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  • "Rocky II" is one of those sequels that is just as good as the original, if not better in some aspects. I can't say it's better than the original because you can't have the second film without the first one. Meaning that this film does not stand on it's own, you need the first film to understand the characters and back-stories of everything in this film. But all in all, I think "Rocky II" is slightly more enjoyable than the original "Rocky".

    In all honesty, I think this film is better directed than the first film. The story seems to flow quite nicely and is slightly faster paced than the original. Not only that, but the main fight in the film is much more exciting and longer.

    The acting in "Rocky II" is better as well, or at least I thought so. Sylvester Stallone does a fantastic job with his role of Rocky Balboa and really struts his stuff here. Talia Shire and Burt Young also pull off nice performances. Carl Weathers plays the character of Apollo Creed to a "T". And of course, Burgess Meredith does a fantastic job as Mickey.

    This is one of those sequels that truly has the same feel as the original. Granted, it isn't as fresh as the original...but it's a re-match that can't be missed. If you liked the original "Rocky", then you definitely ought to check this one out, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I hope you like the film as much as I do. Thanks for reading,

  • jerekra16 January 2009
    "Rocky" is truly one of the greatest films ever made. So a sequel to this film would have a tough time following it. Rocky 2 does a great job following up "Rocky" and is truly a great film.

    The story starts up right where "Rocky" left off. Rocky goes to the hospital and has surgery and it is revealed that further fighting could damage his eye badly and make him go blind possibly. So Rocky settles down, marries Adrian and starts making commercials. Soon Adrian gets pregnant. However soon his ability to not read well costs him his job making commercials and Rocky struggles to find another job. Elsewhere Apollo Creed is furious that so many people are criticizing him for going 15 rounds with a guy who came off that street. So Apollo wants a rematch. Rocky decides that he must fight again, which upsets Adrian due to the health risks he may face.

    This film succeeds mainly due to the fact that it does a great job continuing the Rocky saga. It starts right up after "Rocky" and further continues the story. It is an awesome follow up. All of the characters are further developed. Apollo Creed is shown more and his character is expanded the most and you get to see what he is like more. Carl Weathers does a great job with Creed in this episode and really plays the upset athlete at the media well. Paulie takes a back seat in this film for the most part but Adrian is very significant in this film as she is the main reason why Rocky is so reluctant to get back in the ring.

    Rocky 2 is really funny, more so than the first one. Love how Rocky goes around trying to get a job despite the fact that he has basically no education. Also humorous is how bad Rocky is at reading cue cards and what he chooses to talk about at his press conference with Apollo. For the most part Rocky and Rocky 2 are more funny than the next films mainly because of how Rocky becomes "civilized" in "Rocky 3" and loses his sense of humor in some ways.

    The training that ROcky does in this film is epic. Love the training that he goes through in this film, slamming metal, chasing chickens, and hopping around with lumber on his shoulders. Rocky really works hard training in this film, my personal favorite of his films in how he trains.

    No film is perfect though. The "Gonna FLy Now" song is not the same as it is in the first film. It is not sung by the same people who sang it is the first film so it is not nearly as good. However this song is only used when Rocky is running, not when he is doing his other training. They use the "Going the Distance" song when he is doing his training outside of his running which is fine.

    Also the fight at the end of the film is not nearly as good as the fight in the first film. It is mainly just Rocky getting pounded relentlessly and having to overcome a superior athlete. Not like in the first film where it is an even fight for the most part.

    A great sequel that is funny, further expands the story and characters, and has some really great and memorable moments. A must see and easily the second best film of the series.
  • I have to hand it to Sylvester Stallone – he did the impossible with 'Rocky II' and made a successful follow-up to 'Rocky,' winner of the 1976 Best Picture Academy Award.

    Some argue that 'Taxi Driver' (also nominated) deserved the Oscar more. I'm not so sure. 'Rocky' came along at just the right time – it was an uplifting story and people needed that back then. Now, 'Taxi Driver' is usually considered the superior of the two – but they're entirely different and, in my opinion (and it's a rare one), 'Rocky' is just as good – but in a different way. They're both great films, and I'm not saying that 'Taxi Driver' shouldn't have won – but I'm not necessarily saying it should have, either. 'Rocky's' achievement is monumental and it is one of the greatest films ever made. To say it's 'not as good' merely because it is more optimistic is nonsense.

