[last lines]

Allison Sinclair: What are you going to do?

[Arthur, pointing a gun at her, smiles and says nothing]

Allison Sinclair: Tell me, Arthur!

Arthur Sinclair: [pause, then] I have a suggestion for you, darling... why don't you read my mind?

Gil Weston: You are one cold-blooded lady.

Allison Sinclair: [slowly slides a hand into the open front of Gil's bathrobe] Cold-blooded?

Arthur Sinclair: [to Allison] You ignored the first rule of infidelity, darling... never cheat on a man who employs a private detective.

Arthur Sinclair: [about George] He must love you very much.

Allison Sinclair: [defiantly] He does!

Arthur Sinclair: Apparently. He even let you have an affair with another man, but that served another purpose, didn't it?

Garden Party Hostess: [to Allison] You must have a lot of courage, my dear... married to a mind reader? How could one keep secrets?

Arthur Sinclair: I'd give up those coffee comemrcials if I were you and concentrate on bigger things. Take it from me, those reviews of your play were unfair! Any time you need a testimonial...

Gil Weston: Shut up!

Arthur Sinclair: Watch your language, Mr. Weston. You're already in a great deal of trouble.

Allison Sinclair: He

[meaning George]

Allison Sinclair: killed you!

Arthur Sinclair: Not quite... he *shot* me. There's a difference.

Arthur Sinclair: Another lesson in infidelity, darling... if a private detective can find out about Lover A, he can almost certainly find out about Lover B.

Arthur Sinclair: [to George] Allison tried to have me killed tonight.

[George stares at Allison, but says nothing]

Arthur Sinclair: Didn't you hear me? I said-...

Arthur Sinclair: I heard you, Arthur.

[to Allison]

Arthur Sinclair: What went wrong?

Allison Sinclair: He was expecting it.

George Brubaker: [glances at Arthur, then] Impossible.

Allison Sinclair: He found out about Gil months ago. Tonight was a set-up!

Arthur Sinclair: [to telephone operator after his pacemaker test] Am I alive?

Arthur Sinclair: [Asking about some contracts] What do I do?

George Brubaker: Sign them.

Arthur Sinclair: Committing myself to...?

George Brubaker: Three books in the next three years. For which you get an advance of $300,000.

Arthur Sinclair: Give me a pen before I change their minds.