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  • Extreme violence, graphic nudity, white slavery, a diabolical midget, forced ballet, imprisoned girls being caned on their bare arses; this movie has everything! How can this movie get such a low rating??? Any fan of John Water's "Pink Flamingos" or Troma movies such as "Mother's Day" or "Toxic Avenger" will find this movie to be a masterpiece! Yes, it is demented. Sure, it is in bad taste. Of course it is as sick as hell, but I love this movie. I have seen many movies that attempt to push the boundaries of decency, but this is the funniest one I have ever been privileged enough to view. Sure, you can get the nudity and violence in a film like Caligula or Ilsa, but this movie offers so much more. The humor is darker than a grizzly bears butt during new moon, but if you are as twisted as I am you will want to view this cinematic opus of insanity over and over again. I have watched it many times, and will watch it again many times in the future. When I have had a bad day, there is nothing like this farcical film about captive women being abused by a midget and a madman to cheer me up.
  • Tito-810 November 1998
    It's VERY hard to believe that it has already been four years since I first saw this film. I vividly remember the non-stop tastelessness, the pathetic attempts at humour, the frequent gore, and of course, Ralphus, who is one of the most vile characters that I have ever seen in the movies. Yet, having said all that, I liked this movie. There are some scenes that are as funny as anything that you're ever likely to see...although in a SICK way. It isn't for the squeamish or the easily offended, but if you can appreciate low-budget trash for what it is, then you'll probably find that this movie is well worth your time.
  • I bless the day that I purchased my DVD player and PC, for they have both allowed me to sample rare delights such as this. The BBFC have never taken too kindly to this kind of movie, thus leaving the british fans of exploitation and horror movies with little to write home about...until now!

    For those of you wishing to open your minds, scour the web and grab yourself a sense of humour (albeit twisted), Bloodsucking Freaks is probably a good starting point.

    Directed by Joel M. Reed and starring Seamus O'brien, The movie is set predominantly in a New York 'theatre of the macabre' Where the evil, yet witty, Sardu (O'brien) delights in torturing young (and often naked) women on stage with various medieval devices, for an audience that believe the proceedings to be nothing more than illusions. Off course, they are not!

    The wafer thin storyline revolves around Sardu trying to pass off his 'work' as art, but a disagreable art critic who attends one of Sardu's shows says he 'has seen better' and refuses to review his Grand Sardu plots revenge!

    What follows, is about 80 minutes of bad taste, poor acting, terrible special effects, nudity, violence and gore, all polished off in a nice campy 1970's fashion. Basically, everything I enjoy in a movie that cannot possibly be taken seriously!

    Bloodsucking Freaks is pure trash...and I mean that in the nicest possible way! Watch for Sardu's killer line..."her mouth would make an interesting urinal"
  • Blood Sucking Freaks is often considered an exploitation classic, and is one of the select few Troma films to receive a reputation anything like that. It's not hard to see why this film is so well revered among fans of wayward cinema - the gore is disgusting, the torture scenes are extended and make for highly unpleasant viewing and there's an extremely misogynistic tone running throughout the film; something that is very popular with many fans of this sort of cinema. I definitely consider myself an exploitation fan, but I'm only going to rate this film as a must see for people like me; as in it's own right, Blood Sucking Freaks really isn't all that good. The film reminded me a lot of a HG Lewis movie, and the plot seems to take some influence from the "classic", The Wizard of Gore, as it follows a stage act. The stage act here concerns S&M and torture, and the "magician" at the centre achieves his realistic effects through actually killing his actors on stage while his crowd watch. Furthermore, the girls are put to use again for his own sick pleasure, and he has a cage full of rabid, meat-eating naked women in his basement...