    So what's so great about 'Rocky II' and why is it generally underrated? (Its average user score right now on the Internet Movie Database -- with over 8,000 votes -- is a measly 6.2/10, compared to the original's 7.7)

    Because it maintains the focus of the first film, and continues the story rather well. A story that didn't really need to be continued, per se, but nevertheless formed the foundation of one of the greatest film franchises of all time. That's right – many people hate the 'Rocky' sequels, but apart from 'Part V,' they're all surprisingly entertaining – and, more importantly, well made. I like them; they entertain me, and I think they all serve their purpose.

    What's particularly interesting about 'Rocky II' is that apart from repeating the central theme of fighting Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), Rocky (Stallone) goes through a character arc here that many sequels totally ignore – we see the after-effects of his fight, and him struggling to adapt to the 'New Life.'

    Rocky is not a smart person. But he is one of cinema's deepest characters. Stallone (who wrote all the scripts and directed three of the sequels) succeeds at evolving Rocky's self-confidence. After winning a small fortune from his famous fight with Creed, he goes out on an impulsive shopping spree, buying a cool car, a new leather jacket (with a tiger – the beast with the 'eye' that Rocky re-captures in 'Part III' – printed on the back), and a new luxurious apartment for him and his wife Adrienne (Talia Shire).

    The problem is that Rocky soon runs out of money. His happy-go-lucky personality crashes when he is faced with the prospect of losing it all. He promised Adrienne never to fight again, and keeps his word by trying to get a 'real' job at the meat-processing factory (the same one he trained at in the original film). However due to staff cut backs he is fired and soon realizes that he was born for one reason: To fight.

    Meanwhile, Apollo is eager to take on 'The Italian Stallion' again – to prove he isn't the coward that criticizers are implying he is. He entices Rocky back into the ring for a final match – and to say that the outcome is satisfactory is an understatement.

    Most people seem to forget that Stallone is almost solely responsible for the entire success of 'Rocky' as a whole. He came up with the idea, wrote a script, fought to get it made, fought to become the leading star, and literally fought to get in shape. All of this fighting paid off – and it continued to pay off as he kept on cranking out all the sequels.

    Indeed, the 'Rocky' legacy is often poked fun at because it is the typical endless Hollywood moneymaking franchise. But 'Rocky II' and 'III' (more so than the other two sequels) have guts, power, determination and focus – they've got the so-called 'Eye of the Tiger' and I can't really say that I agree with anyone who says these movies are worthless. They aren't masterpieces but they certainly aren't trash, either. I give 'Rocky II' a hearty recommendation – it's a truly solid sequel that surprises us right when we expect to be disappointed.
  • I'm old enough to remember the thrill of seeing each of the "Rocky" films during their original, theatrical runs. The magical component that Stallone achieved was to tell nearly the exact same story, twice in a row, with the same characters... and yet, he gives us a one-two punch that hits just solidly as the first.

    It's truly a remarkable feat. Differences? We've already met all the characters. Gone is the sense of discovery, the sense of learning who these people are. We already know, don't we? Yet, Stallone's characters are sufficiently interesting enough for us to want to spend more time with them, seeing them in a world most of us don't know, living a life few of us would really want. While the sense of discovery about these characters is gone, our joy of being a voyeur into their world is not.

    It's a toss up which movie, "Rocky" or "Rocky II," asks us to suspend disbelief more. In "Rocky," we have to accept that a nobody, unrated, club fighter could a) get the chance to fight the world champion. B) He could possibly defy all odds and go the distance. That's a huge stretch only possible in Hollywood movies, classifying the first movie as a fairy tale along the lines of Cinderella.

    Soap opera-esquire is not a bad way to characterize "Rocky II" because of the emotional ride, but I don't find it as trite as a soap opera. Rocky's actions are very believable, from his earnings feeling like a fortune to him (when they were obviously not), to his illiteracy and his unsophisticated, "punch drunk" boxer. The ramifications of his past are believable. He fritters away the money and is unable to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame. Hey, it happens all the time. Very believable.

    With a pregnant wife, no job, and no way to pay his bills, he's backed into a corner. What's a fighter to do? (And in this case, I mean "a fighter" in its most literal sense.) He's willing to risk his health and even his marriage to do what any man should do: provide for his family.

    Adrian's bit of drama is the single "problem" with the movie, but it's also the heart of the movie. It's not a movie about losing it all and coming back again, it's much more than that. It's about a simple man who's trying to do the best he can with the only tools he has. And when Adrian is first to go down for the count, it puts it all in jeopardy.

    It's not until his wife is ready to accept him as he is, for what he is, that he can continue his quest, one more fight, for his family, for himself.

    The story arc feels so similar to the first movie that this one is often tossed to the side, yet it truly is amazing how Stallone managed to re-imagine all the magic of the first movie and, better still, give us a second helping of it that's just as sweet. Enjoy!
  • Rocky II continued on from the first movie, and though it was no easy task, Sylvester Stallone did a terrific job returning to his now iconic role as well as taking on both roles as writer and director.

    Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) has retired from boxing on medical grounds and is getting used to his newfound fame. Unfortunately, his post-boxing career has not flourished which sees him going back to dead end jobs such as working at the meat packing company with his best friend and brother in law Paulie (Burt Young) to keep his head above financial dire straits and his newly wedded wife Adrian (Talia Shire) vows to stay loyal to him. Meanwhile, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) is enraged by all the hate mail that he is receiving, mostly telling him that his championship match was nothing more than a fluke and vows to do everything in his power to goad Rocky Balboa into a rematch. Though Adrian is upset with Rocky's decision to return to the ring, Rocky teams back up with his trainer Mickey (Burgess Meredith) to regain his passion and pride.

    The cast is faultless, and the spirit of the first movie still remains intact. In fact, I found the training scenes to be a lot more uplifting, and I found myself secretly cheering during the penultimate match. And the ending unashamedly had me in tears.

    I've always had a soft spot for Rocky II and years later, it's one of the few movies that has me going through a roller-coaster of emotions. In some ways, I wish this was the ending of the first Rocky movie. But it is what it is. Still Rocky II is a worthy sequel that goes the distance.

  • I reviewed Creed II on March 1 and I ask people how is that garbage movie beter than Rocky II? That movie is not a Rocky movie. Rocky II is a real movie it is one of the best, best, greatest sequels of all time. I love , love Rocky II to death. It is my third favorite Rocky movie of all time! I put this movie above the first one, fifth one and Rocky Balboa. This is the real Rocky, the boxing match in the finale is for real. Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers fought for real they did not act. Creed II is a joke!

    "Maybe you're right. Maybe I ain't got it no more. All right. Then don't you waste my time no more. You hear that? Go away! Go back to the docks where you belong. You go back to bein' a two-bit nothin'! But don't you ever come back here again, because I'm too old to waste my time... ...tryin' to train a no-good loser like you, you bum!"

    Why is this movie so great to me: the dialogues between the cast , the chemistry between Mickey and Rocky. I love Apollo Creed who get's angry when his fans calling him a fake and the fight was fix. He is angry and he chalanges Rocky to a fight. He makes a cartoonish picture of Creed grabbing and choking a Rocky-headed chicken calling him "Apollo Creed Vs The Italian Chicken" I love Apollo's traning and he works hard to show everyone that Rocky had a luck. I love Rocky's life he get's married, his wife get's pregnant. He earns a lot of money from his last fight spends his money quickly. He try's to make a commercials but he stinks at it, because he can't read. For six months he was on a docks trying to find a job, but couldn't keep it, so he become a janitor in Mick's gym until he hear a bell the ring becons him one more time.

    This is a rematch of the century after his last fight, Rocky has to come to the ring once more again, against Apollo Creed in Superfight 2. Sylvester Stallone wrote a script beautiful directed it and he acted the best ever. This is a classic it is a beautiful movie and I always prefer this movie over the first one, because Rocky wins in this movie. He should won the first fight in the first movie, but he won in this fight. Sly directed beautifuly this second masterpiece. Everyone in this movie does a great job. I love Burgess Meredith as Mickey Goldmill his best performence ever even better than he did the first time. Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed is the best of the best he has more to do than he did in the first movie. I love Apollo Creed in this movie Weathers was the best of the best. Tony Burton Apollo's Trainer was a bad- ass stick him Apollo, him and Apollo were the best opponents to Rocky I have ever seen. I absolutelly love this movie to death! I love Butkus Stallone wearing a shirt and i love how Rocky is walking his beautiful dog. I love Rocky driving a car he was hilarious.

    I love the brutal fight powerful climax in the finale, I love the beautiful music score from Bill Conti even better than he did in the first movie. I love the traning sequence I just love this beautiful masterpiece to death! Creed II is a garbage! Rocky II is the real Rocky the real underdog movie of all time. I love the opening scene overture it is the best of the Rocky movie of all time. I love Rocky chasing a chicken to get a speed. "You're gonna eat lightning! You're gonna crap thunder!", "You can beat him, because you're a tank. You're a greasy, fast, - Go through him! Run over him!"

    Every time I drink a beer Union I remember this film. When I was 18 in 2002 I was in this bar sitting alone and the wall remind me on Rocky II every time I remember those good times I think of Rocky II! This is my favorite film, I remember this match between Rocky and Apollo I love this movie to death! Yes I put this movie above Rocky Balboa (2006) even tough I love Rocky Balboa to death! Rocky II is my third favorite film, I don't care what anyone says it is the best sequel I have ever saw! I enjoy it, every time I watch it specially the final fight.

