[after seeing Durant flee from a crime-scene, driving recklessly in his car, Congers finally stops him]

Charlie Congers: What's goin' on?

Durant: That girl back there... That was my old lady! I was gonna marry her!

Charlie Congers: Let's get some coffee.

[During the trial about Joe Bomposa]

Senator: Why did he pay your rent, your trips, buy your clothes?

Jackie Pruit: Because I'm the best lay... dy in town!

Jackie Pruit: Say, what's that word for people who always think everybody's after them when they ain't?

Charlie Congers: Paranoia?

Jackie Pruit: That's the fella!

Jackie Pruit: What's that thing where you get scared of being cooped up in iddy-biddy dark places?

Charlie Congers: Claustrophobia?

Jackie Pruit: That's the fella! Well, I think I've got it!

Charlie Congers: Fasten your seat-belt.

Jackie Pruit: Why?

Charlie Congers: I have a cure for it!

[Congers drives their car off the speeding train straight onto the field, where it crashes badly]

Vittorio Farroni: Something on your mind?

Huntz: Yeah... Big man.

[Richie Huntz walks away]