    The main problem with this film as far as I'm concerned is that it gets too caught up in the sadistic acts and the plot doesn't move fast enough, so after a while it starts to get boring. Director Joel M. Reed clearly has an eye for nasty torture, however, as this film features some of the sickest sequences I've ever seen; chief among them being the guillotine scene, and the part where someone drills a hole in someone's head and proceeds to suck out their brains with a straw! Seamus O'Brien is the lead actor, and it's not surprising that this was one of only two roles for him. His acting is campy and silly, and I really couldn't see him fitting into any other kind of film...which is both praise and a criticism. The locations and special effects all look very cheap, and it's clear that this film was shot on a very low budget; but this grittiness creates a very unclean atmosphere, which helps the film overall as it bodes very well with the nastiness of the action on display. Overall, Blood Sucking Freaks isn't exactly a classic film for my money - but it is mandatory viewing for exploit fans.
  • Boggman18 August 2005
    "Bloodsucking Freaks" may have been quite the shocker back when it was first released, but by today standards it comes across as a pretty funny, low budget classic that gets better and better as your watching it. "Bloodsucking Freaks" serves it's purpose nicely. It also has a VERY generous amount of unshaven bush and 70's boobies in practically every scene. Awesome!! Although the special effects aren't all that special, "Blooduscking Freaks" contains a very nice share of blood, quirky sadistic murders, and fun elements of torture sprinkled throughout. The real charm of "Bloodsucking Freaks" lies within the perfect partnership of Master Sardu and his little henchman Ralphus. The scenes with them together (whether its a game of backgammon or a gleeful torture sequence) play out beautifully and comically. Ralphuses smile alone is sure to melt your heart. Sardu and Ralphus are really the stars of this show, and they seem to be having a great time in the movie. The more I watched them together, the more I couldn't stop laughing.

    Brazen, unrelenting, and carefree, "Bloodsucking Freaks" is by definition a "B" movie at it's finest.

    Perfect for all you cult classic lovers.....
  • If you rent this cult classic, don't judge it on your first viewing. You MUST watch it 2 or more times before you can really appreciate it. Look past the blood and gore (although that's part of the fun) and see what really makes this film tick. The subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) humor make this worth watching over and over. Give BSF the benefit of the doubt! You will not be disappointed. (NOTE: The director, Joel M. Reed, is currently working on Bloodsucking Freaks 2: The School.)
  • I have long had the wholly altruistic goal to meet that vivid-minded 'special person' who is no less eroticized by 'Bloodsucking Freaks' as I am! Super-Svelte, sex-surgeon, Sadu, the diabolical dungeon despot, is always Hawt to trawt!!!! One of the most nakedly exhilarating films ever made! A blood-shedding, brain-sucking, ass-piercing, bravura B-movie bacchanal for broad-minded, barrel-chested funk freaks hip to Ralphus's degenerate death trip, baby!! This is the apogee of transgressive medieval boinkage! For long erroneously derided as mere cartilaginous filth, 'Bloodsucking Freaks' is a macabre masterpiece, a lexicon of perfectly scurrilous shunt, the film, Gaspar Noé so desperately wants to make, but his wizened, art-louse balls lack the uncommonly vast girth of iconoclast, Joel M. Reed's humongous package!!!!! Wherever you are, you god-like, B-Movie behemoth, I want you to know, you, noble sir, are a bona fide, maniacal genius, a towering titan amongst the measly, timorous-minded ticks nibbling so parasitically on your leviathan, filmmaking talent!😍
  • Anyone whose tastes run towards exploitation films kind of knows "the drill," the recurring themes, methodology, and clichés of the genre. We embrace them, and an exploitation film which effectively "plays the game" can get away with a multitude of since which would be unforgivable in mainstream cinema (bad acting, bad writing, bad production values, etc.).

    By those standards, "Bloodsucking Freaks" should be hailed as a masterpiece of the genre, and, judging by its enduring cult popularity, it is. Still, there's something about this film which limits the viewer's ability to enjoy it for what it is, and, thus, limits itself. At first, it's hard to put one's finger on exactly what it is, but I think I've finally worked it out. Simply put, filmmaker Joel M. Reed made a film whose spirit is as mean-spirited and diabolical as what we see up on the screen.