    I recommend this sport's drama to everyone out there to see it. Butkus Stallone had a cameo role the real life dog of Stallone I don't why he didn't had more to do in this movie. I love Sly's dog. All 4 Rocky movies are great with Rocky Balboa (2006). This is my third favorite "Rocky" film of all time.
  • Immediately after Rocky's close contest with Apollo Creed, he is drawn into fame only to find it is a temporary thing. As the money fades he finds personal crisis is never far away and is tempted into a big money rematch against Creed. Meanwhile Creed, who should fight other fighters, is plagued by suggestions that the first fight was staged to go the distance. Things build to the rematch.

    Stallone proves that he has got a money making brain in his head by basically remaking Rocky. The story covers similar themes – it's a soap opera with a fight at the end. Here the soapy mush is mostly about his loss of money and decline back into the gutter, while we have children and comas thrown in for good measure. This is all well and good, and Stallone doesn't let it get too mushy. The script has some good scenes and mixes in comedy – my favourtie line being where Rocky is advised to invest his money in condominiums, to which Rocky replies `condominiums? But I don't use them.'

    This comedy helps endear Rocky to us despite being a bit `punchy'. The fight however – that's where the money is. As in the first Rocky movie, the fight is a huge thing, full of emotion and welling music. The fighting is, of course, nonsense – even sillier than the first film, but with the raw emotion and use of music you can't help but get involved – even if you don't want to! At times it goes a bit far and may look a bit like ego-massaging by Stallone, eg the scene where he is out on his training run and is followed by hundreds of supportive children!

    Stallone is good in all his roles, the playing of Rocky as a working class bum made good is bang on. Shire doesn't have much to do but she's good beside Stallone. Young is good and Meredith easily repeats his tour-de-force as the grizzled trainer. Carl Weathers is good as Apollo Creed and this is one of his best roles.

    Overall this isn't a classic but by repeating the basic formula of the first movie and taking Rocky back to the gutter, this remains an entertaining soap that is driven by mushy, if formulaic, emotion.
  • Sure, Apollo was pointlessly painted as the bad guy early in the film, but this a sequel. While it is not as good as the first film, it still embodies many of the themes and hopes which made the first film so powerful. This time, the audience got what it wanted, a win for a guy who had been kicked down for so long. With more money, the film felt more lucid and better put together, which made it a whole new experience in itself. I especially enjoyed the scene where the kids are chasing Rocky, certainly one of the most complicated and time consuming shots of all time, considering all of the extras the various sequences needed. Better than an average sequel, it still pales a shade below the original film.
  • It's the rematch of the century as Rocky Balboa takes on Apollo Creed in this powerful follow up to one of the most acclaimed movies in film history. Writer/Director/Actor Sylvester Stallone succeeds in creating a feel good movie. After club fighter Rocky Balboa goes the distance with heavyweight champion of the world boxing fans clamour for a rematch. But Rocky who sustained massive injuries in his bout with the champ announces his retirement. Though he tries to make a new life for himself, Rocky realizes that he can't resist his true calling. The ring beckons once more for the "Italian Stallion" and he must prepare once more for the fight of his life.

    This film starred Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers & Burgess Meredith

    In my opinion this was not as good as the first film but it is still a really good movie and like I said in my summary Rocky 2 is a winner

    ****/***** very good
  • ROCKY returns for another bout and this time the gloves are off,APOLLO is pissed knowing he couldn't knock BALBOA out and is determined for a rematch,BALBOA hasn't got the brain power to contemplate why.after a few dyslexic mishaps ROCKY is enticed into a rematch and the music kicks in,this is a worthy sequel and I am giving it equal status these ROCKY movies are feel good movies I have seen these countless times and they never fail me time and again,I said this before its MARMITE hate it or love.
  • jacktolson7 October 2018
    I loved this sequel! Stallone really delivered yet again. The music was great too. I can watch this any time, anywhere
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Rarely do we see sequels which live up to the hype or stand strong against the original story, but "Rocky II" delivered on both levels. As someone here already mentioned, it does not bring in any new characters and it certainly does not change any of the old ones. It basically is a rematch film, going back to what worked in the original. Simple guy with poor background again gets a chance against the world champion. The first fight was spectacular, but both fighters feel empty after it. So a rematch is born! Apollo pushes for it and Rocky would grab it immediately, only his wife is stopping him.

