Alternate Versions (2)

  • Some of the VHS and Betamax copies included text before the end credits run that did not appear on the DVD and Blu-ray copies "On May 18,1978 the motion picture you have just seen was shown to an audience of world press at the Cannes Film Festival.... 43 days later the United States and Turkey entered into formal negotations for the exchange of prisoners."
  • With regard to commercial network, and standard cable showings of the movie, and in the 1980 American Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment red border clam shell VHS/Betamax: 1.) All swearing is dubbed with much tamer words, or in a few cases, skipped or silenced. 2.) The chicken being decapitated is normally not shown (not shown at all on the 1980 clamshell Betamax/VHS) when Billy makes a run for it leaving the Turkish Bazaar. 3.) Billy is shown fully nude during a strip-search after his arrest. Censored TV and 1980 clamshell Betamax/VHS prints delete all shots of his bare butt. Some prints omit Tex's line, "would you like to put your clothes on?" 4.) Susan exposing her breasts and Billy touching them when she comes to visit him and sees his horrifying, almost vegetative state is very skillfully cut on the American 1980 red border clam shell VHS/Betamax and all commercial TV prints. 5.) All the violence was replaced with old footage of people playing volleyball, a sport played in this movie, on the 1980 clamshell Betamax/VHS release. You would have to see the uncut movie to even realize that something was missing.