Major Otto Hecht: You are assuming that because a man steals from his country... he will also betray it?

Professor Blake: No, that would make any tax fiddler a potential traitor.

Zeno: [following the successful destruction of the German missile base on Mount Athena] Now you can get out of the brothel business. With the Germans gone, you'll have to. Greeks... they don't pay.

Eleana: Some of them don't have to.

Professor Blake: Oh, there's no such thing as country, major. There are only rivers, mountains, houses and people. "Country" is an abstraction.

Major Otto Hecht: You don't really believe that.

Professor Blake: No.

Eleana: [watching as Zeno receives a coded message] What does it say?

Zeno: [reading the message as he receives it] Athena, goddess of war, wisdom and... music.

[to Eleana]

Zeno: Like you, a very confused goddess.

Zeno: Our mission is to take the village... and the refuelling depot, so that German submarines cannot function against the Allied invasion fleet. After that, I don't care what you do. Except - and listen very carefully, GENTLEMEN - the treasures of Athena are the property of the Greek people!