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  • Two adolescent drug dealers return from a flash visit to Morocco with lots of weed (chocolate) smuggled in their bags, clothes and up their buttholes. They start selling the stuff in Madrid. And with the profits, they invest in more drugs, and harder drugs, to sell at a higher price, in order to become rich, and move out of their poor barrios. The lads also do a bit of prostitution on the side (some of those scenes are hilarious). One of them, El Muertes (Angel Alcazar) starts to use some of the stash himself, and is a bit of a heroin junkie. Their criminal activities become ever more ruthless and riskier. Their personal relationship, as well as the relationship with a girlfriend of theirs, is put to the test by all this turmoil.

    The film is action packed. There are lots of druggy scenes where they shoot up as well. There is also a certain beauty to the manner in which three teens are fiercely protective of each other, as they love each other above all. In short, a great film which ticks all the boxes cine quinqui should.