    The thing I like about this film is that in many scenes it feels real. Many of its characters feel real. Actually, I cannot think of anyone there who doesn't fit into the real world. Even the loud- mouth Apollo Creed is credible, he acts as the world champion. And he looks fit. I don't think I remember a boxing film where one of the fighters looks this fit. Hats of to Weathers for that. The relationship between Rocky and his wife can be felt by the audience, and I will give credit to Stallone for this because I think he is not the top of the lot when it comes to drama acting, but he found his spot here and he played it well.

    The sequels which followed where bordering with comedy, so I think the first two films make a nice combination of sports, drama and action.
  • "There will be no rematch … there will be no rematch!" "I don't want one" This is from the first 'Rocky' film, right after the final bell and before Bill Conti's 'Final Bell' would conduct one of the greatest and most unforgettable concluding movie scenes. Rocky didn't win the match, but he went the distance, he didn't get down and never abandoned … and if Apollo won the fight, Rocky won the heart of the spectators, of the woman he loved, of all the viewers in the world who identified with one of the greatest and most inspiring cinematic characters.

    Apollo didn't want a rematch, neither did Rocky. So when "Rocky II", the sequel starts with Apollo asking for a rematch, you know there's a problem in the continuity department. Does it really matter? Not necessarily, but this is what separates between the great and the very good films, "Rocky II" ignored some plot details left in the glorious first opus because it was a necessary move to justify the sequel's very existence. Still, did the film need a sequel? I believe if it wasn't for the series, the character wouldn't have become so hugely popular all over the world, and there's so much optimism in Rocky and Adrian that it's impossible not to root for them, not to feel something for the little universe evolving around them. So even if the quality suffers, the series helped to construct a legend, and if anything, it contributed to show how great and deserving of a Best Picture Oscar, the first movie was.

    Consequently, there are two ways of reviewing "Rocky II": on its own, it's a very poignant drama with an inspiring message, when compared to "Rocky", it's inferior, but for its defense, it's still closer to the quality of "Rocky" than all the other sequels. What makes it inferior is clearly the characterization during the first act. While Rocky was a lovable dim-witted guy, his personality flirts with plain imbecility more than in one occasion, Mickey was a funny grumpy old-timer, he became annoyingly aggressive, but still this is nothing compared to Apollo, who traded his charismatic flamboyance for an obvious villainous mask, so obnoxious and condescending toward Rocky, it's like the fight from the first film never happened. In "Rocky II", it looked like everything was changed for the sake of the plot, accentuating the character's worst traits, with the exception of Paulie, whose transformation is left for interpretations... but doesn't add much to the appreciation of the film anyway.

    Another weakness is in the pacing, too slow and not as rich in characterization and content as the first, basically, it's all about Rocky losing the money he won, trying to find a job, becoming a bum again, teased by Apollo for the rematch, facing Adrian's refusal, and then Adrian's coma leading to a whole sequence where we're waiting for her to wake up and give her blessing. I'm not saying these parts are not correctly handled, on the contrary, many of them provided some of the most memorable sequences of the trilogy. The problem is that nothing can ever catch us by surprise, the viewer is inevitably ahead of the characters, we know Rocky will play (and certainly win) the fight, it's just a matter of time; we know he'll endure all the humiliations, from Apollo or Mickey, before becoming a hero again. It's so obvious that I could even picture Stallone thinking "Rocky must conquer his pride back, so he must lose it before." This obviousness was totally absent from the first film, that ended up with Rocky, unexpectedly losing the match. Here, we're 100% sure that he will become the Worldwide Heavy Weight Champion.

    So, inferior to the first film, "Rocky II" is, but it's so superior to the following sequels, that nonetheless, the movie works on an emotional level. It features so many scenes that are both poignant and inspiring, the marriage proposal in the zoo, Rocky's attempt to build a life for his family, the coma sequence, the birth of Rocky Jr., Rocky's (hairy) heir and the father-and-son relationship growing between Rocky and Mickey. Being analytical toward the movie's minor flaws doesn't prevent from appreciating its simple and naive beauty; as a drama it's a decent one, and as a sports movie, it has the merit to surprise us through a very spectacular finale. I don't know if it's realistic or not, but at least it leads to a thrilling suspense and a final bell sequence that echoes the greatness of the first one.

    Despite everything, the "Rocky" films have a unique talent to redeem their own flaws through their finales, proving that it's all about 'heart' and passion, and any rational attempt to decorticate what works and what doesn't, ultimately loses its significance. Whatever you say about "Rocky II", it's a very good film that remains faithful to the spirit of the first one, it sins by being a little over the top sometimes, but overall, it's a great work from Stallone, and as the first film I saw from the series, it'll always have a special place in my heart … I remember how I wished I could be among those schoolchildren who ran with Rocky through Philadelphia.

