Joey Popchik: When a man says what's right, what's good, what's real, and what's true, then his mouth is ten feet tall.

Doctor: Mrs. Popchik, as you know, the eye is the second most sensitive organ on the human body. Your young daughter's eye muscles are extremely weak. They can barely hold up what she sees. If any part of the human body has a tendency to break down, I'm afraid the eyes have it.

Joey Popchik: You know what they charge for an eye? An arm and a leg.

Joey Popchik: [Telling Troubles where to drop him off] Mine's the next slum.

Angie Popchik: I can see with one eye tied behind my back!

Joey Popchik: Funny, isn't it? How many times your guts can get a slap in the face.

Jinks Murphy: Hey, don't tell me my business. I've taped more hands than you've got in your whole head.

Joey Popchik: With the woman that you love at your side to stand behind you, a man can move mountains with his bare heart.

Joey Popchik: It was the late great Gloves Malloy who said how hard it is to say what there are no words for.

Dr. Bowers: One minute you're standing in the wings, and the next minute you're wearin' 'em.

Joey Popchik: Gentlemen of the jury, the state cries out that the murder of Gloves Malloy be avenged. It cries so loud that I finished law school as fast as I could so that poetic justice could be served and so that I personally could prosecute the man responsible, Vince Marlowe.

Gloves Malloy: [to Joey] That ain't fair, kid. Your sister's eyes are below the belt.

Troubles Moran: Joey, Joey, after a girl's had a taste of mink, she can't go back to pastrami.

Joey Popchik: Can I walk you home?

Betsy McGuire: New York's a free country.

Spats Baxter: [after hearing the bad news] Only four weeks to live! Thirty days!

Dr. Bowers: [as Dr. Bowan] This is February, Spats.

Spats Baxter: Can you play the piano?

Dick Cummings: Like a mink.

Doctor: Spats, it may not show up on the x-ray, but your heart is pure silk too.

Joey Popchik: Fightin's for suckers. I'm goin' to night school to be a lawyer. These hands are for readin' books.

Host: The La Chez Maison is proud to present, in her eighth month, Miss Troubles Moran!

Hood: Here we are in the country, Mr. Marlow.

Joey Popchik: I'm fightin' in the Garden tomorrow night.

Gloves Malloy: I heard it in the papers.

Gloves Malloy: Go ahead, go ahead. Shoot. But killin' me never solved nothin'.

Joey Popchik: We cannot bring Gloves Malloy's death back to life.

Announcer: Fight with them! Laugh with them! Love with them! And even die with them the death of heroes who will live forever!

Spats Baxter: Say, do you think you could write a Broadway score?

Dick Cummings: Oh, it's been my lifelong dream, for years!

Vince Marlow: The thing of it is...


Vince Marlow: I don't keep that kind of cash around.

Joey Popchik: You got it, and I want it!

Vince Marlow: That's right. I got it and you want it and you'll get it when I give it! Got it?

Doctor Blaine: If any part of the human body has a tendency to break down, the eyes have it.

Gloves Malloy: Why don'rt we go in?

Joey Popchik: Age before beauty.

Gloves Malloy: After you.

Gloves Malloy: The big guy only gives us three acts down here. Play 'em with style!

Taxi driver: Thirty cents.

[after getting a $10 bill]

Taxi driver: I can't break a ten, mister.

Spats Baxter: Don't break it - enjoy it.

Jinks Murphy: Boss, I can't hold up the overture any longer! What shall I do?

Spats Baxter: Hold up the overture.