Troma had the film cut to gain an "R" rating, then shipped the unrated print to theaters telling them it was the R rated version. Eventually, it was discovered when a woman allegedly complained the film upset either her, or her child. Eventually the MPAA sued Troma for improper use of the copyrighted "Rated R" logo.

This film was effectively "banned" (not rated by MPAA at all) in the U.S. following protest by Women Against Pornography.

Originally titled "The Incredible Torture Show". Troma re-named it "Blood Sucking Freaks" for its 1980s re-release.

Joel M. Reed wrote the script in one day.

The brains in the infamous brain sucking scene were made out of oatmeal.

This film was largely shot at night from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

According to director Joel M. Reed, the script was inspired by a real nude S&M ballet company and by the films Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (1975) and Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976).

Director Joel M. Reed didn't want to make the movie at the beginning. He had another script he wanted to do, about a rock star haunted by a teenage girl groupie, and he was trying to get money to finance that picture.

According to writer Bill Landis, Reed had penned a two-page treatment for a sequel called "Sardu Strikes Again".

The character of "Creasy Silo" is a send-up of then theater critic Clive Barnes. "Tom Maverick" is a tip of the hat to quarterback Joe Namath and "Natasha di Natalie" is based on then prominent ballet star Natalia Makarova.

Prince Paul sampled the line "Open your mouth, I'm gonna put something nice into it" for his song "Open Your Mouth (Hypothalamus)."

After buying and re-editing the film to restore footage that Joel Reed had cut, Troma's co-founder Lloyd Kaufman later said: " I may have possibly secured my place in hell by just watching it...It's very misogynistic. Today, we would not have anything to do with it."

The film never received a review in The New York Times. But a website reviewer recently noted that "There is something oddly intoxicating about a film that is so dedicated to being as offensive as possible to as wide a demographic as possible."