    Now, I'm more skeptical toward that running scene, which is too 'cinematic' to be fully appreciated on a realistic level ... but Stallone is so sincere and genuine that I'm sure he only wanted an inspiring on-screen depiction of the 'Rocky' effect, an ordinary hero whose running steps pave the way for success, inviting us to follow them to go the distance, over and over again.
  • ****SPOILERS**** After the spectacular 15 round World Championship fight against heavyweight champ Appollo Creed, Carl Weathers, that he lost in a unpopular, to almost everyone watching, split decision club fighter Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone, decides to hang up his gloves before he ends up either getting blind or killed in the ring. This doesn't go so well with Creed who's been getting hate mail from his many fans in how a bum like Rocky Balboa could go the distance with him without Creed, in order to build up the gate for a rematch, carrying him for 15 rounds. Finally marrying his sweetheart the former Adrian Pennino, Talia Shire, Rocky tries to use his new found fame, in going the distance with the heavyweight champ, to make a decent living for him and his future, Adrian at the time was expecting, family.

    As things turned out nothing went right for the Balbo's, Rocky & Adrian, financially with Rocky unable to get a good paying job and Adrian having to get her old job back at the local pet shop that barley paid the couples rent. Laid off from the meat packing plant that his brother-in-law Paulie, Burt Young, got him Rocky now desperate goes back to his old haunts at Mickey Goldwill's, Burgess Meredith, Gym to get back in shape and box for a living; which is about the only thing that Rocky can do well. Mickey reluctant at first to train Rocky in fear that he may end up getting blinded in the ring finally gives in and decides to train him. That's when Creed in an attempt to lure Rocky into a rematch with him starts shooting his mouth off in what a two bit coward he is in not wanting to fight him.

    In the end it's Adrian who just survived giving birth to Rocky's son, Rocky Jr, who gave her husband the go ahead to fight Creed. That motivated Rocky who was half hearted in his training program to go all out in getting himself in shape for the big rematch between the two on Thanksgiving Day at the Philadelphia Spectrum: The very place their first fight took place!

    Every bit as good as the original "Rocky" with the fight scenes where Rocky finally learned, with his trainer's Mickey's help, to fight defensively as well as slugging it out with Appollo Creed that are even better then in he first Rocky movie. The movie recreates the heart thumping and stirring scene of Rocky seriously training for the big fight ending with him sprinting to the finish line, after a five mile run, at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the music of "Gonna Fly Now". But unlike in the first "Rocky" movie this time he's not alone but with what looked like the entire city of Philadelphia tagging or running along with him!

    ***SPOILERS****The highlight of the film the fight between Rocky and Appollo Creed even outdid the original with Rocky not a bit intimidated by Creed and after getting belted around taking the fight to him before the bell ending the first round, where Creed decked Rocky, sounded. Rocky also in being trained by Mickey to fight right handed, he was a natural southpaw, confused Creed long enough that he lost his cool a number of times in trying to figure out how to accurately fight him. Like in the first fight this one went, or almost went, the distance but in the end there was no doubt in who won it! It ended in a solid and undisputed knockout not like in the first fight that was in a split and unpopular decision.
  • Rocky II may be one of the best films ever made. The first was classic and so is this. the first time around rocky just tries to last against Apollo, but now he's going for the win. Without doubt the best fight in the series, with both actors actually hitting each other at some points. My favorite quote of all time is in this film. Afte getting pummelled and floored in the first round, Rocky tells Mickey that Apollo is crazy. Mickey replies classically, No, You cant bet him. Cause your a tank. A greasy fast, 200 hundred pound Tank! Go threw him! Run over em!" " The fight is not for the title; it is for who is the better man. One of tho most inspiring films I have ever seen. Whenever you need to keep going, just watch this film.
  • Officially a sequel is most a rehash but happens to be a nice second chapter about Rocky saga with intimate Stallone . Two-bit fighter Rocky now retired lives from records but our hero returns to face off a daring Apollo . Although he is homaged as one of the greatest boxing champions in the history also is panned as a down-and-out fighter , being nicknamed as the Chicken Stallion . But Rocky comes out from retirement for fame and self-respect to combat strongest, youngest and faster contender , again champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers)through a rematch. Apollo after being dethroned by obnoxious Rocky seeks vendetta . While Rocky attempts to prove himself and his family , his wife (Talia Shire), brother-in-law (Burt Young) and his recent born son. Then he's trained again by the veteran , feisty coach (Burguess Meredith who repeats efficiently his series role).

