• TPStewart10 August 2006
    Spin-off of Rockford Files
    Richie was a character that had appeared several times on The Rockford Files, and seemed meant to be part Jim Rockford and part Fletch. Brockleman was always one step ahead of his creditors, had a somewhat combative relationship with a police Sergeant, and cool, but somewhat battered car (a vintage Mustange, if I remember correctly).

    It was a fairly fun and breezy show, and Dennis was very good in the role, but the show could have used sharper writing. Steven Bochco had an early job writing the series, and in just a few years would create the first of the 80s-90s wave of cop dramas, Hill Street Blues. Steven's wife, Barbra Bosson also had a role.
  • purakek21 August 2002
    Energetic yet still lightweight
    Dugan brings energy to this series about a teen private. However, despite his indefatigability, the stories are not new and the mysteries were typical of the day, no surprises, a few chases. The assignments would have worked with an older man in the lead. Or maybe crimes involving teenagers.