Winterbolt: [When his scepter is broken] No! When my scepter dies, I go too. I turn - I turn - I turn into a tree.

[Does just that]

Lilly Loraine: What an exit.

Crystal: Smile, Frosty. Lilly says the key to show business is if you smile.

Frosty: I just have a bad feeling Santa won't be here on time.

Millie: Daddy, the show must go on.

Chilly: That's what aunt Lilly says.

Frosty: Alright, but I have a bad feeling there's gonna be a really wet act... and it won't be the seals.

Scratcher the jealous reindeer: Ow. I twisted my nose, or my neck or something.

Policeman: [Takes the suitcase of money] I'll be taking that.

Sam Spangles: Why?

Policeman: You won't be needing it in jail.

Lilly Loraine: Elephants? I thought the midgets were going to play the elves.

Clown: Nah, they wanna play the polar bears.

Lilly Loraine: Actors.

Frosty: As I always say, "A family that slides together, abides together".

Crystal: But you never say that.

Chilly: Stick to the script, Dad.

Frosty: If Santa doesn't get here soon we're going to be sticking to everything.

Frosty: 100. That's my number. And when my number goes up, my number IS up.

Rudolph: You ever see a policeman wearing a helmet?

Frosty: No. But then I never looked for one either.

[On Rudolph's back]

Frosty: You sure I'm not too heavy?

Rudolph: No. But you're kind of chilly.

Millie: Why do you want to stop the fireworks, Daddy? Aren't you patriotic?

Frosty: Sure I'm patriotic. My only regret is I only have but one life to melt for my country.

Laine, Lilly's daughter: Oh, isn't Milton wonderful? He's the greatest ice-cream man in the world.

Lilly Loraine: Forget 'im. If life has taught me anything is that you can't live on banana splits.

Frosty: What a neat idea!

Scratcher the jealous reindeer: Now I can fly, like Donner and Blitzen and all those other goodie goods!

Scratcher the jealous reindeer: All right, all right, I'll pay the rent!

Winterbolt: Now to put an idea into Milton's empty head!

Rudolph: What's going on here?

Winterbolt: The poor frozen fool gave me his hat when I promised to return your nose.

Rudolph: You know you can't do that!

Winterbolt: Yes, I know. But he didn't!

Rudolph: Okay, Winterbolt. You asked for it!

Winterbolt: You've got to catch me first!

Scratcher the Jealous Reindeer: All right, all right, I'll pay the rent!

Scratcher the Jealous Reindeer: Now I can fly, like Donner and Blitzen and all those other goodie goods!

Lady Boreal: Nothing is forever.

Lilly Loraine: Well, that's the show, folks. A little corny but expensive.