    This agreeable predictable entertainment displays splendidly the 'formula Rocky'. The movie works at usual manner, fitting appropriately to franchise , even though we know the plot the film works . This soaper on the ring is developed in gentleness, dignity , feel-good style such as the initial outing. Spectacular and climatic final bout including slow-moving images. Writer-director-actor Stallone new entry is surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling. Usual and nostalgic musical score by Bill Conti and atmospheric cinematography Bill Butler. The motion picture is lavishly financed by the producers complete saga, Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler and well directed by Stallone who along with John G Avildsen made the six Rocky.

    While here the opponent is an invincible young boxer,champ of the world, in subsequent entries the contenders were the following : Rocky III against corpulent Mr T from A Team; Rocky IV against a massive Russian boxer played by Dolph Lundgren; and Rock 5 against an ingrate young fighter who he trained played by Tommy Morrison and Rocky Balboa proving his estranged young son Milo Ventiglimia who still can fight. Rating : Good , being impossible to dislike ,the result is deliciously corny agreeable and predictable amusement . Although we've seen it all before , Sylvester manages to make it work one more time and it works every way even better than subsequents Rockys.
  • Rocky II is the second installment in the Rocky series. One of my friends told me that I have to see the Rocky movies because they are very good and every movie fan should just see them. I'm also just interested in seeing what the hype was about. I actually was very surprised on how much I enjoyed the first Rocky. It had entertainment and was very inspirational.

    Rocky II dove a little more into what Rocky himself is all about. Obviously, from the first Rocky movie, he was just a punk off the streets who just got "lucky" according to Apollo, his competitor. In Rocky II, he and Apollo decide they want a rematch to see who is the real winner and fighter of the world since it was a draw match from the first Rocky. Also, Rocky marries Adrien and has a son with her. I did enjoy Rocky II, and I'm very much looking forward to the third one. I heard Mr. T is the star! :D

  • MR_Heraclius13 February 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    More of a coda to Rocky than sparring partner of equal standing, part II nonetheless keeps viewers vested in the continuing saga of the Italian Stallion by deepening the character and then bloodying him up. Taking place immediately after the events of the franchise champ, this chapter asks a lot of the audience, namely cheering for the same fighter in pretty much the same fight with the same opponent even though our titular hero's previous loss defined the character perfectly. Sure, you don't have to win to be a champion, but it's to this powerful sequel's credit that you root for the underdog all over again. Plus, the climactic battle royale makes for some of the most compelling fight scenes ever committed to film. In this PG-rated sports drama, Rocky struggles with family life after his bout with Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), while the embarrassed champ insistently goads him to accept a challenge for a rematch. At this juncture, Stallone runs the risk of making a sophomore slump and lessening the emotional blows landed by the first chapter. By giving more screen time to the wonderful Talia Shire as Adrian, he actually develops the title character even more. Their romance is palpable, as is the hard-hitting re-match. Stallone might have taken over directing duties from John G. Avildsen, but he exhibits a confidence that makes the transition seem seamless and even one-ups the intensity on the canvas. Bottom line: Much Punch-Drunk Love
  • Three years after the Academy Award winning success of Rocky, Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as the heavyweight boxer in Rocky II, which he writes and directs this time around. Picking up right where the first film left off, Rocky II follows Rocky Balboa as he starts to adapt to family life after barely losing his match to Apollo Creed and then marrying his girlfriend Adrian. However, the adjustment to this new, much softer and simpler life isn't easy, especially while Apollo Creed continually harasses Rocky for a rematch, as he is hungry for the knockout, rather than just the winning score. Rocky must then make a choice, does he stay retired from boxing, or does he train to take on Apollo Creed once more? Rocky II, despite what die hard fans of the first film might say, is actually pretty good. It doesn't have the raw visceral emotion behind it that fueled the fire for the original but, as far as sequels go, it's really a decent film. It works really well as a continuation of Rocky's story, and it makes for a worthwhile addition to the first film. It's a lot of fun to see Stallone and Weathers reprise their roles as Rocky and Apollo, and getting an extra dosage of some great boxing is really exciting. Rocky II, while devoid of the visceral poetry of the first film, is pretty darn good.

    It's not without a few problems of course. It's a much more watered down and predictable story than what we received in the first film. From the beginning we can see where the story is going and, while entertaining, it's not surprising and lacks the wow factor of the first film. The character of Rocky also changes a bit. He becomes softer in this film, and at times a caricature of the fabulous underdog protagonist Stallone established him as in the first film. He's a little goofy at times, and not as enjoyable as a character as he was in the first film. It's still great to see him get back in the ring, but it's not quite the same as the original.

