Little Dee: You're a cop? I hate cops.

Aaron Arnold: So do I.

Boots Linden: Stop that cheap physical groping this instant!

Aaron Arnold: You know why you ain't been killed, don't you?

Ben Arnold: Yeah. Because we're brothers.

Aaron Arnold: And that's the only reason.

Linda Christopher: [re Ben's brother Aaron] He frightens me. Did you ever fight him?

Ben Arnold: Nah.


Ben Arnold: Yeah, I did once.


Ben Arnold: Long time ago, over a girl. He was seventeen or eighteen.

Linda Christopher: Who won?

Ben Arnold: She did.

Linda Christopher: [laughs] Okay, I see. She picked you.

[looks at him intently]

Linda Christopher: Was it Iris?

Ben Arnold: [nods] We all ended up friends. It's like she's the only girl around here he ever liked.

Linda Christopher: Maybe that's why he hates being around here.

Ben Arnold: He don't hate nothing. Aaron's just got to have a big fuss made over him, or he thinks people don't like him.

Linda Christopher: A hero.

[said with some derision]

Molly Arnold: [Ben's little daughter comes running up] Daddy! Daddy! It's finished!

[candy-striped Uncle Sam suit]

Molly Arnold: Just in time for the parade! How do you like it?

Ben Arnold: You'll steal the parade, darling.

Molly Arnold: The Tigers are on!

Ben Arnold: [to Linda] Wanna watch?

Linda Christopher: I hate baseball.

[but Ben's on his way in]

Linda Christopher: I hate baseball!

[but follows]

Ben Arnold: You hate parades too?

Linda Christopher: [they're about to go in] When is it?

Ben Arnold: Fourth of July.

Linda Christopher: [to Ben] I know he's your brother, but he's not even playing cop anymore. He walks into a place with one thing in mind: Destroy.

Paul Sinton: It sounds like the war. You know, when some guys go crazy, and start shooting at everything that weren't wearing an American flag.

Linda Christopher: Are we going to sit back and watch?

Mayor Bradford: [arriving] Ben! Oh, Ben! Say, Ben, you got a minute?

Ben Arnold: [busy servicing tractor] No.

Mayor Bradford: Half a minute? By the way, Ben, did you get Aaron to commit to the Grand Marshal offer?

Ben Arnold: He said he'd think about it.

Linda Christopher: Maybe he got a better offer.

Aaron Arnold: You done wonders with the place, Ben.

Ben Arnold: Yeah. There's a hundred-and-forty acres here. Sharkey stocked seventy-five Arabians here at one time.

Linda Christopher: Arabians?

Ben Arnold: Horses.

Linda Christopher: [feels silly] Oh.

Ben Arnold: Before he was killed in the war.

Linda Christopher: What war?

Aaron Arnold: My war.