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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Condemned is movie directed by David Chiang( New One Armed Swordsman,Bloody Tattoo, Savage 5, Wandering Swordsman) is about Tsai Hung getting framed for murder by Pai Ying(HAPKIDO, FIST FULL OF TALONS , 7 MAN ARMY) and his thugs Wang Ching( SAVAGE 5, KUNG FU HELLCATS, HEROES 2, MEN FROM THE MONASTERY)also with him his Chan Shen(THE BASTARD, 5 FINGERS OF DEATH, SHAOLIN HANDLOCK, SHAOLIN ABBOT,DAREDEVILS). David Chiang in this movie plays a pickpocket with no kung fu skills. His girl friend is played by Lily Li. She plays the maid of the brothel run by Hu Chin( KIDNAP, DEADLY SILVER SPEAR,WIN THEM ALL, FATE OF LEE KHAN). Lily Li and David Chiang have always have great chemistry. This movie no different. This movie has subtle comedy. Especially with David Chiang and Tsai Hung in the jail. All those moments made me laugh.Also in this movie is Ku Feng( HEROIC ONES, SOUL OF THE SWORD, MASTER OF KUNG FU). Who is always a great presence. The fights are good and creative,especially Pai Ying's special move. Which is incredible. David Chaing is a solid director. He did a great job with this movie. This is Tsai Hung's ( DEATH CHAMBERS, BLOODED TREASURY FIGHT,FIVE MASTERS OF DEATH, SHAOLIN AVENGERS, THE HEROES) best performance of his career. I was surprised he did not get more chances to be a leading player after this movie. This is one of my favorites. This proves again the David Chiang is da' man!
  • It opens with horsemen ride into town at night. Pai Ying oversees the murder, rape, robbery, and arson. The good people discuss with Tsai Hung what to do. Though hired as security he becomes falsely arrested. Cut to David Chiang arrives in town. He is a quite popular pickpocket though popularity seems contradictory to a successful pickpocket career. He soon ends up in jail with Tsai Hung.

    My copy is a video CD that I bought in China Town in Los Angeles back in 2015. I just recently got around to watching it as I have been busy watching and reviewing hundreds of other movies.

    This story has a simple plot and story. It could all be set up with just a few scenes and everything could play out in about thirty minutes. Instead it just dragged on far too long. The fights were limited by the plot and characters. David Chiang is a pickpocket with no kung fu. All the fights involving him are simply beatings. I often complain about such fights in movies. I find no entertainment value in watching one character who cannot defend himself just getting beaten up. Other than that, the other fights are certainly good.

    I rate this movie as just average for the year and genre and I'm feeling generous.