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  • I remember this one from when I was in high school. I remember Kim Basinger with that Texas drawl. I also remember Melanie Mayron, who I believe played a photographer. Pretty typical story about a young woman who poses for a playboy-like magazine and ends up leaving the town she was raised in because of all the trouble her photograph created for her and her family. She ends up in Hollywood, chasing a dream of becoming an actress, and of course, things don't work out as she had hoped. I remember another character -- they all end up in a Hollywood apartment as roommates, of which Melanie Mayron was one. There was a particular character in this TV-movie who was young, had a child, and was willing to go to certain lengths to become famous whereas Basinger's character would not cross that line. I'm sure this TV-movie is pretty dated now (it is nearly 30 years old) and will probably never be released on DVD but I remember it clearly. It has stayed with me all this time, particularly the end.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember quite well this movie and it aired in the mid eighties in France and i appreciated it a lot.I liked the seventies atmosphere and the state of mind which was careless and pleasant.Kim basinger who played Katie a beautiful young blonde left her village in Texas to go to Hollywood seek fame with the hope to be a model and an actress..But her dreams will be thwarted and things won't work out as she expected..She is a very naïve girl and will learn at her expense that modeling can be dirty as she poses for a playboy magazine and ends up in bed with a vile producer..Sick and tired she will leave Los angeles with many broken dreams to go back home in Texas..I won't tell the end but this movie is good even if there are a few lenghts and Katie's character is sometimes difficult and not smily..It is dated,40 years old but it was a movie to see at that time not to dream too much of quick money and fame.There is the appareance of Don johnson too who was very young and a few other actors in their youth..I recommend it to you though even if it is a bit old and especially for young adults..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Whoever wrote the synopsis for the VHS version of this movie (aka, Dancing in the Shadows) must not have watched the entire film. To sell an otherwise forgotten drama, the marketers had to capitalize on it's then woefully pre-stardom cast members Kim Basinger and Don Johnson. Indeed, Kim Basinger does play the sadly naive young Texan with dreams of becoming a big star in Hollywood. And that is essentially the whole movie--Katie, the Centerfold model who gets the runaround from agents and actors and everyone else running the show in Hollywood. It's very simple, though Katie doesn't seem like a very sympathetic character, despite practically being stalked by drooling guys who carry around the magazine that Katie poses nude for like they're carrying around their driver's license. And with hopes continuously dashed, it is an exaggerated movie that ends rather sadly.

    The funny part is that the synopsis says that Don Johnson is said to be the hero who tries to rescue Katie from the decadence she finds herself swallowed by out in Hollywood, only to become entangled in it himself. If you're expecting much of Don Johnson in this movie, you'll be disappointed. Otherwise, the movie itself is just dreamy 1970s and probably just enough for nostalgic Basinger fans.