    "Bloodsucking Freaks," as often as not, plays its numerous horrors for laughs. (Indeed, Sardu and Ralphus occasionally come across as a kind of nightmarish stand-up comedy act.) The trouble is, the intention behind the humor is anything but good-natured. Any viewer with any kind of decency at all can't relate to the motivations behind what they see, and this diminishes the fun of watching this movie to a great degree. For exploitation fans, there is a fine line between brutal and unwatchable, and there are many times during which "Freaks" sinks below that line. And so while this film is an absolute must-see for fans of the genre (although how many such fans have not seen this movie?), it's not going to be one of the films in their collection which can be revisited often.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    "Bloodsucking Freaks" is an essential exploitation flick. All horror and B-movie fans should see it. Put it on the list of flicks to check out before you die. It's gross, sick, inhumane, disturbing and yes, exploitative. It is must see B-movie madness.

    "Bloodsucking Freaks" tells the tale of a bunch of warped S&M freaks putting on a show. They want to create a new theater of the macabre. They take girls on stage and torture them as the audience cheers. Soon the fiends won't be satisfied with the usual whippings and beatings. They want critical recognition of their talents. They decide to stage a bloody ballet so their main critic can soak up the action. Many topless women will howl in agony before this show is over.

    This is exploitation stripped down to its purest form. There is not much plot here to get in the way of the sadism. What we are left with is a movie that exists only to delight B-movie fans with its love of pain, suffering and bloody naked women.

    This movie is sicko. It wanted to push the limits of bad taste as far as it could. It succeeded. One could make some nitpicking criticisms, like the dancing dwarf was driving me insane, but I don't think anything could really derail a movie that has so many delirious torture scenes with topless women screaming their heads off. If all of this sounds disturbing, you probably don't want to watch this one. This is for acquired tastes only. As for me, I have acquired the taste. "Bloodsucking Freaks" delivers the sick thrills.
  • If you enjoy a movie full of weird, sick and revolting content this is the one to watch! I absolutly love this movie. No their isnt any vampires in it (Although it does have similarities) but it is filled with sadistic, gross, torturistic images sure to satisfy any vampiristic desires..

    Think of it as a sideshow of the grotesque for that is how I view it. If I had to point out the shortfalls in the movie I would say the ending although ok, could have been better and at times the content moves along rather slow but once it gets going you will love it..

    In a strange way it reminds me of the "suicide club" segment in the "Nighttrain To Terror" movie.. You find yourself anticipating the next scene. Is this movie sick? Depends on the viewer and their outlook. I would say it was great grotesque entertainment..
  • Blood... Sucking... Freaks. Now there's a title that's an understatement, evoking the mental imagery of a vampire smoking crack and prancing in the fields, but this isn't that, at all. This incredible torture show is an intricately preposterous tale of sadism, theatricality, and deception; deceptive in that it markets itself as a forgettable "the-title-is-the-best-part" type of movie, but it deviates from that formulaic cliché of a just another horror movie and becomes a comic exploitation fiesta of pure depravity.

    First off, the film is spiritually comprised of three films. It's the ill intentions of "The Wizard of Gore", the theatrical delusions of "Theater of Blood", and the sadistic endeavors of "Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS". It's a series of B-quality sensations that unfold in a fascinatingly implausible way, where as our protagonist Sardu is an arrogant sadist whose delusions of grandeur send him nonchalantly on an overlooked killing spree disguised as "art".

    Sardu kills women on stage in front of an audience, but it's only a show after all, albeit that severed hand sure does look convincing. And so does that gouged-eye, that drilled finger, and pretty much every act of sadistic violence towards women on the stage... Though after an overly- stubborn critic denies Sardu of this simple reality, Sardu decides to convince him the hard way, but once an actor, always an actor, or so the critic believes, in his refusal to believe Sardu at all.

    The sheer daftness of the premise deems it hypnotic in its way to seamlessly bring you from one act of mind-boggling murder to the next, and it does this on a perfect balance of serious demented cruelty to laughably sadistic fetishist behavior. Played brilliantly (and as an unexpected swan song) by Seamus O'Brien, Sardu is cocky, cruel, and downright debonair as he gambles women's digits, narrates acts of murder, and brainwashes bimbos to kill more bimbos. Together with what's either his black or Mexican midget sidekick, he truly is an unsung hero of the exploitation circuit, who had an undeniable charm as he balanced his cues and contingencies perfectly.