    But despite no wonder and power in the story, it's still really fun and Rocky II is plenty enjoyable to watch. If you liked the first film then I would definitely recommend watching the sequel, as it's just more great Rocky Balboa action, and a pleasant continuation of the story. It's not as fantastic as the first film, but worth two hours of your time.
  • "Rocky II" isn't as wildly entertaining as the next installment (which is my favorite), and it's slightly overlong, too. But it's still an earnestly made, appealingly tender sequel. Stallone dedicates time to character development and quirky humor (the scene where he attempts to star in commercials is really funny), making the movie more suitable for viewers who prefer dialogue over action - although the actual fight is more dynamic than the one in the original.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Stallone caught grease lightning in a bottle twice!!! This had the same feeling and vibe as the first..yet it was different. How this movie hasn't been tagged as the second best sequel ever is mind boggling..need i name the best?? Once again the script was stunning. Every word is real, honest, and heart felt. There are a lot of movies that try to be tear jerkers and try to be the feel good movie...i really believe that was never Stallone's intention, it just naturally happened. Both endings in Rocky 1 & 2 have been the only movies in my entire life that have made me cry..ya that's right cry!! I watched it again last night and once again tears. It's really unbelievable!! It's a real shame that this movie doesn't have a better rating. Anyways if you have a chance watch the movie again...maybe you'll see what i mean.

    His lungs i'm gonna punch out!!
  • Imperfect, but highly entertaining sequel picks up right where the original left off. Having suffered heavy brain damage as a result of his brutal battle with the hard-hitting champion, Balboa decides to call it quits and dedicate his life to his newfound love Adrian (Shire). However the intense media hype, public mockery from the champion Creed, and a discovery that "normal" life isn't all that it's cracked up to be draw him back into the ring for a highly publicized rematch. You have to be patient this time around as the film is slow going at first, and lacks the emotional punch of the original, but an exciting, edge of your seat climax makes it worth the wait. A very good follow-up considering the impact of its predecessor. **½
  • ReelCheese5 September 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    You've got to agree with Leonard Maltin when he calls this film more of a remake than a sequel. But that doesn't mean ROCKY II fails to make for some fantastic, crowd-pleasing entertainment! Sly is back as The Italian Stallone, having just taken the beating of his life from barely-victorious Heavyweight champ Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). For medical reasons (and for new wife Adrian), our lovable lunkhead attempts a life that doesn't involve black eyes and punching bags, but it's tough out d'ere. Meanwhile, Creed is throwing a hissy fit because he took such a walloping from an unknown Philly product. If you don't know where this is going, there's a good chance you too have recently been in the ring with Creed!

    No one has ever argued that ROCKY II is as good as the original, but it's not exactly thousands of miles behind, either. Picking up in the immediate aftermath of the original, the viewer is immediately sucked right back into Rock's world. We already know him so well. Whereas in the original he was all about boxing, here Rocky is forced to start a new life, making for an interesting fish-out-of-water scenario. We all know he's going back to the ring, but writer-director Stallone keeps us guessing as to how.

    The single biggest strength of the film is the amazing finale, which actually outdoes the big fight from the original. The audience can't help but make pained faces as Rocky takes one of the most brutal beatings ever filmed. Punch after powerful punch, it often seems completely hopeless for him. It's also worth noting that Stallone, and indeed the entire case, is as likable as ever.

    On the flip side, the biggest weaknesses are the sporadic slow-moving moments. In particular, Adrian's birth-induced coma is just a tad contrived and out of place. This traumatic event was presumably included to give Rocky (and the audience) a stronger thirst for victory. Truth be told, Stallone didn't have to go that far; the birth of Rocky, Jr. was more than enough dramatic inspiration. I'm willing to bet if Sly had it to do over again, he'd scratch the coma.

    This is one of those rare films that is so good you forget about or forgive its minimal flaws. Often degraded as the black sheep of the series, ROCKY II is surprisingly effective with Stallone the actor, writer and director in great form. Highly recommended for all filmgoers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you loved the first Rocky, you will probably find some enjoyment here, but not much else. It is excruciatingly predictable. Even if the characters are still a joy to watch.

    This series died with the first Rocky. Not that I am a purist, but the story was summed up and realized in the first. This was supposed to be a story about personal triumph, not about winning. This is just capitalization. One can not stay mad too long, even after the films ridiculous opening sequences, as Apollo's bombast and newly threatening character does not allow for it.

    Again, excellent character actors, but that does not fix this mistake of a sequel. The story is drawn out, overly simplistic and irritating. After the first ten minutes you just want to witness the actual fight.

    There is a reason why Apollo did not want a rematch, folks.

    Get it discount.
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