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  • Based on a true incident, this story is a drama that is in reality horror. On July 4, 1976, the Denver police narcotics task force, lead by an officer named Captain Lou Mikalich, broke into the home of a family of law-abiding citizens. Under the NO-KNOCK-LAW they break in and attack the family without any warning. They just kick the door in and open fire -- killing a pregnant mother and her 4 year old daughter. In the kitchen, Mikalich tortures her husband and tears the place apart only to find nothing. When they realize what they have done, they set the place on fire and leave. But the man and his 3-year-old son survive.

    What follows is a series of attempts by the police officers to cover up what they have done, culminating with Mikalich ordering his men to murder both the man and the boy: "Be sure to use something that can not be traced!"

    This film is an indictment of the kind of shocking police misconduct that is still too commonplace even today.
  • I have seen this movie also. I was a very young child when I watched and it was so well done that to this day I remembered most of it and the name. I have no idea if they will ever play it again and I hope they do. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen law enforcement do! How can they just kill people like that? The laws have changed some what but Not enough. Just a few years ago here in WA. state an older couple home from work relaxing with each other wearing slippers sitting on their front porch just talking about nothing , were surrounded by the police dept. guns aimed high at their faces and told to lay on the ground. Before they could even comply because they didn't understand what was going on , they were then grabbed and made to lay down. Then the PD hears something over their radios and just takes off as if nothing happened. Turns out yet again , they had the wrong house!!!! They didn't shoot them no but those people being the age they were could have had heart attacks , stokes or anything else from something like that. I have worked with PD's my self but that is just too much..... They really should play this movie again. Maybe some of them will be more careful after seeing it.