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  • As a David Cassidy/Partridge Family fan, I was very anxious to check out this series, and having finally found all the episodes, I was pleased to discover that this was actually a decent show. While it may be a little difficult to watch good-looking David act like a tough guy sometimes, he does a fine job as an undercover cop.

    This is a lot better than a lot of 70's shows out there. A DVD release would be fantastic. I do have the whole series (only ten episodes) and the pilot from the show Police Story, which led to this becoming its own series. The cast is really good, especially the guy who plays the top cop. Why the girl who plays David's wife gets third billing in the credits is a mystery, as she's hardly even on the show, doesn't say much when she actually is on, and is probably the weakest on the show acting-wise. You may even see some familiar character actors in various roles throughout the series.

    But this is an excellent show, very entertaining in a 70's way. David even drives a cool red early Mustang, that reminds me of the early Matchbox Superfast #8 Mustang. He also sings (and wrote I believe) the title song, which is good. The opening credits sequence is strange but definitely is a fun cheesy 70's opener. All-around fun show.
  • This was a terrific show, I remember it more than I do Keith Partridge. I was 15 at the time, and remember thinking what a great young actor David Cassidy was. What a great tragedy we wouldn't give Mr.Cassidy the chance he so greatly deserved to leave the Partridge Family behind. Great acting, great plots, great everything!

    Try it again David, I'll watch, I think alot of people would.
  • This was a very timely show, and being around the same age as David I could relate to it completely. I would put in the same category with "Straightaway" which was a "teen" show back in the 60's. I guess because David's character was not a "teenie-bopper star" like the Partridges,it wasn't a big hit. I was disappointed when it was canceled because I thought there many plot points that could be addressed over the years. They did an episode on the California road racing scene, later featured in the movies "Mulholland Drive" and "The Fast and The Furious." They was the first episode I watched as was really blown away. Simon Oakland was great as his boss, much nicer than Darren McGavin's boss in "Night Stalker."
  • I'm not sure what show the other person saw. What I saw, particularly in the pilot episode of Man Undercover was some really good twists and gritty writing for that era. I LOVED that show. It was one of the best "cop" shows I've ever seen and was one of the first to have this connection between his (main character's) personal life and the strange undercover life he was leading. Nice contrast. It made me want to work in television (and I do). Cassidy was/is an excellent performer. I can understand his reluctance after the Partridge craziness. Somebody come up with a show he can do and would say yes to! Please don't let it be another CSI.