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  • At least, that's the way I remember it. The TV version had a much lower budget, so there was no fancy location footage, just a lot more drama.

    It's a pity that with all the controversy surrounding the making of the 1990 effort, that the 1977 film could not have enjoyed a brief resurrection. Oh well, that's Canada, eh.

    Jack Granatstein at the War Museum in Ottawa was lamenting the sad state of Canadian historical knowledge this week in the wake of the national poll just conducted. No one seems to know what "Vimy Ridge" means anymore. Meanwhile films like this one are collecting dust on a shelf at the CBC. Please consider this a comment for Remembrance Day.
  • A real-life hero whose story is much better than most fiction. Born in Canada and a highly skilled surgeon, he could have had a useful and profitable career at home. Instead he chose to serve others - the poor in Canada, the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War and finally the Chinese.

    The film mostly follows his time in China, the work he his best remembered for. He went there in 1938, helping China against the invasion by Imperial Japan. He also chose to serve the Chinese Communist army rather than the Chinese Nationalists - the two were in alliance at the time.

    The film also has flashbacks to Bethune's past, and tries to understand his motives.