• WARNING: Spoilers

    Dracula [George Hamilton] and Renfield [Arte Johnson] come to Manhatten (his Translyvanian castle having been sold for back taxes) in search of fashion model Cindy Sondheim {Susan Saint James], whom Dracula believes to be the reincarnation of his lover Mina Harker. But NY isn't easy for vampires. There's nowhere for him to get "a bite to drink", and Cindy is impossible to get near until Renfield manages to secure the address of the club she patronizes. Dracula finally meets Cindy and they go to her house, where he bites her once. All he must do is bite her twice more, and she will become his. But Cindy doesn't want commitment, just sex, and she consults her friend and shrink Jeffrey Rosenberg [Richard Benjamin], grandson of Fritz Van Helsing of vampire fame. Rosenberg discovers Dracula is a vampire and tries to end the relationship between him and Cindy. Too late. Cindy's in love, too. When things get too hot, Dracula and Cindy decide to go to England, but they encounter trouble at the airport, and Rosenberg is on their heels. Will Cindy consent to the third bite so she and Dracula can fly out together? Cindy could never get her "s**t" together before 7 pm anyway. Being vampire can't be that bad.