Most of the buildings in the little beach town of Avila Beach, as seen in the movie, no longer exist. In the late 1990s, due to leakage from the Union 76 petroleum tanks outside of town, (seen at the beginning of the movie), the ground under the entire beachfront area was contaminated. To clean it up, they had to tear down and rebuild the entire beachfront strip.

Old video copies of this film omit the title song (as performed by America), which was heard in its entirety during the closing credits (the Burton Cummings tune is heard instead). All the other tracks remained intact. America's version of The Mamas and the Papas classic is available on their greatest hits CD, as it was issued as a single one month before the film's release, failing to make the top 40 (it peaked at 56).

Stacey Nelkin had just turned eighteen when she was cast in her film debut as Marsha. Moreover, Nelkin had her hair bleached blonde for her role as Marsha.

As Earl is driving through town, one of the ads on the side of his car is for the "Old Custom House", an actual restaurant in Avila Beach.

Robert Carradine was originally slated to star in the movie.