[first lines]

Herbie Stoltz: For 14 years I've been a private eye. And in my line of work you meet some interesting people. But there was this one guy especially. He was really something. His name was Harry Adams.

Marian Adams: You never brought it up before tonight.

Harry Adams: It doesn't mean I didn't think about it.


Harry Adams: Why didn't she have a name? She was a person at least for a little while.

Marian Adams: How did you know it was going to be a girl?

Harry Adams: I knew. And I had a name. I had a name picked out for her.

Marian Adams: Her. You had a name picked out for her. Joe told me about the endowment policy. The life insurance you took out before she was even born. And what about me?

Harry Adams: Marian, the policy was for her education... college. But what the hell, you were the beneficiary.

Marian Adams: Only because she died. And don't you think I should be the beneficiary? After all, I'll be your widow.

Harry Adams: I think you're trying to rush me a little.

[Marian starts to walk away]

Harry Adams: Marian?

Marian Adams: What?

Harry Adams: Did the doctor say you couldn't have another child or was that your idea?

Marian Adams: We discussed this all before.

Harry Adams: You never gave me a straight answer.

Marian Adams: What difference does it make?

Harry Adams: Well, a decision like that should have been made by the two of us.

Herbie Stoltz: Harry, why don't you get a divorce?

Harry Adams: They still own half of you, Herbie. Oh, it's not the money. But for the rest of your life you've got a partner you don't need. You should know that.

Herbie Stoltz: Yeah. They always got their hooks in you, huh? There's gotta be a way, Harry.

Harry Adams: There's a way, Herbie. Believe me, there's a way.

Herbie Stoltz: You're taking this very good, Harry.

Harry Adams: Well, I'm glad she has someone. It might as well be Joe. Poor Joe.

[last lines]

Herbie Stoltz: I wonder whatever happened to Harry.