    Blood Sucking Freaks is a film like you've never seen before. It laughs at its audience while laughing WITH its audience, since you know you'd have to be a little off-the-wall to enjoy a movie like this, but if you're already privy to the infidelities of cult films and B-movie beauty, then this torture show delivers on all accounts exceptionally. A debonair jerk and a black-ish midget try to convince a stubborn critic that they're *actually* killing the naked women that they torture and humiliate on stage in front of a live audience. Yes, this movie does exist. No, I didn't make up that plot. Yes, sobriety of narrative may not seem present. No, it's not condoning you do drugs. And yes, this movie is irregardlessly THE most awesome movie ever released, in the history of time and space.
  • Anyone who takes this film seriously should be punished in the same style as the victims in this movie. A black-humor, and a funny one at that. You will laugh your ass off when you see some of the more absurd scenes in this movie. Extremely campy, and slow moving at times, but a perfect 70's horror film to watch when it's raining outside and the kids aren't home.
  • As the title of my review states, this film is only worth checking out for historical value: it is considered by many to be a cult classic and by many others to be one of the worst films ever made. Personally, I consider it to be one of the most depraved films I have ever seen.

    While I did not find it particularly disturbing, having seen (and liked) such films as Miike's Audition or Visitor Q, the friend with whom I watched this very nearly had me turn it off, and he has seen his fair share of horrors. What particularly disturbed him was the lack of campiness in the movie.

    While many horror films make use of eroticism and nudity, this film most certainly takes it too far, if one holds films to any moral standards. I am sure there are some women who might enjoy this movie, but I cannot imagine there are many. The nudity itself probably wouldn't be a problem, but couple that with intense sadism and the film can rightly be considered misogynistic. The characters enjoy causing pain and humiliation to women and the film seems to join them. Though I looked for it, I could find no real social or political commentary in the film. Nor does it reveal any psychological motivations for the characters' actions. They perform them because, simply, they enjoy them. It is the same with this film: it engages in this degradation for its own gratification.

    The perverseness of the characters, particularly of Sardu (Seamus O'Brien), was played a bit too realistically, despite several attempts at humor, and the acting in general was about what one would expect of a low-budget 70's horror movie: bad. The special effects are not terrible, but they pale in comparison to anything relatively modern.

    If you are interested in the history of horror films, or if you're just as depraved as Sardu, you may want to check out this film, otherwise I recommend staying away.
  • The dastardly Master Sardu ( Seamus O'Brien) has made a special theater for adults that show torture and death in the grand guignol style to make his audience think the deaths on his shows are fake as a police sergeant is on the verge to find out the shocking truth about the shows.

    Sickening, misogynistic and sleazy trash flick written and directed by Joel Reed and released by the infamous and popular low budget studio known as Troma, this movie is guaranteed to make you feel nauseated. When it was released in 1975 the film was attacked by women's groups as "woman hating filth" as they may be right but the movie became a midnight cult fave (ala, "Pink Flamingos" or "Rocky Horror Picture Show") and made a lot of people sick back then yet it still does as it's truly one of the most disturbing movies i've ever seen, the movie isn't one to defend and will offend anyone who watches it.

