[last lines]

Chief Albert Risley: All it takes is one man, could be anybody... your neighbor, my neighbor... one man to destroy a city.

Mayor William Dudley: What's eating you now? You have a new job and the city has a beautiful new hospital.

Dr. Frank Whitman: That's right, some new hospital. It looks really good on the outside. But thanks to your political favors here and there of saving money and cut backs, I'm stuck with the patch-up job!

Mayor William Dudley: Well nothing is perfect. Everything's compromised. Now, if you were the mayor of a big city and you have to get things done, you have to learn to give and take.

Dr. Frank Whitman: Try talking to a surgeon about compromise during an open-heart operation.

Albert: I don't know about this, Sam. Those fires look awfuly close and they're getting closer.

Sam: Just think of your pension.

Albert: I am thinking about it. I'm thinking about how I'm gonna live to collect it!