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  • I remember tuning into this show when it first aired in February 1978. The tropical setting made for a nice visual escape from a brutal upstate NY winter. A world-weary spy in retirement is drawn back into service when he learns of the death of a former partner. Down in the tropics he meets the villainous Dr. Scorpion played by a scene-stealing Roscoe Lee Browne. I guess they were going for the "Dr. No" approach here. Small details, like the main character spending his retirement on a boat in port watching Abbot and Costello reruns, gave the typical two-dimensional super-spy a little bit of character.

    I always liked Roscoe Lee Browne's performances, which is why I tuned in over 30 years ago and why I continue to remember it over 30 years later. A nice bit of super-spy, tropical escapism on a cold winter's evening...
  • If you liked Nick Mancuso in the short-lived "Stingray" TV series, you'll get a kick out of this earlier work. Mancuso's portrayal of the wry, disillusioned outrider, John Shackleford, adds unexpected depth to an otherwise run-of-the-mill 1970's spy yarn. (think "6 million dollar man" without the bionics, but with more than enough attitude to make up the difference).

    If you like cranky spy types, there are some classier alternatives. You might want to look into several movies based on Len Deighton novels, such as "The Ipcress File", or "Funeral in Berlin". Michael Caine shines as Harry Palmer, a cold warrior, who is the perfect anti-hero of espionage.
  • If you are half the fanatic about Nick Mancuso in "Stingray" that I am , you'll enjoy this earlier outing, if only to watch Mancuso's moves in the spy realm. The scenes on board the plane pitting him against an adversary alone are well worth making the effort to locate and watch this film, and displays a sense of style VERY much in keeping with the later "Stingray" character.... Why Cannel productions doesn't offer this--and even more so, Stingray--on DVD, I cannot imagine. Cannel and Mancuso were a great match; I only regret that more people haven't had the pleasure of seeing their efforts together... If anyone knows of a source of uncut versions of this movie or the Stingray pilot, I'd love to correspond..