Vijay Kumar: And you Mr R K Gupta, you are my illegitimate father! Perhaps my mother has had nothing but insults and pain but from my mother, that Shanti, I return all your wealth to you. Today, you have a lot of wealth and everything but I have never ever seen a poor man like you. Good bye, Mr R K Gupta.

Vijay Kumar: I have come to make a deal of five lakhs and I don't even have five pennies in my pocket.

Vijay Kumar: By not meeting with me for five minutes you have incurred a loss of five lakhs.

Vijay Kumar: My wounds don't heal quickly.

Vijay Kumar: I haven't inherited even a penny from my father or grandfather, and neither do I want it. If I have anything, then it is the blessings of my mother.

Madhav Singh: Boy, you have arrived but you won't leave.

Geeta: Not every person in the world can be bought.

Vijay Kumar: Honesty with the honest and dishonesty with the dishonest.

Shekhar Gupta: It's amazing that our thoughts are so alike.

Raj Kumar Gupta: This man will definitely do something in life.

Raj Kumar Gupta: I have gotten into the habit of winning.

Raj Kumar Gupta: Business is done with the mind, not with emotions.

Vijay Kumar: I want to do in one year what it has taken others 25 years to do.

Vijay Kumar: What is legal and what is illegal, who would know that better than me?

Vijay Kumar: When the right thing is said at the right time then it is more enjoyable. And I am waiting for the right time.

Vijay Kumar: You think I am making money? No, I am taking account of my mother's tears form someone.

Ravi: I wanted the job based on my guts and qualifications, and I got that. I don't need anybody's recommendation.

Geeta: I don't intentionally meet Vijay. I just bumped into him twice.

Raj Kumar Gupta: You don't do your work you used to do your work. You are sacked!