Sherlock Holmes: [to Lestrade] When people are frightened, they turn to God, and when they have no help from him, they look to the Devil.

Sherlock Holmes: [Reacting to the tardiness of the Prince of Wales] I suppose since, after all, he's only the Prince of Wales, we should not expect the same degree of courtesy.

Dr. John H. Watson: And since you are the Prince of Detectives, Holmes, I don't think you should presume to criticize a man who one day will be King of England.

Sherlock Holmes: [amused] Well done, Watson! You have cut me to the quick. Hmm! Only the Prince of Detectives, you say? Then who, pray tell, is the King?

Dr. John H. Watson: Lestrade, of course.

[Holmes laughs]

Prime Minister Lord Salisbury: You have my word.

Sherlock Holmes: [Acidly] I would prefer some more reliable authority.

Sherlock Holmes: We've unmasked madmen, Watson, wielding scepters. Reason run riot. Justice howling at the moon.

Sherlock Holmes: You create allegiance above your sworn allegiance to protect humanity. You shall not care for them, or acknowledge their pain. There lies the madness.

Sherlock Holmes: Watson, what are you doing?

Dr. John H. Watson: I'm trying to corner the last pea on my plate.

[Holmes squashes the pea]

Dr. John H. Watson: You squashed my pea.

Sherlock Holmes: Well, now you've got it cornered.

Dr. John H. Watson: Yes, but squashing a fellow's pea.

Sherlock Holmes: Just trying to help.

Dr. John H. Watson: I didn't want it squashed, I don't like it that way - I like it whole so that you can feel it pop when you bite down on it.

Sherlock Holmes: Sorry, I wasn't thinking.

Sir Charles Warren: [Angrily] Don't play games with me, Holmes! You're running with the foxes, and you know their colors well!

Sherlock Holmes: [to a sleeping Watson] The games afoot! No time to lose!

Dr. John H. Watson: [Offended by the booing of the Prince of Wales by the theater gallery] It's a damn disgrace!

Sherlock Holmes: On the contrary. I prefer bad manners in the theater to active violence in the streets.

Prime Minister Lord Salisbury: You have us at a disadvantage, Mr. Holmes. I think it might be better if you tell us your story in your own way and permit me to be the judge of whether it is true or not.

Sherlock Holmes: [Assertively] You may take it to be true, sir!