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  • crossbow010620 September 2008
    There are two films, the one listed here is the sequel. The original, just called Mr. Funnybone, is a lot better. Both films are based on a beloved Chinese cartoon character, an oldish guy who is scrawny, mostly bald and has two prominent buck teeth. He has a sidekick Big Potato, who is much more in the sequel. The first film is a typical day in the life for Funnybone, and he wreaks havoc, at the office, the beach. Both he and his married boss like Miss Chen, played by Li Ching. Li Ching, the star of many Shaw Brothers films, is absolutely adorable, there is no way you can not fall for her. The first film basically has Funnybone doing silly stuff and begging Miss Chen to marry him. The first film could have been a kid's comedy, but there are very adult situations, especially at the beach. I'd give the first Mr. Funnybone an 8, its entertaining and you enjoy the character, even if you want to shake him, to get him to stop causing such comedic trouble. The second film is much less fun, centering on a few people wanting to steal a jade bottle Funnybone inherited as a family heirloom. In both films there is slapstick comedy, but it doesn't work well here. Also, in the sequel Funnybone does not have a romantic interest (meaning, no Li Ching or anyone like her), which would have made the film better. Its not bad, there are comic elements, and it works generally, but its not as much fun as the original. If you know about the Mr. Funnybone comic strip (I have never seen it), you'll want to watch both films, they're silly, slapstick laden, harmless fun. Otherwise, I'd still recommend them, especially the first Mr. Funnybone, which merits an 8 compared to this sequel's less immediate 6.