    Also recommended: " Men Behind The Sun", " Cannibal Ferox", " Mountain of the Cannibal God", "Jungle Holocaust" ( a.k.a. Last Cannibal World)", "Man from Deep River", " Caligula", "Pink Flamingos", "Blue Velvet", "A Clockwork Orange", " I Spit on Your Grave", "Maniac ( 1980)", "High Tension", "Eaten Alive! ( 1980)", " Re-Animator", "Evil Dead II", "The Toxic Avenger", " Cannibal Holocaust", " Day of the Dead", " Pink Flamingos", "Beyond The Dark ( a.k.a Buio Omega)", " Basket Case", "Suspiria", " Tenebre", " The New York Ripper", " Hostel", " The Texas Chainsaw Chainsaw series and 2003 remake", " Fight Club", "Natural Born Killers", "Troma's War", " Se7en", " Ichi The Killer", "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend", " Riki-OH: The Story of Ricky", " Last House on The Left", "Mother's Day".
  • "Bloodsucking Freaks", the alternate title for this sick bit of cinematic sleaze, is not that accurate since there's really only one blood sucking freak in this thing. "The Incredible Torture Show", now THAT'S a better summation of what goes on here. Seamus O'Brien plays Master Sardu, a master of the macabre who puts hapless victims through unspeakable acts of brutality, content to have his audience think it's all just special effects and trickery. He's assisted by the demented Ralphus (Luis De Jesus) and assorted other cretins, and abducts ballet dancer Natasha D'Natalie (Viju Krem) so that she can be a part of his theatrical antics; critic Creasy Silo (Alan Dellay) also becomes a part of the act. Meanwhile, Natasha's boyfriend Tom Maverick (Niles McMaster), a football player, tries to track her down with the help of a sleazy detective, John Tucci (Dan Fauci). Even knowing that "The Incredible Torture Show" is clearly made with its tongue in its cheek, it's obviously going to have a somewhat limited audience. Yet these hardcore exploitation devotees are likely to be satisfied with what they see here. There ain't much in the way of story, just a lot of nasty, nasty depravity (and enough female nudity to make some viewers VERY, VERY happy) that ultimately becomes a little numbing. Still, there are some undeniable highlights, as heads, feet & hands get severed, teeth get extracted, a lady is electrocuted, etc. One's gotta love that one "doctor" character (Ernie Pysher) who goes to great pains to torture one victim; this guy is such a nut that even Sardu and Ralphus think, "This guy's too crazy, even for us!" A strong indicator of this movie's tone is when good old Sardu is having a meal that's precariously balanced on the back of a babe who's obliged to play the role of table, yet humour is added when he snarls, "Don't you DARE ruin my dinner!" O'Brien gets into the grim and goofy Grand Guignol spirit of writer / director Joel M. Reed's concoction, hamming it up quite nicely, as does the diminutive De Jesus. Fun gore effects abound, and the cage full of naked wild women is a Hell of a nice touch. In the end, Reeds' sense of bravado has to be admired, as he goes just as far as he can. The result is a truly trashy bit of insanity certain to give its audience some appreciative chuckles. Seven out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you like twisted, morally inept, unredeeming socially valueless cinema as much as I do - then BLOODSUCKING FREAKS is for you. Just rewatched this one again after not having seen it in close to 10 years - and I STILL love this trashy sleaze-fest as much, or probably more than I did then...

    Master Sardu and his warped midget Igor-like sidekick, Ralphus, run a Grand Guinol style theater using kidnapped women as the show's "stars" - S&M style torture and mayhem ensue. A smart-ass critic and a sexy ballerina become part of the "fun" when Sardu spots 'em out at one of his "shows". Throw in a brief side-plot about Sardu also using captive women for a slave-trading ring, and there ya have it. Not too much in the way of plot to really speak of, which works just fine for this type schlock-cinema...

