. And you ask me if I'm sick of it.

Maid Marian: Why didn't you come home then?

Robin Hood: Because... he was my King.

Robin Hood: I've followed you for twenty years. I fought for you in the Crusades. I fought for you here in France. Show me a soldier and I'll fight him now. But I won't slaughter children for a piece of gold that never was!

Richard the Lionheart: I ordered it. I command you.

Robin Hood: *You* do it! You're a bloody bastard, you'll enjoy it!

Richard the Lionheart: Damn right I'll do it!

Little John: Where do we go? Which way?

Robin Hood: North.

Little John: Why north?

Robin Hood: England's there. Let's go home, John.

Robin Hood: [to John] They reckon it's a good life to have reached 40. We're both past it, and look at us!

Robin Hood: Richard, it's me.

Richard the Lionheart: [dying] I know it's you. You couldn't leave me, could you? You're free of me now. I'll let you go. What will you do without me now, Jolly Robin... now I'm dead?

Maid Marian: Robin, I'd be 20 for you if I could.

Robin Hood: Give me my bow...

[shoots an arrow]

Robin Hood: Where this falls, John, put us close, and leave us there.

Richard the Lionheart: Wine... a bucket of it!

Richard the Lionheart: So off we went to do great things. We led three hundred thousand men to the Holy Land and came back on a boat with fifty. Not at all what we intended.

Richard the Lionheart: John, the next king... You remember John? John Lackland, they used to call him, and now he gets all the land. Christ, why did I have no children? Never gave a damn about England. Never really there. Not even as a corpse.


Richard the Lionheart: They're planting me in France!

Robin Hood: They've turned us into heroes, Johnny. Will, you didn't make it up.

Will Scarlett: These songs, I don't know where they come from, but you hear them everywhere. We go from town to town and ...

Robin Hood: What do you do for a living?

Friar Tuck: While I take confessions, he takes the horses.

Will Scarlett: And everywhere we go, they want to hear about the things you did.

Robin Hood: We didn't do them.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Robin! Still not dead?

Robin Hood: Not for want of trying. You look well, all things considered.

Sheriff of Nottingham: How was the Crusade?

Robin Hood: A disappointment. After all these years, look at us. I'm nothing but a former captain, and you're still the Sheriff.

Sheriff of Nottingham: No advancement. You see, I can read and write. Makes you suspect. Not a duke in twenty reads a word.

[to Sir Ranulf]

Sheriff of Nottingham: Correct, milord?

Sir Ranulf: Books are for clerks.

Richard the Lionheart: Clever fellow, Death is. I've tried to find him on my terms, and God knows I've tried.

Sir Ranulf: [impatient that Robin hasn't appeared] He'll never come.

Sheriff of Nottingham: I know him. He's a little bit in love with death. He flirts; he teases. I can wait.

Maid Marian: Robin, were there many women on your Great Crusade?

Robin Hood: Lots.

Maid Marian: Don't tell me.

Robin Hood: As you wish.

Maid Marian: How many?

Robin Hood: Well...

[after a long pause]

Robin Hood: ... But they all looked like you.

Robin Hood: [Robin and Will are about to be executed] How can you eat?

Little John: [shrugs] I'm hungry.

Sheriff of Nottingham: In my domain, never tell me. Always ASK.

Little John: [aiming an arrow at Sir Ranulf's face] Next time you ride into Sherwood, keep your visor down!

Sheriff of Nottingham: Robin, you're still a free man. Let me have her and you can go.

Robin Hood: You know I can't do that.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Well, then, I shall have to hunt you down.

Robin Hood: Good hunting, Sheriff.

Sheriff of Nottingham: God help you, Robin.

Robin Hood: If He will.

[rides away]

Sir Ranulf: [recovering from a kick in the groin] So that's Robin Hood. He's a dead man.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Yes... but not just anyone's. He's mine. Can you get on your horse, Sir Ranulf?

Little John: [to Robin] If I'd not met you, think what I'd have missed.

Sheriff of Nottingham: I should have trained you better.