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  • The film is pretty low grade import that had no impact in the grindhouse and was later distributed by another film company few years later (Aquarius Releasing) and edited down to 70mins and tacked in a 10min biography of Bruce Lee and titled it GOODBYE BRUCE LEE with old stock footage of Kareen Abdul-Jabbar talking about Bruce's death. They showed a 1/2 photo of Bruce Le, and a half a photo of Bruce Lee and put it together to show the close likeness and the announcer boast this is the film that Bruce was supposed to do (yeah right). Then we cut to edited version of KING OF KUNG-FU with a brief appearence by a fake Jabbar and a hokey title song and half baked plot. This film is best to be forgotten.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Back story:

    • The 1976 release of "Game of Death" looked poorly cut at times, resembling a very questionable lowly effort by the great Bruse Lee. It featured a wishy washy performance by the protagonist Billy Lo , with his poor voice track and jumpy cuts between scenes of varying quality. The fights were good when they resembled Bruce Lee's style&physical likeness, but the rest was an eye sore with low quality clips added here&there.

    NEW story:

    • This 'low quality' taint is very relevant as the entire mess that caused it(and many ripoffs and even SEQUELS released before this original story for Billy Lo. Bruce Lee's untimely death occurred early in the filming of "Game of Death," which left 100+ hours of footage. Golden Harvest production co. dropped everything at this point which left the feature unfinished in 1972. After spin off&documentary films used some of the footage, the co. decided to finish "Game of Death with body doubles filmed for the dramatic scenes. It was released in 1976, years after many of the sequels(Game of Death ll, The New Game of Death, etc.)

    • "The new Game of Death," this quickly spat out ripoff "sequel" resembles the original only in it's poorly made cuts, quick glances of Bruce Lee's face and the yellow motorcycle jumpsuit. It claims to feature "other" and "unused" footage from Bruce Lee's fighting takes, but they're VERY unnoticeable and irrelevant as his character Billy Lo's killed off before what's pitched as a plot is delivered. This and all other postmortem Lee releases were making their last buck off his name. The point is simple, Bruce Lee's dead and with him went the last of true Bruce Lee movies.

    Don't look or ask!