    BLOODSUCKING FREAKS is not for everyone - at all. It really isn't particularly gory compared to some stuff that's out there nowdays, and the FX are pretty amateurish by today's standards, but this is a great example of classic grimy exploitation film-making at it's "finest" - it's nasty, grainy, darkly humorous and just sadistic enough to still be a little disturbing. Lots of great goofy/gory scenes, including: finger removal, cannibalism, nipple electrocution, hand-severing, eyeball-eating, teeth removal, brain-drilling, a severed head blow-job, homo-necrophilia, and penis-sandwich eating - to name just a few of the more notable scenes - and Ralphus' psychotic little dance is just too much!!! Definitely one of the most sleazy, possibly morally offensive films ever - and that's why it's a classic in my book. Definitely in the realm of "they don't make 'em like this anymore"-cinema. HIGHLY recommended to sleaze and horror fans - if campy sadistic torture isn't your thing, ya might as well leave this one alone. 9/10....RALPHUS RULES!!!
  • Having acquired this on Blu-ray, I was most surprised to discover that I had never seen it. I certainly saw plenty of its ilk back in the video collecting days. It has to be said, however, that like the old sex film posters, there was a considerable gap between what was offered and what was provided. Imagine my surprise then to find not only had I never seen it but that it was as described complete with a cage of 'bloodsucking freaks', well naked ladies who eat chunks of human flesh. At the start we cut from an on stage atrocity to an audience shot where some 'complain' that it is all a sham, 'just acting'and the impresario informs us not so. As a film audience, of course, when we see the body parts cut off and eyeballs removed know well that this is acting and effects but it becomes clear that within the film these activities are real Its all very silly and over the top but the effects aren't bad, the humour is amusing and the low budget not as obvious in some. Trouble has been taken with the set design too and most scenes actually look good as opposed to ill lit basement sequences badly put together. Hardly something to recommend to just anyone but if the title appeals, give it a go.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Rating highly as a prime piece of raw'n'revolting 70's grindhouse sleaze, gleefully wallowing in the utmost depths of depravity with a certain jolly mean-spiritedness that's both fiercely funny and genuinely appalling in equal measure, this infamous cult splatter shocker delivers exactly what it promises in its foul tale of merry sadist Master Sardu (marvelously essayed with lip-smacking hammy brio by Seamus O'Brien) and his theatre of the macabre where he presents a "faked" Grand Guignal stage show depicting extreme acts of torture and depravity. Writer/director Joel M. Reed definitely gives the audience their grubby money's worth: brain sucking through a straw, dismemberment, snarling nude cannibal gals locked in a cage, nipple electric shock, a white slaver ring, gay necrophilia, fried eyeballs, grisly teeth extraction with pliers, vicious S&M whippings, a harsh'n'hateful misogynistic streak, oodles of bare female flesh, and one of the most repulsive examples of forced fellatio ever committed to celluloid are all present and accounted for. Moreover, the cast attack the blithely base and tasteless material with unfettered aplomb: Diminutive porn stud Luis De Jesus has a fiendish field day as Sardu's savage dwarf assistant Ralphus, Dan Fauci contributes an amusing turn as meddlesome blackmailing Sergeant John Tucci, Alan Dellay makes for a perfectly obnoxious jerk as uptight snob critic Creasy Silo, and lovely blonde Viju Krem is suitably sweet and fragile as fetching abducted ballerina Natasha D'Natalie. The authentically grubby New York City locations, Ron Dorfman's basic cinematography, a hilariously cruel sense of spot-on pitch-black gallows humor (this fine fetid flick is essentially a remarkably dark satire on the seamy underbelly of show business), and Michael Small's alternately jaunty and shivery synthesizer score further enhance this gloriously ghastly atrocity's considerable uniquely gross and repugnant charm. Absolutely essential viewing for sick cinema buffs.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    'The Incredible Torture Show', retitled 'Bloodsucking Freaks' by Troma for its 1980s re-release, is a difficult film to rate. Technically, it is dreadful; amateurish filmmaking at its worst. It is also incredibly depraved and debases and insults women. But at the same time, there is a vein of black, black humour running through the amoral proceedings which makes the film entertaining in a very perverse sort of way.

    Master Sardu (Seamus O'Brien) runs a theatre which offers a grand guignol show to the unsuspecting public. What they do not realise is that the murders 'depicted' on stage are actually real. Sardu keeps a group of naked women imprisoned backstage; these female actors are promoted on the film's poster as the 'caged sexoids'. I would love to hear feminist author Camille Paglia's take on this film! Upon the film's theatrical release in 1976, it was picketed by the women's group Women Against Pornography (WAP), who were outraged at the movie's blatant sexism and misuse of females. Along with the humour, there is a very nasty misogynistic streak about this film. A case in point: at one stage Sardu is eating his dinner. Sounds fairly innocent, right? It is, except that his 'table' is the back of a naked woman upon her hands and knees. To add insult to injury, Sardu has a candle burning, and its hot wax is running directly onto the poor woman's bare flesh. Then he slaps her irritably and tells her to keep still! A date movie this most definitely is not.

