• WARNING: Spoilers

    The film begins with a classic Shaw Brothers exposition of the eighteen weapons of kung fu. This seminal opening sequence was virtually replicated four years later with Lau Kar Leung's Legendary Weapons of China. The titular 'Odd Couple' are Sammo (King of Sabres) and Lau Kar Wing (King of Spears). They compete regularly against each other but every encounter results in a draw! Both decide to recruit young pupils and train them up. To add to the comedic blender, Sammo's pupil is played by Lau Kar Wing and Lau Kar Wing's pupil is predictably a youthful Sammo.

    Dean Shek provides a comic master-stroke as Master Rocking, in what can only be described as an egg-tastic performance. So are his two guards, Wu Li Single Sabre and Tiger Spear, who put together a great sequence with Sammo and Wing as 'Operatic' fighters. The late entry of the real villain adds complications to the plot. ' Beardie' (aka Leung Kar Yan) is perfectly cast as the smoldering Laughing Bandit, sporting a big scar but an even bigger grudge against the Kings of Sabres and Spear.