Features a recreation of the famous Trevi Fountain sequence in La Dolce Vita, with Federico Fellini and Marcello Mastroianni playing themselves, and Stefania Sandrelli playing a bit part.

The original Italian title, "C'eravamo tanto amati," is the first line of the 1918 popular song "Come pioveva", by Italian singer-songwriter Armando Gill.

The villa where Gianni Perego (Gassman) lives is dell'Olgiata villa. It is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Olgiata, Rome. The area is commonly known as the "Beverly Hills" of Rome. An infamous crime took place in the villa in 1991. Countess Alberica Filo della Torre was murdered by her maid. The crime remained unsolved for 20 years until the maid confessed to the crime in 2011.

Romolo Catenacci's (Aldo Fabrizi) wife, Anna Catenacci, is played by Aldo Fabrizi's real life sister Elena Fabrizi. And his son, Amedeo, is played by his real life son Amedeo Fabrizi.

This movie pays homage to many well known films from the golden era of Italian cinema. The character Luciana Zanon has a lot in common with the character Adriana Astarelli of "Io la conoscevo bene" (I Knew Her Well, 1965), both played by Stefania Sandrelli. Both characters are small town girls looking to make it big in the movie business with mixed results and have to resort to working as lowly movie theater ushers at some point to make ends meet.