    Niles McMaster appears as Tom Maverick, a professional footballer whose partner (Rita Montone), a ballet dancer, has been kidnapped by Sardu and his midget assistant Ralphus (Luis De Jesus, credited as Louie de Jesus). Sardu brainwashes her and forces her to dance in his twisted show. McMaster played Dominick 'Dom' Spages in Alfred Sole's underrated horror film 'Alice, Sweet Alice' AKA 'Communion' AKA 'Holy Terror', and Rita Montone appears as a hooker in the horrific 'Maniac'.

    Sardu is also involved in white slavery, and at one point transacts business with a white slave dealer played by Alphonso DeNoble (credited simply as Alphonso). Like Niles McMaster, DeNoble was also in 'Alice, Sweet Alice'; he played the sweaty, obese landlord who is graphically stabbed to death.

    'The Incredible Torture Show' is a notorious film - notorious for its graphic violence and relentless humiliation and torture of women. It deserves every bit of its notoriety. This film will offend and disgust, so proceed at your own risk. In one memorable scene, a disgraced doctor performs a little do-it-yourself brain surgery upon a hapless victim; this is just a taste of what to expect from this movie.

    Do not worry, though, because the evil Sardu does get his comeuppance in the final reel. Just when you thought the film could not get any worse, we are treated to the coup de grace: a filthy, naked woman biting ravenously into a 'sandwich' whose meat is Sardu's severed penis! Like I said, proceed at your own risk.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just got done watching this vile, disgusting, utterly repulsive piece of cinema............and I loved it!!!!!! This MUST be the inspiration for Eli Roth's Hostel. There are MANY OMG moments in this "movie" but my favorites were the "doctor" drinking the brains and blood out of a woman's skull with a straw, the midget getting "head" from a decapitated body and the "ass" dartboard. Listen for the sound effects when the midget pulls the darts out. UGH!!!!! The makers of this movie are not what we call normal. They set out to make a nauseating, sick, perverted movie and they succeeded on doing just that. I like my horror movies off-the-wall and that describes this one to a tee. If that is your type of horror film, then this is for you. The Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers type need not apply.
  • Master Sardu and Ralphus deserve a status of semi-Gods. Both are repugnant characters that seem to enjoy torture, S&M, brutality, and attention.

    Everything gets out of control in this movie when ambition hits our main characters. But for the pleasure of fans of exploitation, we have violent, disgusting scenes involving sexual pain, gore, and torture.

    I consider this movie as a re-invention of "Blood Feast". It features almost the same violent sequences, the quality of gore, plot, and even score. But "Bloodsucking Freaks" is absolutely more disgusting mainly because of it's thematic.

    Sure, we the exploitation fans get more goodies like beautiful women, nakedness, gore, and torture devices.

    This is a classic of exploitation that should only be enjoyed by fans of the genre. Or in case that you can take extremely low budget involving bad acting, atrocious direction, over the top gore, a catchy score (love the piano), then you should consider spending/wasting your time on this one.

    You won't forget this one and after the repugnant climax, you will keep this one in your memory.
  • This is one of the only movies I have trouble sitting through. Blood and guts are fine with me, but this movie is just plain disturbing! After taking it to a party to watch only two people out of about thirty could actually stomach it. Most of them felt sick only half way through. It certainly didn't make people laugh like most other horror/comedy movies. I wouldn't describe it as a comedy, but of course the sort of people who would hire it in the first place (like me!) are likely to find it highly amusing. The sick twisted midget just makes me laugh! Watch this movie alone, because people will think you're a freak if you enjoy it plus they'll hate you for making them sit through it! But it hits the mark where so many other horror movies fail - it truly scares and disturbs people.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have read quite a few comments and bad things about this film. Anyone who likes underground horror and exploitation should own and/or see this classic. Not the best acting in the world, but at that time and even now the people in the film were pretty much nobodies. If you are looking for a real cheesy, blood soaked treat then this is a movie for you. Personally, its one of my favorite horror/exploit films ever.

