Angel: I was 15 before I realized I was dead.

Angel: You clammy slag! You sat on the KY with your fat arse!

Amyl Nitrite: Our school motto is Faites vos desirs realitie. Make your desires reality. I, myself, prefer the song "Don't Dream It, Be It".

Amyl Nitrite: [reading from book] In those days, desires weren't allowed to become reality. So fantasy was substituted for them - films, books, pictures. They called it 'art'. But when your desires become reality, you don't need fantasy any longer, or art.

Sphinx: I was 15 before I realized I was dead.

Crabs: And the world's your oyster, so swallow it.

Crabs: Why don't you take up embroidery, Bod?

[Bod picks up the phone]

Crabs: Most people would hang up the phone, she's hanging on for dear life.

[Crabs and Happy Days on the bed, Mad distracts him]

Crabs: Back to work, no tea breaks.

Crabs: Leave the guy alone, he's better than a vibrator and he's bigger.

Crabs: I just love a man without its uniform.

Borgia Ginz: Without progress life would be unbearable. Progress has taken the place of Heaven.


Borgia Ginz: It's like pornography; better than the real thing.

[last lines]

Ariel: [narrating] There and back. There and back. The waves break on the shores of England. The white cliffs stand against the void. We gaze seaward contemplating the night journey. The sun sinks lower. The moon awaits to make her entrance. In the south at Tilly Whim a picture of wind on the sea. In the west a vision of silver dew falling into a chalice flowing on a sea of pure gold. In the east a black hoarfrost, the sun eclipsed by the wings of the phoenix. In the north a howling chaos into which a black rain falls without ceasing. Now is the time of departure. The last streamer that ties us to what is known parts. We drift into a sea of storms. And now Elizabeth and Dee go along the same great highway and the light of the air about them seemed somewhat dark like evening or twilight. And as they walked the phoenix spoke and cried with a loud voice: "Come away".

Borgia Ginz: This is the generation who grew up, and forgot to lead their lives.

Borgia Ginz: BBC, TUC, ITV, ABC, ATV, MGM, KGB, C. of E. You name it, I bought them all... and rearranged the alphabet.

Ariel: All hail, great master. Grave sir, hail. I come to answer thy best pleasure, be it to fly, to swim, to dive into the fire, to ride upon the curled clouds... to thy strong bidding. Ariel, and all his quality...