Elvis Presley's father Vernon was played by Kurt Russell's father, Bing Russell.

Reportedly, Priscilla Presley was paid $50,000 to check the script for accuracy.

According to John Carpenter during his DVD Commentary on Big Trouble in Little China (1986) with Kurt Russell, Carpenter got the job directing this film was because the producers found out he did the music for Halloween (1978), and figured he could handle a biopic of Elvis.

In an interview, director John Carpenter said that they had to glue Kurt Russell's ears back because they stuck too far out.

Kurt Russell made his film debut in It Happened at the World's Fair (1963), which starred 27-year-old Elvis Presley. Russell was 27 years old when he did this film.

In It Happened at the World's Fair (1963), a very young Kurt Russell runs on screen and kicks Elvis Presley in the shin. In 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001), Russell plays an Elvis impersonator, and a young boy runs on screen and kicks him in the shin.

This was the first time John Carpenter and Kurt Russell worked together. It start both a great partnership and friendship between the two.

All the songs were performed by Ronnie McDowell.

Kurt Russell was nominated for an Emmy Award for his performance.

In Change of Habit (1969), Elvis Presley played a character named John Carpenter.

This was the 6th most-watched program in the U.S. the week it aired.

Although this film was shown on TV in America, it was released in theaters overseas, which was a common practice for TV movies at the time.

The Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles was used to represent the International Hotel in Las Vegas.

Even though Ronnie McDowell recorded 36 songs for this movie, only 25 were used. The remaining 11 songs do not even appear on the soundtrack.

The Jordanaires' name was misspelled in the films credits

The movie aired Feb 11, 1979. Kurt Russell and Season Hubley married in real life on March 17, 1979.

Elvis was on production from August 4th to December 14, 1978. The total budget was $2.1 million.

Kurt Russell visited Vernon Presley at Graceland during filming. A supporter of the movie, Vernon suggested Kurt wear one of Elvis's real jumpsuits. He picked the Adonis, which Elvis made and wore in 1972. On the DVD cover and in the 1970s Elvis scenes Russell is wearing the actual jumpsuit, not a copy.

Just before Elvis sings in the German restaurant, the band is playing Wooden Heart. Elvis Presley sings Wooden Heart in GI Blues.

John Carpenter: Near the beginning of the film, when Elvis's entourage is walking through the casino, the camera pans across to the right to a long-haired man with a mustache smoking and standing behind someone at the blackjack table.

Elvis is portrayed as being a teenager when he went on a talent show and sang "Old Shep". In reality, he was ten years old when the actual event took place, resided in Tupelo Mississippi, and according to one account, he only placed fifth.