    Also known as The incredible torture show, blood sucking freaks in the underground scene is loved by most. Nothing can beat a story of a man whom on the outside, seems to be running an off Broadway pseudo snuff torture show, yet behind the scenes or what the audiences don't know is it is for real. White slavery in Soho NY, just something that i could actually imagine happening. Along with his trusty side kick (a small person) and a few angry cannibalistic women, they proceed to ruin the life of a famous sportsman by kidnapping his prima ballerina girlfriend. They intend to use her in a very special performance entitled "Death of a critic". but behind the story of the boy/girl love and the seedy detective on the search for her, The master, his side kick and his female henchmen conduct a series of brutal and (silly at times) sadistic, tortures and murders behind the curtain.

    Its gritty look, and way under-budget fx just make this movie all the more better. Thank god for the Underground! May Seamus O'brien rest in piece.
  • albertito_v6913 January 2006
    I have had a tough time figuring out what i just saw at the end of this movie.This movie is a pointless horror film, full of gore, nudity and sadistic violence.I have to say i love this kind of crap, the movie seems like it was made by a sick maniac, it's perfect. Although i have to point out that it is extremely stupid that they send women in the mail, I laughed my ass off when i saw that. The jokes are extremely stupid and pointless. The scene that i found most disturbing was the brain surgery scene, I have seen a lot of sick sh** on TV but that scene gave me the creeps. Overall the movie is pure violence but if you like blood, gore and pointless murder it is your type of horror flick.
  • There is no other movie like Blood Sucking Freaks. Nothing similar. Even when it looks as the typical exploitation film, this is a completely different film. Probably we'll never know if this were the exact intentions of director Joel M. Reed, but conscious or not, he crafted a film that makes the viewer question his/her own morality, and sanity! The "main" plot is simple. Seamus O'Brien plays Sardu, a mysterious man who runs a small theater where he kills a young woman in front of the audience who believes it's all part of the play. The murders(almost always gruesome) are performed by Sardu's assistant, Ralphus(played by Luis De Jesus), who is as depraved as his master. However, this business is not Sardu's main source of income, he trades with young women he picks up and sells them to perverted rich people all over the world. One night, in the audience appears Creasy Silo, a recognized critic, and also Natasha, a famous ballet ballerina. These people caught Sardu's attention and he kidnaps them.

    In Sardu's lair, Silo is tortured because Sardu hates him and Natasha is tortured because Sardu loves her and wants to make a show only for her and with her as main star. Surprised? it's only the beginning.

    As expected of 70's B-movies, the acting is painfully bad, nevertheless, the main stars, Seamus O'Brien and Luis De Jesus do have very good scenes, a good chemistry, and O'Brien shines among the whole cast. It's a shame that he was killed after this and truncated a promising career in the horror genre.

    There's plenty of nudity and gore, and even when the SFX are bad, the intention is clear: to shock, disgust, and amaze at the same time. And it succeeds. That's the magic of this movie. It puts the audience in the uneasy situation of being in the side of the monster, of the depraved. The "victims": the critic, the dancer, her boyfriend & the detective hired to find them, all of them are presented in a way that deserve our despise, none of them are likable characters and in contrast, no matter how horrid their crimes are, Sardu and Ralphus have a certain charm that it's hard to not like them, even when they are obviously the psychos of the movie.

    This situation makes the audience feel disgusted, and that's Reed intention. We turn into partners in crime with Sardu & co, because it's impossible to root for the victims.

    This movie is not for everyone, with all it's cheesiness, it requires some grade of maturity to understand the joke. This is a comedy people! Comedy at it's darkest & sickest form.

    I rate it a 7/10 in terms of film-making, but an amazing 10/10 because it's interesting, creative, and even when people don't want to accept it. It's fun. We all are depraved.
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